King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie current events 2: Dec 2005 - Nov 2006

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He was not in a rush.I saw Konstantinos at night.I was excited to see him for the first time in reality.

Probably i wrote "rush" wrong,meant with the word rush what an excitement!
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His Majesty's King Constantine's office in London will be moving to
15 Grosvenor Square

London W1K 6LD

Tel: 020 7493 8281
Fax: 020 7493 8283

I reed but I forgot where that the last summer the Princes of Asturias have spent some days in Corfou to be far away of "mallorquinos paparazzi " Does anybody knows the place and may be if that was in a greek royal family's house.

I can't imagine that the Queen Sophia didn't Know the greek destination of the Princes of Asturias, more in my oponion she had to help them to find a lovely and secret place in Corfou? but it's only a subjective supposition!
I wonder why his office is moving. Actually, for some reason I assumed he "worked" out of his home. Don't know why I thought that. Anyway, I wonder how many staff he has working for him (besides Nikolaos). Anyone know?
LONDON - JULY 05: King Constantin of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece arrive at David Frost's Summer Party on July 5, 2006 in London, England


Her Majesty looks so summery and beautiful. Lovely dress indeed.
rchat said:
I wonder why his office is moving. Actually, for some reason I assumed he "worked" out of his home. Don't know why I thought that. Anyway, I wonder how many staff he has working for him (besides Nikolaos). Anyone know?

I know His Majesty's secretary in the office is Ms Jackie Morgan and there is also a woman who answers the phone who as a slight foreign accent.
Interview with Queen Anne-Marie on SRMB

Some interesting news: She doesn´t expect Nikolaos to marry Tatiana. She will celebrate her 60th birthday in a new house in Greece. She wants to be buried in Greece. She doesn´t speak Greek that well but since they are more often in Greece during the last years it improves. She quit smoking 25 years ago, Constantin five years ago. The only smoker in the family now is Niko.
Stefanie said:
Some interesting news: She doesn´t expect Nikolaos to marry Tatiana. She will celebrate her 60th birthday in a new house in Greece. She wants to be buried in Greece. She doesn´t speak Greek that well but since they are more often in Greece during the last years it improves. She quit smoking 25 years ago, Constantin five years ago. The only smoker in the family now is Niko.
The facts are from the interview in this week's edition of Billed Bladet (number 31, 3. august, 2006), where Anne-Marie sat down with the same journalist (Anna Johannesen) as she did for her 50th birthday, on occasion of her 60th.

Journalist: Both your sisters have gray hair

Anne-Marie: Yes, but there is something called colouring. And then it is up to the individual what one wants to do, and I don't want to have gray hair yet. Or show that I have. So my hair is the only thing that isn't natural.

Anne-Marie: Now that my mother's palace is being renovated for the Crown Prince couple, Benedikte and I have moved into Christian VIII's palace. She has a flat in the pavillion building between Amaliegade and the Palace Square and I have taken over Prince Joachim's old flat in the side building. It's not completely done yet, so until autumn I'm living in the rooms in Frederik VIII's palace where the court marschal and court manager used to live. But it will be nice to have my own. So that I can go home and close my door when I want to.
The Anna Maria foundation donated 50000 euros to the (greek) fire brigade and new vehicules were bought.The former king and queen were there.
Does anyone have the link to the full interview? Thanks!
Does anyone know where to find this interview in English?
You can't find the interview online. You have to order the issue from Billed Bladet's website. The interview's only in Danish, so I don't know how much use it would be to a lot of people, but a Danish-English dictionary should allow the gist of the interview to be grasped.
I was supprised by Constantin's current picture. He put on weight gradually. I am worried abut his helth. I think he shoud prevent adult diseases, such as cerebral accident, cardiac infraction, by reducing calories and doing proper exercises. I hope he get in shape.
Yeah, if you consider his parents died in their sixties. I noticed his bad looks specially on the occasion of Leonor´s baptism.
I read somewhere else that in Anne Marie's interview she mentions that they will live permanently in Greece, but are still looking for a house to buy. But I thought they already bought a house a little while back. I remember someone posted pictures of it...don't remember where it was though. Maybe on one of the islands.
Anyway, I think it's great they can live in Greece now. I wonder if the Greek govt. will be ok with it... maybe as long as they keep a low profile.
Also, she apparently also mentioned they might keep a small flat in London, so I guess they'll sell their big house in London then. Boy, they'll make a killing off of that with real estate having gone up so much.
They will indeed. Their House in London could well get a couple of million the way house prices are going up. They're in a very desirable area too, so I'd say it'll be 3 or 4 million at least.
Danish newspaper BT today writes that Queen Anne-Marie will celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday on 30 August with a big family gathering in Greece.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, who are now holidaying at their château in France, will fly to Athens a few days before her birthday - which will be celebrated for several days with many family outings. The Regent Couple will return to Denmark on 1 September, when they are attending the gala opening of the Århus Festival.

Princess Benedikte is also coming, as is all of Anne-Marie's children, grandchildren and some Greek friends.

Anne-Marie doesn't know what exactly is planned for her actual birthday, but is expecting a cake with 60 candles on it - as that's a tradition in the family.

