King D. Pedro V 'The Beloved' and Queen D.ª Estefânia

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Aug 13, 2004
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Pedro V de Alcántara Maria Fernando Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier João António Leopoldo Victor Francisco de Assis Júlio Amélio, King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon, 16 September 1837-Lisbon, 11 November 1861); married in Lisbon, 18 May 1858 Princess Stephanie of Hohenzollern (Dresden, 15 July 1837-Lisbon, 17 July 1859)

Reign: 1853 - 1861

Predecessor: Queen Maria II da Gloria of Portugal and the Algarves

Succeeded by: King Luiz I of Portugal and the Algarves

Children: None

Parents King Pedro V: Queen Maria II da Gloria of Portugal and Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary

Parents Queen Stephanie: Fuerst Karl Anton of Hohenzollern and Princess Josefine of Baden

Siblings King Pedro V: King Luiz I of Portugal and the Algarves, Princess Maria and Prince Joao (Duke of Beja) of Portugal, Queen Maria Ana of Saxony, Fuerstin Antonia of Hohenzollern, Prince Fernando, Prince Augusto (Duke of Coimbra), Prince Leopoldo, Princess Maria da Gloria and Prince Eugenio of Portugal

Siblings Queen Stephanie: Fuerst Leopold of Hohenzollern, King Carol I of Roumania, Prince Anton and Prince Friedrich of Hohenzollern and Princess Maria of Belgium, Countess of Flanders.
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Pedro V (pronounced [ˈpedɾu]; English: Peter; Pedro de Alcântara Maria Fernando Miguel Rafael Gonzaga Xavier João António Leopoldo Vítor Francisco de Assis Júlio Amélio de Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha e Bragança), the Hopeful (Port. o Esperançoso) (September 16, 1837 in Lisbon – November 11, 1861 in Lisbon) was the 31st (or 32nd according to some historians) King of Portugal and Algarves from 1853 to 1861.
He was the oldest son of Queen Maria II and her King-Consort Ferdinand II and was born after his mother's accession. As heir apparent to the throne he was styled as the 19th Duke of Braganza.

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Stephanie (Josepha Friederike Wilhelmine Antonia) (Portuguese: Estefânia) of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (15 July 1837, Krauchenwies, Sigmaringen - 17 July 1859, Lisbon) was Queen consort of Pedro V of Portugal.

On 18 May 1858, Stephanie married Pedro V of Portugal. Both bride and groom were a few months short of their twenty-first birthdays. However she fell ill with diphtheria and died only a year later. There were no children from this marriage. Her body was intruded at the Braganza Pantheon inside the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon.

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King D. Pedro V was known as the Beloved, but her wife, Dona Estefânia, was also very beloved for the Portuguese people.

Some images of Queen Estefânia




Royal Bride


The Couple. They loved each other immensly. Sintra was the place of their honeymoon. They used to walk together holding hands sometimes. To the people of those times this couple was truly inspiring since it was not common to assist to such public displays of affection by a royal couple. :wub:

She was a beautiful Queen
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Was Princess Charlotte of Belgium, daughter of Leopold I of Belgium considered as a possible wife for Pedro V?
Well, I am reading a book that covers this issue of a possible bride for Pedro. It's called Vitoria de Inglaterra, a rainha que amou e ameaçou Portugal (tr: Victoria of England, the Queen who loved and threatened Portugal). It seems it was up to Victoria and Albert (mainly Albert) to find a bride for Pedro given that his mother, D. Maria II, had already died a couple of years before. Prince Albert searched in Almanach de Gotha as, I suppose, was costumary for these occasions.
In the book, the name of Princess Charlotte of Belgium doesn't appear, thought to be honest no other girl is mentioned that not Estefânia of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, which was, with no doubt, considered "perfect" by Albert, Victoria and the Earl of Lavradio, the Portuguese ambassador to London who was planning it all with Albert. I assume no other girl was, thus, considered a serious possibility.
I watched in a documentary that the couple lived at the Necessidades palace and when Estefânia died the king cried a lot and asked to close all the doors and windows of the palace. He had depression and stood in the darkness for 2 years till his death!
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