King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Current Events, Part 4; February 2021 - present

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An adorable video of the royal couple a few weeks ago. The Queen is completely enamored by the newborn baby and the King's reaction is priceless.

Photos today event:

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia will preside over this traditional lunch, on the occasion of the 2023 Cervantes Prize award ceremony, which pays tribute to the winner of this edition, the Spanish writer Luis Mateo Díez.

Some more photos of today can also be found here:

** gtresnews gallery **

** gettyimages: ESP: Spanish Royals Host An Official Lunch For "Miguel De Cervantes 2023" Award **

Here area few more photos from today's Barcelona and Albertville 1992 Olympic Games Commemoration.
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Yes, but according to press reports she will be with the cadet group, not presiding the event with her parents.
He's our King of the bearded royal dads! And ever since Letizia's visit to Netherlands when I see those pictures and her shoes, I keep thinking I hope she's not in pain today.

As a speaker the King is and extremely captivating talker when he is behind the microphone. He is cool, calm and collected and at times he talks as if he was a school teacher, explaining a project with great command from his own notes. I see the online live podcasts of the Courts in Madrid and how the politicians rip each other apart. But here and everywhere, King Felipe talks not like a politician with an issue, but as a calm and secured public speaker that is never boring, never gets agitated and yet people get fixated by him in the room
Commemorative act of the 40th anniversary of the Flag Oath of the promotion of King Felipe at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza

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Flag Pledge Photo Gallery:


The King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia and the Princess of Asturias, at the end of the Central Act commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Pledge of Allegiance of the XLIV Promotion of the General Military Academy (AGM) of Zaragoza.

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The family later attended a dinner with the soldiers of the king's promotion at a restaurant in Zaragoza.

Here's a video from today's Police Commemoration at the Palacio Real.
Will this be a first visit by the President of Ukraine?
Will this be a first visit by the President of Ukraine?
He was in Granada during the Summit of the European Political Community

Is the visit from Ukraine still going ahead as apparently the Ukrainian President has postponed all his upcoming foreign visits.
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