King Harald taken to hospital with an infection

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Jul 4, 2013
Kongen har pådratt seg en infeksjon -
His Majesty The King was admitted to the Rikshospitalet (hospital) in Oslo on Friday due to an infection. The condition is satisfactory, and the king is improving.

Kong Harald ble fredag innlagt på Rikshospitalet
The royal court says to VG that the King's program on Monday has been canceled.

"There is nothing canceled beyond that," says Deputy Communications Director Sven Gjeruldsen to VG.
I put this in a separate post, so people who have already been visiting this thread, bother to go back and read it.

More from the now updated VG article:
The King's health history:

In 2003, the king was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was operated at the Radiumhospitalet in the same year.

In 2005, he became ill again and received an artificial heart valve when he was operated for subvalvular aortic stenosis at the Rikshospitalet.

From King Harald was 16 years old until he became seriously ill in 2003, he smoked 45 cigarettes a day.

The royal court don't want to comment on what kind of infection the King has suffered from or how long he will be at the Rikshospitalet (hospital).

TV2 News Channel is not fully operational in the weekends, but they have read out the statement from the palace, and have it as a breaking news story in the bottom of the TV screen.

If there are no posts from other posters below this post, then I will keep editing it with updates.
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Thanks much Royal Norway for continuing to keep up updated on King Harald's health. No infection is a little deal for someone who has already had a history of health problems. He's in the best possible place he can be right now and I'm sure he's getting the best of medical attention that's available.
Thanks for the updates Royal Norway! Wishing the King a speedy recovery!
Wishing His Majesty well!
Considering his age, this is to be expected from time to time. Better safe than sorry and he'll get the best care possible.
So unless he remains committed to hospital for more than a week, I don't think there is reason for genuine concern.

So while wishing him a full and speedy recovery, this will of course raise the question of whether King Harald should leave even more work to Haakon and Mette-Marit.
Osipi and Prisma: You're very welcome! And (again) thanks to those who uses the thanks button. ?

Those who read the Norwegian threads already know that I am a very big fan of the king (even that's an understatement), so I must admit that I was a bit worried when I heard the news on the radio while driving.

The King's current health: He is a bit frail now. He has back and knee problems and has trouble walking. I've seen him in person (the last time in Fredrikstad on Septhember 8th when he was about 2 meters away from us in the crowds) and countless times on TV, and both I and others have noticed that he is breathing heavily, especially after going up stairs.

He had (as people can see in my above post) surgery for bladder cancer in 2003 and two hearth operations in 2005. Despite this, he is now in relatively good health and have hundreds of engagements a year.

And the King is not that keen on the idea of leaving more work to Haakon and Mette-Marit:
The king said that cooperation with the crown prince and princess is of great help to him and the queen.

‘We have four people working as a team. We work closely together, have many meetings, and talk a lot together. This is a scheme that I introduced myself, and that I missed when I was crown prince’.

The king said the crown prince occasionally offers to take over some assignments.

King Harald said, ’But I seldom accept the offer, I should emphasise!’
And I don't think the courtiers is that keen on a divisive/political Crown Prince (who has been under criticism again this week) taking on more engagements while an extremely popular monarch (who is still in relatively good health) is one the throne. But if he gets more frail, then the king has no other choice then to let Haakon take some of his duties.

More on the King: TV2 was live outside the Rikshospitalet (hospital) with royal expert Kjell Arne Totland at 18:30.

Totland also said this to TV2 erliar today:
Kong Harald (80) ble fredag innlagt på Rikshospitalet
TV 2's royal expert Kjell Arne Totland says he was worried when he heard the message.

"One always flinch a bit when you get such messages, but fortunately, the Palace emphasizes that His Majesty is already improving and that he has only canceled his program for Monday. Then we just hope he'll be back soon," he says.

"The king has otherwise seemed healthy and vigorous. Not least when he recently visited flood victims in southern Norway. And we remember all his humorous speech from the Storting Dinner at the Palace just a few weeks ago.''
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Wishing His Majesty The King the very best and good health.
Wishing his majesty a good recovery and that he is soon home :flowers:

Thank you royal Norway for all your updates.
Thank you ROYAL NORWAY for the endless work you do for us all in providing news of the NRF. We'd hardly get any if it weren't for your contributions.

I hope Harald gets well soon and that the infection isn't anything serious.
I hope that King Harald gets well and he can live more years
Countessmeout and HereditaryPrincess: You're very welcome! ?

Article from Royal Central and Norway Today:

King Harald of Norway admitted to hospital – Royal Central

Norwegian Royal Court: King Harald’s health is improving following hospitalisation – Royal Central
– His Majesty The king was admitted to the Rikshospitalet in Oslo on Friday because of an infection. The situation is satisfactory and the king is quite well, the Royal House writes in a press release.

The royal house has informed VG that the King’s program for Monday has been canceled.

Tomorrow, the King should have met the Chief of the Navy, and representatives of the National Spiritual Council of Bahá’íar. He also was due to meet with brigadier Jon Morten Mangersnes and the head of the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen.

– beyond that is nothing is canceled , says Communications Director Sven Gjeruldsen to VG.

The Royal House does not want to eleborate what kind of infection the King is suffering or how long he will be hospitalized

As royal expert Kjell Arne Totland said on TV2's 21:00 news, the King presided over the Council of State at the Royal Palace at 11:00 on Friday, as usual (the day he was admitted to hospital) so perhaps he was taken ill after that or was admitted as a precautionary measure.

