King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie Current Events 5: February 2016 - January 2023

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King Constantine, Queen Anna Maria and princes Pavlo and Nikolaos were at a reception this morning at the Yacht Club of Athens with Prince Charles.

Now they are in the Embasy of Great Britain, they have been invited by the Ambassador to attend a reception with the Prince Charles and Camilla. This is their last event in Athens.

I have a friend who has been present at the Yacht Club, he is a Club member and he is who told me that the king and queen.... was invited, but he could not specify if the Princess Tatiana was......

I think that at the reception in the embassy of Great Britain, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana are there, Prince Pavlos is also, but I do not know if Princess Marie Chantal is at this event.
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I have not seen them in the images, but I am reading in the subtitles that appear on live television, that the Ex King is at the reception of the embassy. and in some articles, that I read, its say that Nikolaos and Pavlos are in embassy....., I have presupposed that Tatiana would be, but I have not seen them, I am reading it in subtitles of the television news
I am reading that the King Constantine and Prince Charles have been meeting for an hour (private meeting). This meeting has been prior to the reception of the guests at the embassy of Great Britain. And then I read again that at the reception of the embassy is the king, the Queen and their two sons, Crown Prince Pavlos, Prince Nikolaos.

I can not find a photo, I understand that this meeting has been private, but I would like to see a photo.
The press has been confusing.:wacko:

The meeting of the King Constantine, Queen Anne - Marie, Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana (was not Marie Chantal), has been prior to the reception or meeting with businessmen, politicians, writers, British living in Greece .... Boths , have been celebrated in the embassy, but the meeting with the royal family has been previous and private (only, royal family ?), it has been a nice detail of the Prince.??

When King Constantine was leaving the embassy, the last guests were entering to the "public" reception.
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And Afroessa take part and this year to Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2018 and the Kings is there of course


From Orhan Gorbon instagram:

"ln Spetses - with King Constantine ll former King of Greece and olympic champion in sailing - dragon class"
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the event was organizaded by Elpidia (Association of friends of children with cancer),the focuse of this organization is on the care of children with cancer. The money raised with this event will be destined to this organization.??

more photos:
with Nana Mouskouri, Marianna Vardinoyannis,Lydia Koniordou and Prokopis Pavlopoulus ??

With Marianna Vardinoyannis ??
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King Constantine in Ydra
On the evening of Saturday, August 18, 2018, in the courtyard of the Cathedral of Ydra, was celebrated the yearly charity event of classical music, which is part of the celebrations «Θεομητορικά 2018»....The purpose - like every year - to give the proceeds to the Koulourian Hospital of Ydra.
The internationally renowned violinist Pablo Ferradez, who played with a Stradivarius cello that was made in 1696 and accompanied by a small orchestra with the first violin by Yiannis Georgiadis and with outstanding musicians, received the constant applause of the spectators .



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Even frail the King seems so happy to meet people from his ex Country where he was the King.
Greece is not HIS Ex - country, Greece is HIS COUNTRY, he was born in Greece. He is, a former Head of State, if you want an Ex King, for me, he will always be the King, because I believe in the monarchy. He is very happy, in Greece , and in Porto Heli, Spetses even in Ydra, he has an excellent relationship with his neighbors. He has problems walking, by his legs, but otherwise he is in good health.
Its nice to see the king at events like these,they have fitted back into life in Greece with such ease.
If what you are asking is, if King Constantine has a legal status recognized as former head of state (like Romania, Romania recognizes like former Head of state to alls) , which gives him the possibility to participate in advisory councils of the state ....

The answer is: NO, THE KING CONSTANTINE does not have any recognized legal status. The Greek Republic is closed, only recognize the legal status of "former Heads of State", to the Ex Presidents of the Republic.

The good or sad futures events of the greek royal family , are private events of the family.

Republic of Greece is not like Republic of Romania
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I am happy to see these pictures of the king Constantine. He has health problems, that causes him to walk with great difficulty, but this does not prevent he has traveled to Canada, he has been with the students, following lectures, and planting the memorial tree .... I am happy see the king Constantine with that smile. ???
Queen Ana Marie, she is wonderful.???
thank you.
King Konstantinos and Queen Anna Maria on 29 September in Canada visited the Jonathans Restaurant & J Bistro

"It was a pleasure and honour to host Their Majesties King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, at Jonathans on September 29th, 2018. This was the King’s second visit, and a very proud moment for Jason Alikakos and team."
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