King Carlo Alberto (1798-1849) and Queen Maria Theresa of Austria

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Jan 9, 2013
Charles Albert (Italian: Carlo Alberto I; 2 October 1798 – 28 July 1849) was the King of Sardinia and ruler of the Savoyard state from 27 April 1831 until his abdication in 1849. His name is bound up with the first Italian constitution, the Albertine Statute, and with the First Italian War of Independence (1848–1849).

King of Sardinia
Duke of Savoy

Reign: 27 April 1831 – 23 March 1849
Coronation: 27 April 1831
Predecessor: Charles Felix
Successor: Victor Emmanuel II
Born: 2 October 1798, Palazzo Carignano, Turin
Died: 28 July 1849 (aged 50) Porto, Portugal
Burial: 14 October 1849
Royal Basilica, Turin
Spouse: Maria Theresa of Austria (m. 1817)​
Victor Emmanuel II
Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa
Princess Maria Cristina
Carlo Alberto Emanuele Vittorio Maria Clemente Saverio di Savoia
House: Savoy-Carignano
Father: Charles Emmanuel of Savoy
Mother: Maria Christina of Saxony
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Maria Theresa of Austria (21 March 1801 – 12 January 1855) was Queen of Sardinia by marriage to King Charles Albert of Sardinia.
She was a daughter of Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany and Luisa of Naples and Sicily. She was named after her great-grandmother Empress Maria Theresa. In 1817, she married Charles Albert of Sardinia and subsequently became the Queen of Sardinia upon her husband's accession to the throne in 1831.,_Queen_of_Sardinia

Queen consort of Sardinia
Tenure: 27 April 1831 – 23 March 1849
Born: 21 March 1801
Vienna, Archduchy of Austria, Holy Roman Empire
Died: 12 January 1855 (aged 53)
Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia
Burial: 16 January 1855, Basilica of Superga, Italy
Spouse: Charles Albert of Sardinia ​(m. 1817; died 1849)​
Vittorio Emanuele Maria Alberto Eugenio Ferdinando Tommaso (14 March 1820 – 9 January 1878); married Adelaide of Austria and had issue. He would become the first king of united Italy.
Ferdinando Maria Alberto Amedeo Filiberto Vincenzo (15 November 1822 – 10 February 1855); married Princess Elisabeth of Saxony and had issue. He became Duke of Genoa.
Maria Cristina (4 July 1826 – 25 July 1827); died in infancy.
German: Maria Theresia Franziska Josepha Johanna Benedikta
Italian: Maria Teresa Francesca Giuseppa Giovanna Benedetta
House: Habsburg-Lorraine
Father: Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany
Mother: Luisa of Naples and Sicily
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Queen Maria Theresa of Sardinia with her two sons, by Ferdinando Cavalleri (1832)
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