King Felipe's Current Events, Part 5

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Kinf Felipe attends the naval review, dynamic exhibition and air parade on the occasion of “Armed Forces Day 2024” in Gijon

The King will attend Bukele's inauguration for his second term next week

On June 1, King Felipe VI will attend the inauguration of the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who was re-elected for a second term on February 4, as reported by Zarzuela.

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Here's another video from the Euroamerica Foundation 25th Anniversary.
His Majesty the King has traveled to San Salvador, accompanied by the Secretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean, Susana Sumelzo, to attend the investiture of His Excellency the Elected President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

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Once Leonor has completed her education (which will take several years as first she needs to complete her military training before she attends to her university education), I am sure she will take over attending these inauguration like her father did before her when he was Prince of Asturias.
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Here's a video from the Presidencies of Associations of Universities of the Ibero-American Space Anniversary
Here's a video from the "la Caixa" Scholarship Award ceremony today
Infanta Cristina was also present at this event:

Today, King Felipe VI receives in audience the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, on the occasion of her visit to Spain to attend the annual meeting of the ICRC's Group of Major Donors.

King Felipe VI presides over the Press Association bullfight at the Las Ventas bullring.

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Not sure why the king or his elder sister continuously attend these gruesome and cruel bullfights!
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Not sure why the king or his elder sister continuously attend these gruesome and cruel bullfights!
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The King does not attend bullfights "continuously", the King does so once a year as part of an institutional commitment which is to attend the press and charity bullfights at the Madrid fair.

I have never been to a bullfight nor do I like them nor do I live in a region where they are of interest... but today they are legal in Spain, they are part of the culture, tradition and history of the country and they are important for ranchers and the economy of some regions... therefore the King supports once a year that sector, as he supports many others and without anyone knowing if he really likes them or not.

Juan Carlos, Elena and Victoria do go often in their private time... but it is their private time and their tastes, like many royals who like hunts where they themselves are the ones who kill animals... personally you may like it or not , but as long as it's legal they can do it.
Well thankfully Queens Sofia and Letizia do not attend them!
King Felipe inaugurates the Andromeda fountain of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, recovered after a restoration process that has lasted three years.

King Felipe received in audience a representation of the participants in the “South Summit 2024”, which takes place between June 5 and 7 in Madrid.

Today, King Felipe VI attends the Army's "Atlas 24" Exercise, led by Artillery Group II/71 and in which Anti-Aircraft Artillery detection systems against unmanned aerial systems participate.


Today, King Felipe VI receives in audience Monsignor Luis Javier Argüello García on the occasion of his recent appointment as president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference.
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Here are a few more photos from today's military exercises at San Gregorio in Zaragoza.
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Not sure why the king or his elder sister continuously attend these gruesome and cruel bullfights!
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The bull fights are a horrible spectacle in Spain, Mexico and Peru but you can't say anything because is associated with the culture. And yet, similar practices are in place in other countries that often take a stand against bullfights, like the sadistic fox hunts in the UK, fighting roosters or dogfights in the USA and Latin America, whales living captive in tiny aquariums and dog races where the poor animals are sacrificed after they get old, and no one adopts them.

I always hated bullfights, but also consider a lot of the support for them is from the foreign tourism industry, too where people who visit Spain just wants to see the spectacle live.
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