King George II (1890-1947) and Princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956)

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King George II met with President Franklin Roosevelt to seek war supplies for Greek forces.

King George II was overjoyed to return to Greece in 1946.
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Today has been celebrated in Greece the Day of "OXI", this is the day of "no" to the fascism. This day commemorates the rejection by the King George and the dictator, Ioannis Metaxas to the ultimatum made by Benito Mussolini on 28 October 1940 .

Greece said no to Mussolini. The Greeks were called to war to defend the country, the King and the dictator Metaxas called for the unity of the country to defend against foreign attack.
Greece managed to beat Italy, but months later the help of the Nazis caused the country to be invaded. This was very relevant, because Greece said no to the fascism, and we positioned with allied countries during the Second World War.

I publish this, because I have read articles about 28 of october in which King George of Greece does not appear in this story, he has been delete of historic books as if he had not existed . This is a terrible historical misrepresentation, King George was the Head of State and Chief of the Army, he was an essential element to say, not to the fascism.

In photo is Metaxas, king George, Papagos...

King George II on the Albanian front.

Crown Prince Paul participated in this war

and Queen Freideriki was nurse...

I am very tired of seeing so much historical misrepresentation. If King George was deleted of the books, who was Head of State in 1940?
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:previous: In the second photograph, from which royal family is the necklace that Elisabeth is wearing?
:previous: In the second photograph, from which royal family is the necklace that Elisabeth is wearing?

May have been Romanian. She inherited her mother's pearl tiara.

Her mother had a similar pearl necklace.

Jewel Detective: Marie of Romania | The Court Jeweller

The pendant was removable as she wore it with other pieces like a sapphire.

Queen Marie’s Cartier Pearl Tiara | The Royal Watcher

I cant find any definitive answer on the necklace in the photo (and the information of Marie's necklace isn't clear either). But the shortest of the three loops is hidden under Elisabeth's neckline, you see the top of it.
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The Royal Palace at Athens is being prepared for the return of King George of the Hellenes
(23 Sep 1946)
King George and his sister Helen married 2 siblings, right?
George married Elizabeth who was a sister to Carol of Romania who got married to Helen.

Do you know anything about the respective weddings?
In 1935 King Geiorge II of Greece returned to Athens.
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