King Harald and Queen Sonja: Current events Part 1; January 2008 -

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Queen Sonja visiting the Children’s Ward at the Ullevaal hospital in Oslo

Queen Sonja of Norway is seen with Silje Tveit (8) and Emil Bjornstad Belgau (6) during her visit to the Children’s Ward at the Ullevaal hospital in Oslo, Norway, December 18, 2008.

what can I say... I just really like this woman. :D
I always love to see her interacting with children.
Queen Sonja seems to be very tender with children.. I like that!
yes,i liked all the pictures above (thank you),she seems to be very tender and sweet.
I was very touched and inspired by His Majestys New Year speach this year! His soeaches are always good, but this year it was so warm and so caring. :flowers:
Can't the Norwegian Broadcasting Authorities give the King a reader rather than him reading from the paper? Also, why is he standing? it would be better if he sat like other monarchs do.
Queen Sonja is looking for a new wardrobe mistress - Vil du jobbe for dronningen? - Stavanger Aftenblad

The article mentions that The Queen would like a person who "who is service-oriented, sociable and likes to work in a hectic environment." (Dronningen ønsker en person som er serviceinnstilt, omgjengelig og som liker å jobbe i et hektisk miljø.)
Pic 5.2.2009

King Harald V of Norway poses on February 5, 2009 with the
new North Korean ambassador to Norway, Hui Chol-ri, at the
royal palace in Oslo.

-------> Pic
Does anyone know if King Harald is on a visit to Washington, D.C. this week (February 7)? I was just watching the Washington Capitals hockey game and the man sitting next to the Caps' owner (and AOL founder) Ted Leonsis is a dead ringer for Harald.

Celebrities and dignitaries, especially when they're here on non-official visits, often attend sports events, so it's not totally implausible, I guess.
Pic 7.2.2009

Well, yesterday he obviously was in Norway, kalnel :)

Norway's King Harald enjoys the competitions during the
World Allround Speed Skating Championships in Hamar,
Norway, February 7, 2009 .

------> Pic
Thanks, Iceflower -- I hadn't seen the report of him at the speed-skating event. Too bad he's not here in Washington -- he missed a great hockey game!

Norwegian Queen Sonja studies part of the original manuscript of Knut Hamsun's novel 'Sult' - Hunger -, published in 1890 as she attended the inauguration of the 'Hamsun-year' at the National Library in Oslo, Norway, 19 February 2009. The actors portrayed scenes from Norwegian author Knut Hamsun's novel 'Sult' - Hunger -, published in 1890. 2009 marks the 150th anniversary for the birth of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Laureate. In Norway the National Library will be responsible for the official anniversary celebration, and Hamsun related events will take place from February throughout September this year.

ANP Beeldbank - Hamsun 2009 åpnet

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