King D. Sancho I 'The Populator' and Queen D.ª Dulce Berengaria

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Sancho I Alfonso, King of Portugal and the Algarves and/or of Silves (Coimbra, 11 November 1154 - Coimbra 26 March 1212); married in ? , on ?, 1175, Princess Dulce Berengaria of Aragon (1160 - Coimbra, 1 September 1198)

Reign: 1185 - 1212

Predecessor: King Sancho I of Portugal

Succeeded by: King Sancho II of Portugal and the Algarves

Children: Queen Teresa of Castille, Prince Raymond, Princess Sancha, King Sansho II, Princess Constanca, Prince Pedro (Count of Udell and Lord of the Balearic Islands), Prince Fernando, Prince Henrique and Princess Branca of Portugal, Queen Berengiara of Denmark and Queen Mafalda of Castille

Parents Sancho: King Alfonso I of Portugal and Countess Mafalda of Savoy

Parents Dulce: Ramón Berenguer IV Count of Barcelona, Gerona, Osona, Cerdagneand Ribagorza, Prince Consort of Aragon and Queen Petronila of Aragon

Siblings Alfonso: Prince Henrique, Queen Mafalda of Aragon, Queen Urraca of Leon, Countess Teresa of Flanders (later Duchess of Burgundy), Prince João and Princess Sancha of Portugal

Siblings Dulce: King Alfonso II of Aragon, Prince Pedro of Aragon, Prince Ramón Berenguer V of Aragon, Count of Provence and Prince Sancho of Aragon, Count of Cerdange, Provence and Rosellón
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Sancho I (pronounced [ˈsɐʃu]; rarely translated to Sanctius I), nicknamed the Populator (Portuguese o Povoador), second monarch of Portugal, was born on November 11, 1154 in Coimbra and died on March 26, 1212 in the same city. He was the second but only surviving legitimate son and fourth child of Afonso I Henriques of Portugal by his wife, Maud of Savoy. Sancho succeeded his father in 1185. He used the title King of the Algarve and/or King of Silves between 1189 and 1191
In 1170, Sancho was knighted by his father, King Afonso I, and from then on he became his second in command, both administratively and militarily. At this time, the independence of Portugal (declared in 1139) was not firmly established. The kings of León and Castile were trying to re-annex the country and the Roman Catholic Church was late in giving its blessing and approval. Due to this situation Afonso I had to search for allies within the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal made an alliance with the Kingdom of Aragon and together they fought Castile and León. To secure the agreement, Infante Sancho of Portugal married, in 1174, Infanta Dulce Berenguer, younger sister of King Alfonso II of Aragon. Aragon was thus the first Iberian kingdom to recognize the independence of Portugal.

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Dulce Berenguer, Princess of Aragon, Queen Consort of Portugal (1152–1198) was first daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona and Petronila of Aragon. She was also the wife of Sancho I of Portugal.'

In 1174 she was married to then Prince Sancho as part of an arrangement to secure an alliance between Aragon and Portugal by her brother Alfonso II of Aragon. With her husband's ascent to the throne in 1185, she became Queen Consort.

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