King D. Sancho II 'The Pious' or 'The Caped' and Queen D.ª Mencia

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Sancho II, King of Portugal and the Algarves, (Coimbra, 8 September 1209 - Toledo, 4 January 1248); married in? on ?, 1238, Countess Mencia de Haro (Biscay, 1215 - Nájera 1270)

Reign: 1223 - 1248

Predecessor: King Alfonso II of Portugal and the Algarves

Suceeded by: King Alfonso III of Portugal and the Algarves

Childen: None

Parents Sancho: King Alfonso II of Portugal and Princess Urraca of Castille

Parents Mencia: Count Lope Díaz II de Haro and Urraca Alfonso (illegitemate daughter of King Alfonso IX of Leon)

Siblings Sancho: King Alfonso III of Portugal, Queen Leonor of Denmark, Prince Fernando and Prince Vincente of Portugal

Siblings Mencia: Count Diego López III de Haro, Counte Sancho López de Haro, Count Alonso López de Haro, Countess Berenguella Girón, Countess Urraca de Castro, Count Lope Díaz de Haro, Bisshop of Segovia Diego López de Salcedo
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Sancho II (pronounced [ˈsɐ̃ʃu]), rarely translated as Sanctius II in English, nicknamed "the Pious" (Portueguese: o Piedoso) and "the Caped" or "the Capuched" (Portuguese: o Capelo), (September 8, 1209, Coimbra- January 4, 1248, Toledo), fourth King of Portugal, was the eldest son of Afonso II of Portugal by his wife, Infanta Urraca of Castile. Sancho became king in 1223 and was succeeded by his brother, King Afonso III in 1247.
By the time of his accession to the throne, in 1223, Portugal was embroiled in a difficult diplomatic conflict with the Catholic church. His father, Afonso II, had been excommunicated by Pope Honorius III, for his attempts at reducing the Church's power within the country. A treaty of 10 articles was signed between the Pope and Sancho II, but the king paid little attention to its fulfillment. His priority was the Reconquista, the reconquest of the southern Iberian Peninsula from the Moors. From 1236 onwards, Sancho II conquered several cities in the Algarve and Alentejo, securing the Portuguese position in the region.

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Mécia Lopes de Haro (d. 1270) was the Queen consort of Sancho II of Portugal.
She was a daughter of Lope Díaz II de Haro and Urraca Alfonso of Leon. Her mother was an illegitimate daughter of Alfonso IX of Leon.
She married Sancho c. 1246 but her husband died on 4 January 1248. They were childless. Sancho was succeeded by his brother Afonso III of Portugal who was already claiming the throne in a civil war.

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Since his father King Afonso II failed to appease Pope Honorius III, King Sancho II inherited a kingdom at odds with the papacy.
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