King George I (1845-1913) and Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia (1851-1926)

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This was rare, an escort of nine, could have covered the monarch, the distance that existed, and yet it is curious that an escort of nine left this space, and curiously fully exposed to the King. What did they escorting the wall or the King?
My dear Nikolopoulos,

But are you suggesting that the nine were assigned to escort and protect the King? If so, then I would agree that with nine escorts, the King should not have been assassinated by a lone person.

But from what I understand, the King, although required to have an escort, loved to walk among his people and after nearly fifty years on the throne was well liked. This was a tragic act which the government, and the royal family, could not have imagined taking place. Therefore, I don't think the escort was there to necessarily protect King George against a perceived threat to his majesty.
I only say it was easy to assassinate the King, he was loved by his people, but , in Greece had anarchists, it was knew and the King was the target
I only say it was easy to assassinate the King, he was loved by his people, but , in Greece had anarchists, it was knew and the King was the target

My dear Nikolopoulos,

I always thought this was the act of a mad man, and a loner. Can you give me more information about the anarchists and how they plotted to kill the King?:flowers:
When the King was assasinated he had only one escort with him, a Major Fragoudis I believe. There was only one more assasination attempt that I know against him in the past , the year after the disaster of the 1897 Grecko -Turkish war - again he had no protection then, it was only him and Princess Marie on an open landau with the driver and a servant, so yes the Greek royals used to have minimum protection back then , no more than a couple of escorts perhaps. But what the King did to Thessaloniki , wandering around the city with only an aide de camp at his side what very reckless and very stupid. Thessaloniki had only been under the Greek authority for 5 monthsand that authority was not cemented , the Bulgarian army was still camping outside the city and the population was a mixture of Greeks, Jews, Turks , Serbs and Bulgarians and many others, all men with different, conflicting interests and the fact that the Greeks got that city for their own only a few hours before the Bulgarians arrived made many people angry. So in such a time, when there were perhaps many different foreign agents still at the city and given the tension between the different minorities which lived there, I cannot understand how the police and the Royal Family allowed him to continue taking his usual afternoon walks with so little protection
Did the government feel it had failed its King by assigning a different motive to the killing (that the socialist was upset because the King would not give him any money?)? It would be easy to assign blame for failing to protect the monarch during this turbulent time.

Do you also believe the government killed the assassin but made it look like a suicidal or an accidental fall from the window?
Thank you snow flower for that information it sheds more light on the overall picture at that time.
King Othon`s Heirs

The great powers orchestrated the 1862 coup, removing their previously favoured dynasty and imposing a new one of their own choosing. In those circumstances, it is understandable that the Wittelsbachs` might be reluctant to pursue their succession rights, challenging the legitimacy of the Glucksburgs in Greece would in effect be challenging the collective will of Great Britain, Russia and France. That said, is there evidence that any of the Wittelsbach princes did indeed pursue their claims to the Greek throne?
In Prince Philip, Philip Eade wrote:

So determined was he to master the Greek language and customs that over the next four years George I never left the country, travelling instead to all corners of his realm by ship, carriage, mule and on foot.
Were there any members of the Greek RF present for the unveiling of Queen Olga's bronze statue?
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the Thesoloniki[sic] council and the organisers didn't invite them. Shame on you Thesoloniki City authorities and event organisers, Shame! :angry::nonono::angry:
Oh!!! Thessaloniki one of the most beautiful and one of my favorite city in Greece, but our subject here is another :) Agree is a big mistake from organisers that didn't invite to this event the Royal Family!! but again we are in Greece!! and we have some issues with the ex our Royal Family!!
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On the occasion of this year Greek-Russian friendship 2016 held in Athens from October 31 to 02 November 2016, various commemorative events, Among these numerous delegation Officers and contingent events of the Navy of the Russian fleet visited Tatoi Royal Cemetery Tuesday, November 1, 2016 to give values ​​to the Queen of the Greeks Olga - Grand Duchess of Russia. In this modest and simple military ceremony held midday, deposited a wreath of high-ranking officer in the tomb of Queen Olga while contingent of Navy of the Russian Federation attributed the predicted values ​​as defined by the regulations of their country.ΚΑΣΤ-3-768x432.jpgΚΑΣΤ-8-768x432.jpgΚΑΣΤ-1.jpg
The royal wagon, is presented after its renovation at at the 82th International Exhibition in Thessaloniki these days. It was built in 1883 by the Belgian company La Metallurgique Ateliers de Nivelles Belgique . It is the wagon that had undertaken the rail journeys of the royal family (or one of its members) on the lines Larissa-Volos and Volos -Kalababa from the time of King George I and beyond.
The King George I make the opened in 1884.

stef, Thank you ever so much! Your photograph is perfectly clear!
Queen Olga was the only member of the Greek Royal Family to be given a pension by the Republican government during the Royal Family's exiles.
That is not true, Queen Olga did not receive any pension in exile. Moreover, the pensions are much later in time. Queen Olga lived with her son the Prince Christopher, and depended on her son's economy to survive. Queen Olga never received any amount from the state, not even when she was Queen. Her husband , King George, was the public position with status, and the only one who received compensation from the State for being Head of State, she depended on her husband economically, Queen Sophia and the rest of the Greek Queens did not receive compensation.
Prince William of Denmark was elected King of the Hellenes. How did he choose George for his regnal name?
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