King Harald and Queen Sonja: January- December 2006

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King Harald receive to russian Prime Minister Mijail Fradkov

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The Queen and King will be doing a state visit to Switzerland this week.
If anyone is interested, Lindy, a member of SRMB has translated a 2003 PdV article about the romance of Harald and Sonja.

Here is a link to the SRMB.
Jose said:
Wow elder people see very happy royal couple Queen Sonja and King Harald of Norway visit in London!!!! King Harald and Queen Sonja is much love in London and King Haralds grandmother Queen Maud have visit in London.!!! It is more more now photos on King Harald and Queen Sonja in London 2006!!!Queen Sonja is much more beautiful dress and his older!!!!

THAT's telling it like it is!!! :rolleyes:
Larzen said:
Queen Sonjas gala dress is oooold, I would be suprised is it was less than 15 years:rolleyes: and it does nothing for her figure IMO

That may be so, but how many women do YOU know can get into the same dress 15 years later, hmmm? ;)
Official Visit to Svalbard

Yesterday the King was on a private visit to Tromsø, after he had a better dinner he decided to walk back to the hotel, he was accompanied by the (republican) mayor of Tromsø and the former minister of fish as well as the head of the Police in Tromsø

Pic and article, he looks in great shape, and in the background you can see his AFAIK only female aide de campe

The King and Queen today starts a two day official visit to svalbard to open a research park and take part in Svalbards 100 anniversary, here is the program

26.4 Official visit to SVALBARD DAY 1
11.00 Arrival at Svalbard airport –Longyear
12.30 Lunch with Sysselmannen
14.40 Visit to Longyearbyen School
15.30 Opening of Svalbard Research Park
20.00 Dinner in Svalbard Research Park

10.00 The King and Queen visit Kongsberg Satellite Services AS – Svalbard
11.00 Walking tough the streets of Longyear-town
11.15 Memorial and the mining monument
13.00 Lonqyear-town local government gives a lunch – Spitsbergen Hotel
15.40 Press Meeting
16.25 “Folkefest”
19.00 Departs from Svalbard Airport – Longyear

Acording to NRK news, Queen Sonja rrived already before the weekend and has been on private vacation, theKing arrived by place today

Here is the wikipedia page on Svalbard to read more on this beautiful Island and the most Nothern city Longyearbyen (Long Year City)


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Celebration underway

King Harald and Queen Sonja were in Longyearbyen on Wednesday to help the capital of Svalbard kick off its centennial celebrations.
The children of Longyearbyen's day care center welcomed their royal guests with flowers, flag-waving and song when the Norwegian monarchy arrived at the Governor's Square in unusually mild weather.................

Photos from Aftenposten of the new research park and and the university centre
More from Svalbard, on her private visit Queen Sonja has been dog sleighing and wandering in closed mines, according to herself she was crawling on her knees, pretty sporty for someone who is soon 70. Sha said she wanted to return as soon as possible


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Interview of 'El Pais' newspaper to King Harald and Queen Sonja due to the visit of the Kings of Spain to Norway next June

Harald V, the citizen king
The Norwegian monarch is proud of the peace mediations that its country makes

“The marriages between princes and current people are more and more frequent. I believe that it is a great advance. It is normal to allow that you can share your life with that you choose”, affirms Harald V, citizen king of Norway, country that the aristocracy in the century XIX abolished and that it enjoys in the XXI one the greater indices of well-being of the world. Harald V, of 69 years, knows well of what she speaks. Being inheriting prince one married in August of 1968 with a plebian, Sonja Haraldsen, daughter of a businessman and fan to the fashionable design. The mere announcement of the wedding caused a strong popular controversy and until debates in the Storting, the Parliament, on the future of the monarchy. In the end, the queen was accepted by the Norwegians with all normality.

“I like the one of mediating country of La Paz and I would like that she continued being it in the future. Norway gives Nobel of La Paz and is founding of the UN and NATO, In this land, Norway is a great country”, comments with pride the king. To that Norway file it hopes to unite another chapter soon. If the findings of new and enormous bags of gas and petroleum in the sea of Barents are confirmed, the Nordic country could reinforce the function that already carries out, in words of the monarch, of “guarantor of the power security of Europe”, to the margin of Russia.
The Kings of Spain have predicted to visit Norway the month that comes. Our country has clearly optimistic connotations in the ceiling of the continent. “For us, it means vacations and good luck”, says queen Sonja. “More than 800,000 Norwegians they visit every Spain year, almost one fifth part of the population”, points the king. Harald V, expert regatista, playfully comments means means serious that in spite of its recent excuses - in 2003 she surpassed a cancer of vejiga- still is able to defy to Don Juan Carlos. It will be necessary to see it.
yoyoffff said:

Translated by Babel Fish Translation "I not greatly understand English, how manages"

Firstly, welcome to the forum yoyoffff.

