King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer

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I have a feeling that we're going to start hearing more commentators guessing about what kind of cancer he has. He apparently hasn't had additional surgery since he announced his diagnosis, and he probably isn't on chemo, since he isn't losing his hair, so experts (or supposed experts) will likely begin speculating on what kind of treatment he is having and what kind of cancer other approaches might treat.
I just wanted to say something about having chemo treatment and hairloss.
My grandfather as well as my father BOTH had several rounds of chemo during their cancer treatments and NEITHER of them lost their hair.
So one can't say for sure if The King has chemo or not, just from the fact that he still has his hair.
I think that is correct, the speculation will continue, but little can be done about it.
Nothing at all can be done. When Charles made the announcement about having cancer without naming the type of cancer, my first thought was that it would lead to endless speculation.

On the other hand, naming the type could also lead to endless speculation -- what his prognosis is, why he is pursuing one treatment over another, who his doctors are, and so on.

And, what might be fatal in six months for some could be a manageable or curable disease for others.
I did see an interview where a doctor suspected that it might be bladder cancer. As a survivor of bladder cancer I can tell you that I agree based upon my own experiences. My bladder cancer was caught very early -- Stage 1.

I received BCG treatment which is administered as an outpatient 1x/week for 6 initial weeks. I then had to wait another 6 weeks before I received a Cystoscopy which gives the doctor the ability to look around my bladder for growths, etc ... Then I had another 6 weeks of treatment. After the 12 treatments ... I graduated to a series of 3 weeks of treatment.

It was completely manageable and the average person should do well.

If you are interested, I suggest you Google it for more specifics on the treatment.
King Charles could visit Australia later this year, and the federal government is wondering where to take him.
Charles is about a week behind my brother in terms of time-scale and my brother has finished his first full round of chemo and will resume in a couple of weeks.
Of course Charles' cancer is probably very different to my brother's (xxxx as against brain cancer) but the time scale is probably very similar in terms of when he is being given treatment compared to when he is having a couple of weeks off before more treatments resume.
XWe don't know which cancer the King has
If all the people suffering from cancer are well after 3 months; Life should be wonderful
Here's a reminder that while it may be very tempting in a case like that of King Charles to offer guesses and speculation, it's against forum rules, and not a direction we want to go.
As someone who has a brother diagnosed with cancer one week before the King ... and who started his treatment also one week before the King I am assuming that the King is about a week behind where my brother it i.e. currently having a break from the weekly treatments and so able to do a few more things but that there will probably be another round of treatments to come (that is the case with my brother who hasn't had to have a treatment during April but will be back to weekly treatments from the middle of May for another 8 weeks). Of course I do know he has Grade 4 brain cancer so he will possibly need more treatment that someone with say a stage 1 cancer. Any comments I make about the King's treatment schedule is simply based on the assumption that as my brother was diagnosed one week before the King he is probably one week ahead of the King in his treatment.
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