BT also says that Anne-Marie and Constantine have spent a great deal of their summer in a rented house in Greece, and this will also be where the birthday celebrations will take place. When Billed-Bladet earlier asked her what she wished for to her 60th birthday, Anne-Marie said:
- Sun and happiness, and that we soon will found our house in Greece.
Looking at that link there seems to be a fabulous shot of Queen Anne-Marie in a purple frock. Has anyone got a bigger version?
She and Constantine are wearing the Elephant, so when was the last time they were in Denmark at a formal dinner? That might help us find more pics.
I don't get Point de Vue over here - I think scanning is the only way to get that one.
In Greece comes on Thursday.I will post some pictures if someone else wont come first!Perceiving with my eyes this formal dressing of Constantine(i dont get the chance very often,only from foreign magazines) i think he is very royal in style,stature.Very royalish compared to other royals.
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This is such great news since we don't see this particular royal family often as I would like.
We dont see them either AS often as we (some at least) like.It makes sense since he has not any official duties.
Mariángel Alcázar, LA VANGUARDIA, 30 de agosto de 2006

La ´mariposa´ cumple 60 años

Nació princesa de Dinamarca, a los 18 años era reina de Grecia, a los 20 estaba exiliada y, pasados los 40, añadió dos hijos a los tres que ya tenía: Ana María, esposa de Constantino de Grecia, hermana de Margarita de Dinamarca y cuñada del rey de España, que hoy cumple 60 años, ha sido desde su nacimiento uno de los miembros más silenciosos de la realeza europea. La reina Sofía, la infanta Cristina, así como la familia real danesa, representantes de otras casas reales y, por supuesto, sus hijos y nietos, se reúnen hoy en Atenas, adonde Constantino y su familia pueden acudir libremente después de casi 40 años de exilio, para celebrar el cumpleaños de Ana María de Grecia...
article from:


The Butterfly turns 60​

She was born princess of Denmark, at 18 she was queen of Greece, at 20 she was exiled and at her 40's, she added two children to the three that she already had: Anna Marie, wife of Constantine of Greece, sister of Margrethe of Denmark and sister-in-law of the king of Spain, today turns 60 years, she has been from her birth one of the quietest members of the European royalty. Queen Sofía, infanta Cristina, as well as the Danish real family, representatives of other real houses and, by all means,all her children and grandchildren meet today in Athens, where Constantine and his family can go freely after almost 40 years of exile, in order to celebrate the birthday of Anne Marie of Greece.

Princess Anne Marie of Denmark met prince Constantine of Greece in 1959, when she was only a girl. The brother of Doña Sofía was fascinated and very textually he said to his parents that he had known “a butterfly” and that was going to marry her. King Frederik , father of Anne Marie and Margrethe, present queen of Denmark asked patience to the impulsive Greek prince of 21 years, when, in 1961, he asked the hand of his youngest daughter when she was 15 years. The 18 of September, six months after the death of king Pavlos of Greece, and 18 days after Ana Maria turned 18 years, Constantine married the Danish princess and turned her queen of Greece. The joy of the couple was short-lived: the Greek political instability, the inexperience of Constantine and the immaturity of Anne Marie took them to exile in December of 1967, three years after their fairy tale wedding.

Ana Maria, that already had two children - Alexia and Pavlos, had a miscarriage in Rome, place where the family went when leaving Greece to take refuge. In 1969 the third child was born, Nikolaos and shortly after the Greek Royal Family installed their residence in London, under protection of queen Elisabeth II. Anne Marie replaced the sad Soraya (rejected by the Sha of Persia) in the iconography of the real misfortune.
For years, the young queen of Greece personified the other face of the fairy tale, always acting of quiet company next to Constantine, a man with little political vision as much inside as abroad. Halfway between the seriousness of Simeón of Bulgaria and cheeriness of Victor Manuel de Saboya, to mention other two exiled royals, Constantine had been praised/poured off made the easy businesses and the influence peddling but for the monitoring and certainty of his sister, queen Sofía, and his sister-in-law, queen Margrethe of Denmark. These two solid pillars have given him reputation and have protected the Greek Royal Family for years. Their influence, mainly the one of queen Sofía has been determining to channel the disastrous relations that Constantine maintained for years with the successive Greek governments. For some years, the old king of Greece reached an agreement with the executive of Athens and received a good indemnification by the properties that were confiscated after his exile, so he created the Anne Marie Foundation , that is present in Greece. The family can return to their country, with little glory but with discretion, far from the shows of his first and clandestine trips to Greece. Ana Maria always has been with her husband, although he hasn't always been by her side. Yet, almost at 40, Anne Marie of Greece had two more children , Theodora and Philipos, and in the last ten years she has had seven grandsons, four been born of the marriage of prince Pavlos and the millionaire Marie Chantall Miller, and three more, been born in Spain, children of princess Alexia and her husband, the canary architect Carlos Morales.Even in the most complicated years of her life, queen Anne Marie has always appeared as a calm woman, although little it is possible to be said of her without making reference to her family. The butterfly has been able to become 60 without making any attention calls.
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Thank you crisiñaki,for the translation.
Ok, I'm still stuck in the 3rd or 4th page about Constantine not abdicating even though Greece is now a republic. So does that mean that one has to abdicate in order to no longer be the king/queen of a country? So, if people chose a republic in the referendum, is his position still valid?

And here's a question which only Constantine can answer: If the people chose a republic, why not respect the wishes of your people?
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