King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie 1: December 2002-April 2005

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Warren said:
Prince Andrew of Greece was the son of Prince William of Denmark (who became King George I of Greece).

William's sister (and Andrew's aunt) Princess Alexandra married Edward (Prince of Wales, later Edward VII), eldest son of Queen Victoria.

Edward's sister, Princess Alice, married Ludwig IV, the Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine [Hesse-Darmstadt]. Among their children was Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria married Prince Louis of Battenberg (from another branch of the House of Hesse); they had two daughters, Alice and Louise.

Princess Louise married King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, and Princess Alice married Prince Andrew of Greece.

So, after all that, Princess Victoria of Hesse-Darmstadt was the mother-in-law of Prince Andrew of Greece, and related (distantly) as well.

Thanx so much- so, P. Andrew of Greece, P Philip's father, was related to K. Costantine's father, I just don't know if he was a nephew or what- maybe a brother ? I knew of course of Q Alexandra's brother, who became King of Greece. I find it so confusing.....
More complications

tipper said:
P. Andrew of Greece, P Philip's father, was related to K. Costantine's father, I just don't know if he was a nephew or what- maybe a brother?

It's always confusing when written down, which is why the good Royal books have family trees, where all the relationships become clear and suddenly make sense.

Prince William of Denmark, who became King of Greece as George I, had 8 children by his wife Grand Duchess Olga of Russia.

Two of their sons were Prince Constantine and Prince Andrew.

Constantine became King, and had six children by his wife Princess Sophie of Prussia (who was Kaiser Wilhelm's sister). The three sons all became Kings of Greece: George II, Alexander, and Paul.

King Paul had three children by his wife Princess Frederika of Hanover (the sister of Prince Ernst August's father) including Queen Sophia of Spain, and King Constantine.

Prince Andrew married Princess Alice of Battenberg, and had four daughters and one son, the present Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The daughters (ie Prince Philip's sisters) are quite interesting:

Margarita married the Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg;

Theodora married the Margrave of Baden;

Cecile married the Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine and was killed along with her husband, two young sons and mother-in-law in a tragic air crash in Belgium in 1937;

Sophie married Prince Christoph of Hesse, who was killed in action in WWII, and married secondly Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover (still alive today) who is the brother of Queen Frederika and uncle of Prince Ernst August (Caroline of Monaco's husband).

On the Hanover connection: Kaiser Wilhelm had one daughter, Princess Viktoria-Luise. She married Prince Ernst August (III), Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Prince of Hanover, and was the mother of Ernst August (IV), Georg Wilhem and Frederika.

Another brother of Constantine and Andrew, Prince Nicholas, married Grand Duchess Helen of Russia; one of their daughters, Princess Marina, married the Duke of Kent, father of the current Duke of Kent.

I hope this makes things easier to understand; it can get quite complicated!
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