King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie current events 4: October 2008 - February 2016

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I would say the photo of the Queen Anne Marie is very bad . It is not a good photo
Is it just me or something happened to queen Anne Marie? At the Belgrad anniversary she looks much older than usually.

Sometimes it's a grimace that can distort facial appearance. On the other hand, one can see a prominent zygomatic bone. I hope this gorgeous woman didn't have plastic surgery or something. Anyway, we'll tell from her next picture.
But it's the same on Marlene Koenig's pictures..
Bad lighting, that's what I think. She certainly looks tired in the photos taken later, at Syntagma Square, but she did not look "changed":D, not to me at least.
THANKS!!! NIKOLOPOUPOLOS!!! 50 years after Rome olimpic games and posing with the boat with that they won the gold medal
Thanks Nikolopoulus, thank you , sure it was in behalf of the Foundation Anna Maria. I had read it, but I had not found pictures of the events.
It must have been quite the moment when the crowds gathered around the King Constantine and the Queen.There would be people now that want him back and would allow it. At the time he was voted out it was the resistance voters that did it.
They are all inheriting this mess now that Greece has.Those ones are coming into pensions now and there is little left over for them except the paltry sums their pensions will be..
They were the ones saying that the royal family had eaten away Greece's wealth.
But Panagalos was right when he said "we all ate the spoils together" He omitted without the King we used to blame for even a sneeze.He forgot to say we stripped this man of his homes and threw him out of Greece.Because Greece eats its children sometimes. Because in many ways for many years we were all kings in our own right.
Now they must bear their exile.......
The first hundred years are difficult.. then you become accustomed.
Thanks you! the women are Ero Koba, She is a neighbor of the Kings of Greece in Porto Heli and Christina Papoulias.
Thanks Nikolopoulus, thank you , sure it was in behalf of the Foundation Anna Maria. I had read it, but I had not found pictures of the events.

I found it by accident, I was reading a newspaper and I found this.
I love the informalness the picture achieves even though they're all dressed so formal! :)
Thank you!!! I thought that it was put in this forum, I like it is beautiful.
I like the photo, the couple Tatiana and Nikolaos sitting on the stairs, the Queen Anne Maria elegant woman, the King with Theodora and Phillipos...., the grandchildren, I like Arrieta ...beautiful!!
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Lovely photo of the entire family.
Thank you!!! the picture is beautiful!! I like is Christmas.
This seems to be a photo only for private use? It wasn´t published so far, right?
Thanks Beltra!!!I have my Christmas card, it is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I like that they have send this picture, it is a beautiful detail, thanks. Merry Christmas
so dashing looks costis. my greek is poor but i like to call him costis because he is a darling. and i love queen annemarie. so good to see a real royal couple. )))
Costis sounds cute, the Greeks shorten Constantine to Costas but Costis is nicer and kinda friendlier :D . He used to be a good-looking guy and a good athlete. He had won the gold medal at the Olympics u know that ;) ?
Greek king visits Iceland

The king without a kingdom, Constantine II of Greece, is currently in Iceland. He arrived on February 17th, and will stay for the whole weekend. Constantine II is in the country for the executive meeting of the International Sailing Federation this weekend in Reykjavik.
The former king of Greece is the enthusiastic honorary president of the federation along with King Harald of Norway, reports. Constantine II has been an avid sailor for many years and even won an Olympic gold medal in the sport in 1960.

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