King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Current Events, Part 4; February 2021 - present

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I was wondering, in the video, everyone greets each other by placing their hand to the chest, except Letizia, is this an official protocol?

I've seen her do it before perhaps she was tired after the Princess of Girona events in Barcelona.

But it did look a little odd.
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The secrets of ARCO: we speak with Íñigo Navarro, Felipe and Letizia's 'host'


It has always been known that art is one of the great hobbies of Kings Felipe and Letizia, and not only because of their institutional position. Also in their free time they visit exhibitions, museums and appointments related to art. So ARCO, whose inauguration they have attended this Thursday, is not only a very important commitment for them as Reyes, but it is also an appointment that interests them personally. They like it and are great connoisseurs. And although we already had many clues to reach this conclusion, it never hurts to have the opinion of the experts, who also have the opportunity to share some time with them on these types of artistic appointments.
Íñigo Navarro, director of the Leandro Navarro art gallery:
"The meeting has been a pleasure. The fact that they come year after year to support the fair, and more a year like this, in which we all wanted to meet again. And that the Kings are the first to support this initiative is wonderful . Having them at the stand has been an honor, they are always very interested in proposals. I have been able to explain part of the works that we brought. They have noticed a lot in a work by Tàpies, also in a work by Manuel Rivera, which is called ' Mirror for a bride ', which is all blank and has caught their attention. There are several sculptures by Carmen Laffón, which she has made expressly for the fair and they have also noticed them. It has been a truly pleasant encounter and it is a luck to have your support.
It is evident that, in addition to their institutional support, they have a true desire to know the contemporary art that is currently being made, the top-level modern artists that Spain has had, recognize many of them. You can have a very fluid conversation with them about current art.

In addition, institutionally, the Head of State collaborates with its image by inaugurating the fair, all of this has a huge impact, it is fantastic. Your presence helps a lot. When a fair is endorsed by the Royal House, it has a very important plus of visibility. "


At the "Mariano de Cavia", "Luca de Tena" and "Mingote" awards (June 23)

A famous Spanish film director speaks about the queen, winner of an Oscar for best foreign film, nominated four times, winner of a "Goya" and nominated on as many occasions:

"For José Luis Garci, the meeting with Mrs. Letizia at the Vocento headquarters was relaxed." We have seen each other at these awards several times. I have received it on two occasions and we remember it. We agree on our literary tastes and comment on the latest book by Rodrigo Cortés. I was struck by his appreciation. We had commented on it in our 'Es Radio' program and he told me that he had listened to us and that it coincided with what I had said. I said that Cortes was brilliant both in his role as a writer like a filmmaker ”.

The Oscar-winning director highlights for Vanitatis how much the queen likes cinema in all its facets: “She knows a lot and with her comments you can see that she is an expert. She could present films or lead a discussion with total brilliance. She is not a manual knowledge but what she knows is because she is interested in cinema and she likes to go to theaters
With the pandemic, this habit was broken and the queen highlighted to Garci the need to go back to watching live movies. "She told me that during confinement she also had time to watch series with her daughters, who have inherited a taste for cinema"

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Who's tomb did they lay a wreath on ?
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They have walked the section that separates the Alto de Ibañeta from Roncesvalles

At the end of the act, the procession has moved to the chapel where the tomb of the King of Navarre Sancho VII the Strong is located, before whose tomb a floral offering has been made.
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kathia_sophia At the beginning of the video, you can see the king's "flag-banner", which is hoisted in the Royal Palace when he is there (crimson red):flowers:

I was wondering, in the video, everyone greets each other by placing their hand to the chest, except Letizia, is this an official protocol?

It is a very beautiful gesture, which the king began using, and that is why when they greet our monarch, everyone uses it.
Leonor also does it frequently, but it is something that the king started doing, so the queen may or may not do it, since if she listens to the videos, she usually greets kindly with her own voice. The Infanta Sofía also prefers to do it that way.
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I don't know if either the king or queen will be going to Japan and if there was any announcement but a wonderful send off for the Spanish Olympic team!
As far as I know there hasn't been any announcement but considering the situation I don't think it's likely they'll travel to Japan.
As far as I know there hasn't been any announcement but considering the situation I don't think it's likely they'll travel to Japan.
I was thinking as much .
Wonderful to see these luncheons being offered at the Palacio Real instead of at Zarzuela.
Another video of the visit to the island of La Palma:
Wonderful to see the king and queen visit the island of La Palma given the situation there over the past few days.
Together with the President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa King Felipe and Queen Letizia officially open the Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, today, September 27.

The following gallery already includes some photos of the centre and will be updated later on:

** josepgegundez.photoshelter gallery ** casareal **
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