King Carl XVI Gustaf's Birthday - April 30: 2003-2005, 2008-2015, 2017-2024

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The Royal Court in its social media
Today H.M. The King is 78 years old.
The King was born at Haga Palace on 30 April 1946.
The King's birthday is a public flag day. The birthday is also official salute day in the Armed Forces, which fires salutes from the country's salute stations at 12.00 today.

Svensk Damtidning:
We have good news: The grandchildren have a little gift coming and they will be at the Palace to celebrate.
- Yes, there are plans for that, says Margareta Thorgren.

The King will make an entrance to meet the people's tributes and receive flowers from the children.
- That's how it has always been, says Margareta Thorgren.
On the balcony above the western vault, the members of the royal family will show up for the day.
Thorgren tells that there will be a private celebration in the afternoon and evening, but doesn'r reveal more.

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Nice to see all children. It seems that it's quite warm since Victoria took her coat off.
The crown princess family

Svensk Damtidning tells that there is 17 °C in Stockholm.

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