King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie current events 2: Dec 2005 - Nov 2006

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...sOfIa.... said:
:clap: finally some pictures!! Thanks alot guys.
I think Queen Anne-Marie looks really nice, as do most of the other ladies.:flowers: Queen Sofia is wearing one of my least favourite dresses that she owns!
sOfia, you took the words right outta my mouth... I don't like Sofia's dress either... and now she's worn it twice! Let's hope it's the last. ;) :)
I like this pic a lot... they even match each other. Constantine looks like maybe he's lost some weight.
It's very cool (and rare) to see three royal families represented who are all related. It's too bad Benedikt and Queen Margarethe's children couldn't be there, and Felipe/Letizia. Then it could've been a "family reunion".
I wonder if the kids were wearing clothes from Marie-Chantal's clothing line as all the cousins were dressed the same. I like the white stripey tops.

So Nikolaos is still with Tatiana (is everyone in Europe named Tatiana?)
Why doesn't he just marry her... or find someone else. They've been together... what... 3, 4 years now? He's pushing 40!

That's a neat looking boat btw... it's different. I guess it's an authentic Greek boat eh?
Well, everyone looked very happy! :)
Constantine and Anna Maria gave an interview to a greek magazine saying that they will return to Greece permenently,that he respects the decision the Greeks made with the referendum that he feels sadness and not bitterness for the goverment took his home in Tatoi and that he hopes the greek goverment will make the proper repairs so the estate will be visited by people and not exploited by entrepreneurs.
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Daytona said:
and that he hopes the greek goverment will make the proper repairs so the estate will be visited by people and not exploited by entrepreneurs.

I certainly hope so too!

Daytona, would it be possible to give details of other parts of the interview?
Sofía ;)
Too bad the Greek govt. wouldn't just let Constantine and Anne Marie live at their old home. They wouldn't be king or queen, of course, but it probably has sentimental value to them and their family. I think it would be a nice gesture on the Greek govt.'s part to allow them to do that.
It makes me sad to see the pictures of Tatoi. It is falling down and the government need to do something with it quickly before it becomes a complete waste!
Was Pavlos and MC daoughter Olympia? there? I dont see her in any of the pictures.

Thanks for providing the link Beltraneja. Is this the first time Constantine and Anne-Marie have been in a Greek magazine (especially the cover)? The pictures are really nice. Anne-Marie does not look 60...she looks amazing!
Can someone please translate it for us non-Greekers? :huh: Thanks in advance.
To dbarn 67

Yes, Olympia was also there. On one of the photos in the German magazine "Frau aktuell" she sits far on the right side so in spanish magazines she was "cut off".
The Interview:

this is the translation of interview in liveandstyle and hola magazines.
it isn't very good.

