King Constantine II of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark: September 18, 1964

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Wonderful video above ,I'd never seen it before and was struck by the crowds cheering and waving,make me wonder how it all went wrong a few years later.

An Ard Ri, even experts in Greek historical and political matters seem to disgree on which side the King was really on after the military coup in 1967. I gave up on this many years ago!
Here's a link to some pictures of the ball:

And here's the contents of that whole website, where you can see other pre-wedding festivities, the engagement ball, the wedding, and so on:
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I think Anne-Marie was beautiful, but I don't like her dress for the pre-wedding ball. The sheer jacket she's wearing over it looks too big and makes it look like the dress is wearing her rather than the other way around.

Maura724, The Engagement Ball pictures are lovely.
I like the Procession to the Wedding photographs of King Constantine and his mother in the open carriage and of Princess Anne-Marie and King Frederik IX in an open landau.

In occasion of premier of film "Grace" the italian magazine Oggi has posted an interesting photos gallery with princess Grace and prince Ranieri. The gallery includes also photos from wedding of king Costantin to princess Anne of Denmark.
Nicole Kidman diventa Grace Kelly: le foto mai viste della principessa dall’archivio di Oggi | AttualitÃ*

The photos are Bellissimo (Beautiful)!!
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Princess Anne-Marie's attendants were:
Princess Anne of Great Britain
Princess Christina of Sweden
Princess Irene of Greece
Princess Margarita of Romania
Princess Tatiana Radziwil
Princess Clarissa of Hesse
Wedding of King Constantine II of Greece and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark in Athens.
September 18th 1964!

That beautiful gown! It's been amazingly preserved.

I suppose that when she and her late husband were forced to flee Greece so quickly in 1967, there was no time to pack it.

What a shame. It absolutely should be returned to the queen. There is no reason for the Greek government to keep it.:ermm:
What an amazing discovery and hopefully it will be returned to Queen Anne Marie!
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