King Hussein, Queen Noor & Family: Picture Thread

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is it the same with princess Iman when young ?
Looking at all these picutres, Queen Noor had really big hair didn't she? Even now she seems to have a lot of hair for her age. Anyone notice this? She's very lucky.
Queen Noor likes long hair I only saw her with short hair in 90´s. I think she has good hair but no many, only she likes the tease hair.
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Thanks Jordan Do you know when was taken?
Ok Jordan.

This pic is lovely but I prefer the another pic Queen Noor and Hamzah together.
Yes Xavi are Haya and Ali
I am not 100% sure but I think was taken in 1995 or 96 in Aqaba. We have few pics of them at boat during their holidays in Aqaba.
Imageshack - 666j

Xavi I´ve got more info this pic was taken November 11, 1994. King Hussein and Queen Noor joined a fleet of Israeli and Jordanian boats on the Red Sea in a special peace cruise celebrating his 59th birthday.

King Hussein usually celebrated his birthday, in 1993 he celebrated his birthday in Wadi Rum.
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Their last official portraits.
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