King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie current events 4: October 2008 - February 2016

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stef, thank you sooooooo much! ))) i already know which card i will send to him, june is not so far away. some day we should send a card all together here.:) that would be so funny. have you ever sent an email to them, stef?

Many years ago I send a letter to the London office, expressing my admiration for the royal family, they sent me a thank you letter, and every year they began to send me the christmas card, I remember that the answer was slow in arrived to me but it arrived. I hope to respond to your letter.

Thanks!!!!!! by pictures of Kings in Messenia !!!
Kings of Greece granted an interview a Greek television channel of Messei, where they have been spending their vacations.
They talked about their last visit to Messiana from more 40 years, changes in the locality. Also speak of the Greek economic crisis and the reasons that have seriously caused it and he was positive about the future. He spoke about wedding of Prince William.

They will return with his family soon to Messenia
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thanks by put it!! King Constantine was very emotional and sensitive, he endured during the interview, the tears. He loves his homeland!!!!!!!! THE KINGS LOVE TO THEIR HOMELAND
haha !!!!Richard Guest is who said that Prince Charles should succeed Queen Elizabeth and King Constantine says:"That's the way the system works".. In the greek interview , he has not spoke about this.
There is a new interview in the video first shows an advertisement and then this interview is a new interview. Four interviews in april: The Associated Press, CNN, Greek television , BBC
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Thanks Iris!!!!!!! Yes it is true are four interviews but the greek interview spoke about Greece.
thanks by put this picture!!!!!!! Queen Anne Marie was elegant!!!!!:p:p
it is true, he is Honorary President of the Federation, but from 1994 and before he was Vice- President
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In 1994 he was appointed Honorary President of the Federation of sailing, previously from 1963 was vice president of the Federation, and I think his predecessor as Honorary President of the International Sailing Federation was King Olav of Norway.
It´s always a pleasure to see King Constantine and Queen Marie, as well as their lovely family. I am so glad they are able to live and visit Greece whenever they want.
It´s obvious how emotional the King is when he is in his homeland, especially in those first videos in Tatoi. I can immagine all the memories evoked by that first visit.
The photos of Getty images are on vacation for Easter, I think. before wedding in London.

King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie during the Pireus Yachting Club sailing cup held in Athens, Greece, May 21, 2011.

Nice to see them that relaxed and charming!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gallery **
this same night has been celebrated a dinner in the Club of sailing of Pireus to commemorate the 50 years of the first gold medal in Olympic Games of the Greek sailing, was king Constantino
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Queen Elizabeth of England has accepted the invitation of King Constantine to open the Annual International Round Square Conference to be hosted this year by Wellington College.

The Greek Royal Family - News & Media
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thanks!!!! Queen Anne Marie was very beautiful!!!!!! I like the dress Queen.
The photo is on Saturday in the theater of Epidaurus, he was the premiere of the "Richard III"by Kevin Spacey. The problem of the leg is not current, he was not the wedding of his niece and Prince Jordan by this problem.
this problem is not new, two years ago he had problems with the right leg,since then he has problems with this leg.It is more evident now.
I read in another forum, that King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie have started their summer holidays in Porto Heli. They are supposed to be joined by Princess Alexia and her family and eventually Pavlos, his family and the two youngest.Any chance of some photos? I´d love to see them.
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