And as one put it on twitter, you don't let a 80-year-old head of state with heart problems who suffer from an infection stay at home, regardless how many lakeier (norwegian royal title for butlers/footmen) he has to look after him.

The King was last seen in public when he attended the Royal Air Force's reception ceremony for F-35 at Ørland Air Station on November 10th - watch the ceremony here and see photos of His Majesty:
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Oh, Thank you so much Royal Norway, came here and saw yr headline, you know that I am also a huge fan of King Harald and wishing him a very quick recovery so he can go home. My best wishes to the NRF and you for all the hard work you do here.?
May HM have an uncomplicated recovery and is able to be discharged from hospital fairly soon. It is better to be safe and have HM hospitalized rather than take chances for him to stay in his residence no matter how much he would have preferred it.
M. Payton: You're very welcome! ?

More on the King's condition:

TV2 article:
Usikkert når kong Harald blir skrevet ut
On the question of the the King's condition on Monday, the court's Deputy Communications Director Sven Gjeruldsen refers to yesterday's comment that the condition is satisfactory and that the king is improving.

VG article:
Gjeruldsen informs to NTB that it is currently only Monday's program that has been canceled. The next post on King Harald's program is an audience with Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide on Thursday, as well as State Council and an audience with Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Friday.

Heartwarming messages is now pouring in to the King on the Royal House, NRK, TV2 and VG's facebook accounts.
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Yaaaay! That's great news.

One thing about hospitals is that although one is confined to a bed for the most part, one never gets enough rest. Nothing like being home in one's own bed and definitely better away from hospital food. :D
:previous: Yes, got the news now.

Kongen er utskrevet -
His Majesty the King is in good shape and is this morning discharged from the Rikshospitalet (hospital).

NRK Article:
King Harald was hospitalized on Friday with an infection. Yesterday it was announced that the king's condition is satisfactory, but the royal court would not say what kind of infection the king suffered from.

TV2 article:
Kongen er utskrevet fra sykehus
TV 2's royal expert Kjell Arne Totland is very pleased with the message that the king is discharged from the hospital.

''Great news from the palace! Good to hear that King Harald is discharged and is in good shape,'' he says.

Two quotes from this VG article:
Deputy Communications Director at the palace, Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, does not want to say if the infection was related to something the king was operated for earlier.

In 2003, King Harald was operated for bladder cancer at Rikshospitalet.

In 2005 he became ill again. Then he received an artificial heart valve in connection with his surgery for subvalvular aortic stenosis, also at Rikshospitalet.

Q: The king was admitted to the Rikshospitalet on Friday. Why didn't the Palace inform us about this before Sunday?

A: ''We chose to release the information yesterday.''

That's all Gjeruldsen wants to say about it.

And now there are of course a lot of rumours here about why didn't the palace say anything on Friday, and is there more to it than what they are telling us etc.

Royal Central Article:
BREAKING: King Harald of Norway discharged from hospital – Royal Central
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The question from VG is silly IMO.

The logic answer is that the court publish something when there is something to publish.
Even kings are allowed to go to the hospital in peace, I suppose.
In Norway your general health is still a private matter, at least it was the last time I went there.
Also, there is no need to alarm the whole country for a trivial matter. After all even mere mortals like us are sometimes committed to hospitals without things being serious let alone life-threatening.

I could understand if the court went out with a statement the same day if the king had suffered a stroke or broken his leg. That is either life-threatening or a fairly simply diagnosis.

I can't escape the ghoulish thought that the press is annoyed that the court didn't provide them with an opportunity to sell papers and write (and send) stories ad nauseam about the kings health and speculating as to whether he was dying...
I've seen enough of the press in especially small countries whipping themselves into a frenzy. I ain't kidding when I say that if the ducks in the city parks didn't have wings, reporters would interview them as well about whatever issue it is!
:previous: That's VG for you (a very pro monarchy Newspaper by the way).

More about the King's condition: Haakon said this on Monday:

Gert's Royals‏ @Gertsroyals
"We estimate that he will be back in full swing tomorrow," - Crown Prince Haakon on his father, King Harald of Norway.

But another concern now is the planned state visit to China in 2018 - 4 points:

1. Norway's relationship with China has been very complicated (to say it mildly) since Liu Xiaobo received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

2. And although the relationship has been better lately, the Norwegian government was taken by surprise when president (I think dictator is a better word) Xi Jinping in his 80th birthday greetings to the King in February wlcomed HM to pay a state visit to China.

3. Prime Minister Erna Solberg then said this to Xi during her visit to China in April: ''I have the honor to convey personal greetings from King Harald. He appreciated your greetings on his 80th birthday. He is pleased to accept your invitation to come on a state visit to China.''

4. The King is (after his world-famous garden party speech last year and despite Norway being a small country) highly regarded by other state leaders and the Norwegian government want to use him for all it's worth. But is it vise to send a frail 80-year-old with heart poroblems on such a visit?

BTW, Erna Solberg has said that almost every state leder she meets mentions that speech.

And as I've said in other threads, the 2016 garden party speech (called the world's best speech by Norwegian experts) has become pensum i Videregående skole (Norvegian Upper secondary school).
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