King Constantine II of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark: September 18, 1964

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Dec 3, 2003
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A moderator suggested that we have new threads for the Greek royal weddings because the old threads somehow disappeared.:(

Please post any photos of the wedding (or related events) of King Constantine and (then) Princess Anne Marie of Denmark.
Some pics of the Wedding:


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Some photos of Konstantin and Anne-Marie


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1-2) Princess Anne Marie on her way to the church with her father King Frederik IX of Denmark.
3) Prince Anne Marie walking down the aisle with her father.
5) Crown Prince Harald of Norway and ?? with the bride and groom
6) The Bishop performing the ceremony
7) Queen Frederika, groom's mother, performing the ceremony of the rings
8) Queen Frederika crossing the crowns over the couple's heads.
9) Crown Prince Harald of Norway and ?? holding the crown above the couple's heads.


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1-2) The couple getting into the carriage after the wedding ceremony
3-6) waving to the crowds


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Khedive of Egypt Cartier Tiara

The tiara worn by Princess Anne Marie on her wedding day belonged to Crown Princess Margaretha of Sweden. She later gave the tiara to her daughter, Queen Ingrid who in turn passed it onto her daughter, Princess Anne Marie.

The tiara has been worn by Queen Margerethe, Princess Benedikte, Princess Alexia,and Princess Alexandra of Berleburg, on their weddings.


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WOW. Cp Haakon was hot!
Reina said:
WOW. Cp Haakon was hot!

I think you mean Crown Prince Harald:) Indeed, he was very hot.
I have several pictures from the royal wedding, from danish magazine, but I don`t no if I`m alloved to post them.
A breath-taking bride and groom and AM is just as gorgeous 42 years later. Thanks for these great pictures.:flowers:
Anne-Marie was such a stunning bride. No offense to her sisters, but I always thought she was the prettiest of the 3.
All the three girls were pretty IMO but Princess Benedikte aged really well IMO. She is just so elegant and poised in my opinion.
unlikeanygirl said:
All the three girls were pretty IMO but Princess Benedikte aged really well IMO. She is just so elegant and poised in my opinion.

^I agree. QA-M has faded a little, but you can tell she was a beauty, too. I think smoking didn't do anything but take away from QMII's looks.
I found an old pictures in an old magazine from the pre-wedding 1964.
Hope i`t`s ok?
I read that Princess Anne Marie got married at very young age, is it true?
I believe Queen Anne Maries was 18 when she married. She just celebrated her 60th birthday this year.
It`s true that Queen Anne Marie married three weeks after her 18 birthday.
She wasn´t allowed to marry Constantine until she was off age for her parents. They really must have been sure that they were meant for each other to get married that young
married at 18. and becoming queen also at 18. wow that made her the youngest queen in europe then...
For those of you interested in the topic, there are two short videos:
One, on the arrival of Princess Anne-Marie and her family aboard the Danish Royal Yacht at Faliron Bay;
The second, on the wedding at the Athens Cathedral (Metropolis).
Both can be found at the site of the former Greek royal family .
Please make sure you click on the Greek language version [Ελληνικά] and then on video [Βίντεο] on the right column. When the list appears, choose the second and third of the three [the first one is on a tour of Constantine and Anne-Marie to the countryside].
The wedding video contains three violations of protocol which have great historic and symbolic significance and stirred controversy at the time:
1. Immediately after the ceremony, Queen Frederika kissed and curtsied (!) to her son. This, one may argue, is a semi-violation in that Queen Frederika was a monarch's consort but not a monarch herself, but she still was a majesty (HM). The only instance she could have done that was when he son became monarch after his swearing-in ceremony following his father's death in a gesture similar to that of Queen Mary who, upon her grand-daughter's return from Africa, paid homage to the new monarch when the latter visited her at Marlborough House. She bowed and kissed the hand of QEII saying, "Long live the Queen".
2. The second breach of protocol involves Queen Frederika kissing Anne-Marie, by then The Queen of the Hellenes and then curtsying to her.
3. Immediately upon Queen Frederika's curtsy, Anne-Marie returned the curtsy.
The latter two were incorrect in that a Queen consort does not need to bow to another Queen consort or a Queen Dowager. The royal ladies were both majesties.

The clue behind these gestures, which diplomatic observers at the time hasted to characterize as theatrical, was the unhappiness of the Hellenes with Queen Frederika. Rumours were circulating that Queen Frederika would continue to rule the country. So, she did all that in an attempt to appease the populus. Unfortunately, most newspapers interpreted it negatively.
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Some pics from the wedding,taken from a greek encyclopedia.... My camera sucks..sorry:angel:


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I think you mean Crown Prince Harald:) Indeed, he was very hot.

No, that is Prince Michael of Greece who is a cousin of King Constantine.
Prince Michael lives in Paris. He is the father of Princess Alexandra and Princess Olga who just married Prince Amadeo of Aoste.
Olga is married to Aimone of Savoy-Aosta,Amedeo's son :flowers:
"Loveyoupavlos",the man standing next to Constantine is the then Prime Minister,George Papandreou,right?
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Thanks,Iceflower!It's so nice to be able to read these articles as well.
Although,I didn't get an answer about the tall man standing next to Constantine during the wedding,I believe it's George Papandreou.
Thanks,Iceflower!It's so nice to be able to read these articles as well.
Although,I didn't get an answer about the tall man standing next to Constantine during the wedding,I believe it's George Papandreou.

Yes Iakynthi this was George Papandreou. The then Prime minister.
Well,I guess these people had to pretend in many occasions....Papandreou was standing right next to Constantine,like he was his father or something.
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