Porto Heli , august of 2006, Ana Maria is happy .Constantino and Ana Maria is in prow of "afroessa" boat .She is looking to her husband, Constantino is driving the boat.
Several people recognize them and they want a photografhy with them .
The prince Nicolas is with his girlfriend, Tatiana, and Teodora, they take care the children of Alexia. Alexia is in Attic Hospital, she recover of a neumonia.Carlos and Filipos is in hospital with Alexia.Pablo and May Chantal will arrive near days to Porto Heli.
CONSTANTINO SPEAKS: my children had the idea of bought a boat for my wife.They said to me that she wanted a boat a "caique".We thoughtthat it was a good investment for the future, and it is a good apportunity, we will enjoy it and our sons and our grandsons too. It was my gift for my wife by her birthday.
ANA MARIA SPEAKS:I didn't know nothing of it. Icame with my husband here for a month before. He said that I closed my eyes, when I opened the eyes I saw the boat but I didn't known what it was my gift by birthday.It was very emotional for me.(She is happy)
JOURNALIST SPEAKS: what do you inspires the name of the boat ?
CONSTANTINO SPEAKS: Before of JJOO of Roma in 1960, I had a boat it was a "flying duchtman" It had this name and I thought in the name.
JOURNALIST SPEAKS : We have made two interviews the first is Constantino's King and second Ana Maria's queen.
JOURNALIST SPEAKS :we see to you in Greece and we ask ourselves .What is you function in Greece at present?
Constantino :I haven't function in Greece. I'm a family father.I have returned to my country as other greeks.
journalist: Which is the function for a former king?
Constantino: It is just like former president of republic in Greece. The former presidents always offers to his country when Greece needs to him.. I have it, I always offer to my country when it needs to me
journalist:The Venizinelos law of 1994 deprives passports you.Have you passports Greek.? How is it in the present?
Constantino: No ,the law is valid at present I cannot modify it.
journalist: from 2003 very monarchys travel to Greece.Have you contributed it?
Constantino: They are relatives
journalist: How are the european princes in the present?
Constantino: They have university studies and they comminicate very well with young people it is good.The important thing is the democracy and State is good.
journalist: If you could change the past .what do you changed?
Constantino: If I could to change it I will like to have better it. but it is impossible I don't can to change the past.I'm very happy with my family.
JOURNALIST SPEAKS: And afterwards this statement of principles with accomplice of her wife. I continue the interview with Ana Maria's Queen
when you came of demark, you had sixteen or seventeen years old.Was Greece a country with a different cultura for you ?was it very different?
Ana Maria: Of course, it was a different world, but it wasn't shock for me . From the first days, I liked much Greece.I love Greece.I ' m happy in Greece.
journalist: Was the mentality different?
Ana Maria: yes, but I was very young women when you are young ,you can to face any difficulty.I want to live in Greece with my husband.Greece is my country.
Ana Maria: Yes , but it isn't often.I listen the news.
journalist: I know to you take care of the education of your children and you constituted a shool in London for them .
Ana Maria : The shool wasn't only to our children it was for all the children of London.
journalist: What precepts have you teach your children?
Ana Maria :I teach to be good persons and to be Greeks.
I teach to select their live with liberty but the correct I think that we have obtained it.
JOURNALIST: In a previous interviews you said that you have two familys, the first are her older children and the second are her small children. Now do you think it?
ANA MARIA: No, because my small children are older now. Our grandchildren are my second family, now.
JOURNALIST: how do you celabraty this birthday's 60?
ANA MARIA: With my family. I'm waiting to my sisters, Margarita's queen and prince Benedicta and with Sofia queens and prince Irene and very friends of Poto Heli.
Here are some of the official birthday portraits. Anne-Marie looks very beautiful and the kids are so cute. Especially the pic of the two girls is great :)



How lovely, iceflower! They are such a sweet loving family..
Both Arietta & Anna-Maria are such little darlings... love A-M's pigtails..
I hope there are more family pictures that shows the whole Greek RF..
Thanks again, iceflower!

a lovely picture from billet-bladet :

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thanks for the nice pics of the greek family !!!iceflower.
K, as always my dear, you ROCK!
the Morales children are beyond gorgeous and Arrieta looks like Ranma (the anime character) with the pigtail! :lol:
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You are all most welcome :flowers:
and I also like the pic you've posted, purple. It's so nice to see all of the grandchildren together on one pic and to compare the little differences between Alexia's and Paul's kids.
Wow! Princess Alexia's children are so cute! Little Carlos looks so cute sitting there on his grandmother's lap. Thanks for the pictures.
How you can be mistaken....

I was sure, little Carlos resembles Arrietta and becomes even more pretty. But now as he is visible clearly (I think for the first time since he was born) I must admit that he´s the spitting image of Ana-Maria. The same round face, the same eye colour. Only the way he looks is a bit different. Ana-Maria´s eyes look sometimes as if she wouldn´t have eyelashes on her lower eyelids. Still I´m not sure, whether little Carlos´ hair yet will become darker or whether he will become as blond as Ana-Maria.
Have there been any other pictures released (other than the ones already posted)....?
Piaa said:
Have there been any other pictures released (other than the ones already posted)....?
The Spanish magazine HOLA did have some more pics, including some of Anne- Marie and Constantine alone, but I did not buy it, maybe some one else did and can post them for us :)
Have king Constantin and Queen Anne-Marie returned to Greece permanently? Have they found a proper house in Greece? what about other family menbers? How is Alexia? Her children all look sweet. I hope she is in good health.
I'm confused. I thought they already bought a big house on one of the Greek islands (Patmos or somthing?). Or maybe that's just a vacation property?
Anyway, this house they're renting looks like it has a beautiful view of the water.
Thank you for an information. Constantin and Anne- Marie had an interview with a reporter before Anne-Marie's 60th birthday in Greece. As far as I saw the interview, they seem to have moved to Greece. Does anyone know if they went back to Greece forever?
about moving in Greece

They are still looking for a house in Greece but they haven't bought anything yet. When they will find one they will sell their house in Hampstead.
Thank you for giving an answer to my question. Constantine and Anne-Marie have looked for a house for three or four years. They have already seen enough houses, but still they can't. I guess it is pretty hard for them to find one that they want in Greece. By when they search for the one,I wonder? I am surprised at their endurance.
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