King Juan II 'The Great' of Aragon and Queen Blanche I of Navarre

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Juan II ‘The Great’, King of Aragon, Sardinia and Sicily, King Consort of Navarre (Medina del Campo, 29 June 1397 – Barcelona, 20 January 1479); married 1stly in Olite on 6 November 1419 Blanche I, Queen of Navarre (?,? 1385 – Santa María la Real de Nieva, 3 April 1441); Juan married 2ndly in ? on 1 April 1444 Juana Enriquez y Fernández de Cordoba, Countess of Melba and Rueda(?,?, Torrelobation, 1425 - Tarragona, 13 February 1468); Blanche previously married by proxy in Cataniaon 21 May 1402 and in person on 26 December 1402, King Martin I of Sicily (?,?, 1374 — Cagliari, 25 July 1409)

Reign Juan: 1459 - 1479

Reign Blanche: 1425 - 1441

Dynasty Juan:Trastámara

Dynasty Blanche: Evreux

Predecessor Juan: King Alfonso V of Aragon

Predecessor Blanche: King Carlos III of Navarre

Successor Juan: King Fernando II of Aragon, King Consort of Castile

Successor Blanche: Queen Leonor I of Navarre (or Carlos IV, King of Navarre)

Children Juan & Blanche: Prince Carlos of Aragon & Navarre, Prince of Viana (or King Carlos IV of Navarre); Princess Juana of Aragon & Navarre; Queen Blanca of Castile and Queen Leonor I of Navarre

Children Juan & Juana: King Fernando II of Aragon and Queen Juana of Napels

Son Blanche & Martin: Prince Martin of Sicily

Parents Juan: King Fernando I of Aragon and Princess Leonor of Alburquerque (Castile)

Parents Blanche: King Carlos III of Navarre and Princess Leonor of Castile

Parents Juana: Fadrique Enríquez, Count of Melba and Marina Fernández de Córdoba y Ayala

Parents Martin: King Martin I of Aragon and Countess Maria of Luna

Siblings Juan: King Alfonso V of Aragon; Queen Maria of Castile; Prince Enrique of Aragon, Duke of Villena, Count of Alburquerque and Empuries; Queen Leonor of Portugal; Prince Pedro of Aragon, Count of Alburquerque and Duke of Noto and Prince Sancho of Aragon

Siblings Blanche: Countess Juana of Foix; Princess Marie and Princess Margarita of Navarre; Beatriz de Bourbon, Countess of La Marche; Countess Isabel of Armagnac; Prince Carlos of Navarre, Prince of Viana and Prince Luis of Navarre, Prince of Viana

Brother Juana:Alfonso Enríquez, Count of Melba

Siblings Martin: Prince Jaime, Prince Juan and Princess Margarita of Aragon
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John II the Great (June 29, 1397 – January 20, 1479) was the King of Aragon (1458–1479) and a king consort of Navarre (1425–1479). He was the son of Ferdinand I and his wife Eleanor of Alburquerque. John is regarded as one of the most memorable and most unscrupulous kings of the 15th century.
In his youth he was one of the infantes (princes) of Aragon who took part in the dissensions of Castile during the minority and reign of John II. Till middle life he was also lieutenant-general in Aragon for his brother and predecessor Alfonso V, whose reign was mainly spent in Italy. In his old age he was engaged in incessant conflicts with his Aragonese and Catalan subjects, with Louis XI of France, and in preparing the way for the marriage of his son Ferdinand with Isabella of Castile which brought about the union of the crowns of Aragon and Castile, that was to create the Kingdom of Spain. His trouble with his subjects were closely connected with the tragic dissension in his own family.
John was first married to the Queen Blanche I of Navarre of the house of Évreux. By right of Blanche he became king consort of Navarre, and on her death in 1441 he was left in possession of the kingdom for his lifetime. But a son, Charles, given the title "Prince of Viana" as heir of Navarre, had been born of the marriage. John quickly came to regard his son with jealousy. After his second marriage, to Juana Enríquez, this grew into absolute hatred and was encouraged by Juana. John tried to deprive his son of his constitutional right to act as lieutenant-general of Aragon during his father's absence. Charles's cause was taken up by the Aragonese, and the king's attempt to make his second wife lieutenant-general was set aside

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Blanche I of Navarre (1385–April 3, 1441) was Queen regnant of Navarre from 1425 to 1441.
She was the daughter of King Charles III of Navarre and Eleanor, Infanta of Castile (died 1416).
Blanche married firstly Martin the Younger, King of Sicily and Crown Prince of Aragon. They were married by proxy on May 21, 1402 in Catania. Blanche travelled to meet her new husband and they were married in person on December 26, 1402. The bride was about eleven years old and the groom twenty-eight.
Martin had survived his previous wife and former co-ruler Mary of Sicily and their only son. He was in need of legitimate heirs. However Martin and Blanche only had one son:

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Juana Enriquez (1425-13 February 1468), was the second wife of John II of Aragon.
She was a Castilian noblewoman. She was a daughter of Fadrique Enríquez, Count of Melba and Rueda and Mariana de Córdoba. Juana Enriquez gave birth to Fernando II of Aragon who was chosen over his half-brother, Carlos of Viana to rule Aragon. Fernando married Isabella of Castile who inherited the throne from her half-brother, Henry IV of Castile. Henry's first wife was Fernando's half-sister by John's first wife, Blanca of Navarre (1420-1464).

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Martin I of Sicily (c. 1374 — 25 July 1409), called "The Younger", was King of Sicily from 1390 to 1409.
Martin was the grandson of Peter IV of Aragon and Eleonor of Sicily. In 1390 he married Mary of Sicily. In 1392 he returned with Mary to Sicily with a military force and defeated a group of opposing barons. He ruled Sicily jointly with Mary until her death in 1402. At that time, he repudiated the Treaty of 1372 and ruled Sicily alone. After his death in 1409 in Cagliari, Sardinia, his father, Martin I of Aragon, ruled Sicily as Martin II.
After Mary's death Martin the Younger married Blanche of Navarre, who was heiress of the Evreux family and the future queen of Navarre. No offspring of his two marriages survived childhood; the only issue he left was a bastard son, Fadrique, Count of Luna, whom Martin II tried to make his successor in the Aragonese Empire. But the effort failed, and Fadrique was denied the succession by the Pact of Caspe.

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Royal Anniversary : 20th of January, 1479 - Death of Juan II of Aragon.

Royal Anniversary : 1st April 1441,Death of Queen Blanche I of Navarre

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