King Juan Carlos Hunting Accident & Trip To Africa: 2012

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Corinna had a face lift & boob job at the same clinic & at the same time when the King was recovering/had rehabilitation for his hunting accident :D

Corinna aprovech la estancia del Rey en la Clnica Planas para hacerse un lifting y operarse el pecho

First of all, this "report" is from Vanitatis - the crap, yellow online gossip. Second, what does Corinna face lift got to do with the SRF? If this thread is about hunting, maybe we can link it to other royal houses? It'd be more logical.

I'm happy to do so.
I read just now that she is born in 1968.. She is younger than the King's daughters...:bang:
BTW this thread is turning into "King and Corianna"
Corinna gave an interview to US Vanity Fair, October edition.

Corinna states that she will not go back to Spain and more:

"I was in Spain the last time last December and will not go back because it would be inappropriate or not too smart." On whether she has contact with King, she said : "Yes, we are good friends. Some people do not understand that things happen and end at a given time. But friendship never ends. He is now an elderly gentleman who struggles with his health. People are waiting for something big to happen, one way or another. Nothing will happen, just that he cannot go hunting and I 'm not going to go to Spain. We keep in touch. He calls my children once a week to see how they are doing, he behaves like a true friend."

"I've never done business for the King or collected money on his behalf"

Corinna insists that she has great respect for the King, Prince Felipe and the Queen: "I met her only once, by accident."
What a way to show her respect for the Queen... I mean really! Corinna doesn't owe the Queen anything but IMO it was totally disrespectful of her to talk about staying in touch with her former lover - another woman's husband! That's just tacky. If she respects the Queen she would stay away from Spain and keep quiet about this.
The Queen is a better person that I am. I would have told my husband to stick a sock in his girlfriend's mouth. Or else....
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