Secondly, the language of the forum is English so that everyone can understand each other and feel free to participate in the discussions. I'm sure that given time, you will be able to participate as well.

Opening of the Ibsen Museum

Queen Sonja has a busy day today, first she and Haakon had an audience with the winner of the Abel Prize, pic here

Then she attende the award ceremony for the winner of the Abel Prize, Professor Lennart Carlsson from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm

After that she rushed of the open the new Ibsen museum, this picture comes from ANB via , the suit Im sure must be from the early 90s:p

Tonight she will attend a gala dinner at Akershus Fortress in honor of the winner


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Winner of the ESC the finnish monster group LORDI will play for the King when he attends the Exxon Bislett Games on friday, also playing will be the swedish ESC artist Carola, and Norwegian artists, NRK (if it is not strike) will make their broadcast ten minutes longer to show the show that will finnish of the big sports event
Im sure the King is also delighted that Norway will host the WM in Nordic disiplines i Oslo in 2011 (lets just hope the Norwegian skiiers will improve by then)

To something else much more serious:( from
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[FONT=Verdana,]Today King Harald opened the new building for the The Joint Rescue Coordination Centres in Nothern Norway:[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,]The Joint Rescue Coordination Centres have the overall operational responsibility during search and rescue operations. The operations are coordinated either directly from one of two Joint Rescue Coordination Centres (JRCC) which are situated in Bodø and in Sola near Stavanger, or through one of 28 rescue sub centres.[/FONT]

Picture from
video here[/FONT]


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King Harald and Queen Sonja Current Events Part 5

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19.30 The King is present for Exxon Bislett Games Golden League - Oslo
You can see him barely in the crowd here, there he could see Norwegian Andreas Thorkildsen win the Javelin with a New Norwegian record.
Knudsenfotosenter and tv2


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Queen Sonja working for UNESCO

The Queen is present when the Western Fjords gets UNESCO World Heritage Status. Program for the visit:
12.00 The Queen arrives at the church Pier at Bakka and walks to the church
12.15 The Queen walks from the church to the School
12.25 The Queen arrives at the school
14.25 The Queen leaves the church Pier at Bakka
16.50 The Queen arrives in Flåm and walkst to Fretheim Hotel
17.10 The Queen is present for the dinner given by the minister of environment
19.00 The Queen leaves Flåm


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a great photoseries from the last visit, NRK

Today Queen Sonja was present for another UNESCO ceremony to one of the western Fjords, in Geiranger, here is the program
The Queen visit Gerianger. Program for the visit
11.30 The Queen arrives at the "7 sisters" in the Geiranger fjord onboard the Royal Yacht Norge
11.45 The Queen arrives in Skagehola
12.20 The Queen arrives in Skagefå to unveil a plaque for the UNESCO world Heritage area
12.30 The Queen is present for the event to mark the UNESCO World Heritage status
15.00 The Queen arrives at the dock in Geiranger
15.05 The Queen goes by Veteran Car to Vinjevollen
15.10 The Queen arrives at Vinjevollen
16.50 The Queen walks to Union Hotell
17.25 The Queen leaves Union Hotell
17.30 The Queen arrives at the dock in Geiranger
19.20 The Queen leaves from Gerianger Dock to Union Hotell
19.30 The Queen is present for the Dinner given by the Minister of Environment
fotos from Aftenposten


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20.00 The King is present for a show to mark that HM The Kings Guard is 150 years, Oslo Spektrum
Pic from

Today there is a huge military parade in Oslo, all the Kings guard and soldiers who have formerly served in that company will walk from the Akershus fortress to the Palace square where the King will do the yearly inspection, usually this takes place in the Kings Guard Camp but since they are 150 years now they do it infront of the Palace today. I wonder if anyone else from the family will show up. There is also a reception inside the Palace but we usually never see pictures of those.


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I looked at the parade and the inspection of the guard. The crown prince had joined the king to inspect the soldiers. There was some cameras from nrk there. Maybe there will be something on the news later today.
Pic 1
28.6 The King and Queen privatly attended aMozart Concert outdoors in Tjøme, not far from their summer residence

Pic 2
29.6 The Queen was present for the premiere of William shakespares "the Storm" Tønsberg

both pics from


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Even though I'm late, I wish a very happy birthday to Queen Sonja !:)
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