King Carl XVI Gustaf and Scouting (Patron of Multiple Organisations)

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September 29: Queen Silvia of Sweden visits the Saudi Dar Al-Hikma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Images from ANP)

pic 1 *** pic 2

Interesting pattern the Queen is wearing.

Interesting and beautiful, like always :flowers:.Queen Silvia is real fashion icon,she's always look good.

Thanks JessRulz for the photos, I hope soon we gonna see more from this trip :flowers:
Thank you very much for posting this link, ursulajohanna - the only pics I've seen anywhere which include Queen Silvia at the meeting with King Abdullah.
It's very unusual for her to cover up in all unrelieved black here, as she usually opts for very vibrant colors when visiting Arab countries and she has to stick to a Muslim dress code. An odd, quite unflattering and archaic-looking choice.

In his capacity of Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation King Carl Gustaf is on an official
visit to Indonesia until February 2nd. The Indonesian scout movement Pramuka has invited him.

Today, January 31, the King visited a scout camp in Jakarta.

The present he got (pic 5) is quite funny ;)

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The royal couple attend from 20th-22nd April 2012 the "63rd Baden-Powell Fellowship Event" in Madrid.
The royal couple attend from 20th-22nd April 2012 the "63rd Baden-Powell Fellowship Event" in Madrid.

Pictures of yesterday, 19th April 2012

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden are seen arriving to a Baden-Powell meeting in Madrid, Spain :flowers:

King Carl Gustaf talking to the media during the 63rd meeting of the World Scout Foundation in Madrid, Spain, 20 April 2012.

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While the King stayed in Madrid for the opening of the Baden-Powell Fellowship Event, Queen Silvia went on a private trip to Toledo, visiting the cathedral among other things - picture:


Article about Queen's private visit to Toledo :)

Svenska Magasinet - Nyhetsarkivet *** translation
From Spanish media

pic ***** translation
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EL ESCORIAL, SPAIN - APRIL 21: Queen Silvia of Sweden and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden attend the 63th World Scout Foundation meeting on April 21, 2012 in El Escorial, near of Madrid, Spain.

Getty Images - Search: ESP: King Carl Gustaf of Sweden Visits Spain#

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden during his visit to Madrid: 'We all make mistakes and sometimes, the word forgiveness is very difficult to pronounce'
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some more pictures

more of arrival in Spain

new belga :
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A video from yesterday:
Mattias Sandberg from Aftonbladet got a little interview from the king at the scout event.
He said about the christening:
- It's a pretty big christening ceremony and with it there is much to be prepared and planned. We are in full swing.
- It is rather a planning history that I think it is now anyway. But we look forward to all the guests we have invited. It will be very nice I hope.
But the king does not need to wait a month to celebrate with his family. Already on Monday, he has his 66th birthday and will traditionally be celebrated at the Royal Palace.
How the king prepares for that?
- I do not know if you have to prepare as much after all these years. It will pretty much the same as usual. But it is nice.
In total, over 300 scouts gathered outside on a rainy and windy Djurgården. The king was in great spirits and happily participated in the cleaning.
- It's fun for the young people when they find a bunch of junk. The key is that the Scouts go back to his parents and tell that should not throw things in nature, said the king.
Kungen: Vi ser fram mot dopet | Nyheter | Aftonbladet

Johan T Lindwall from Expressen was also there, he tells that the king was in a very good mood, he posed with italian scouts, who took part to the event. The scouts are grateful for the king about his participation, it means much to some of the young scouts to be able to shake hands with the king, said one scout leader. Maybe Estelle will be a scout too, it's up to Victoria and Daniel.
Kungen sopledare på Djurgården | Inrikes | Inrikes

It would have been nice if the king had said something about Estelle and the joy of being a grandfather for the first time...
Thanks iceflower and LadyFinn :flowers:
Great pictures and videos :) , and finally King's start to speak something about her grandchild, this is first step ;) ,maybe next time he would like to share something more about his new role like grandfather :)
The King and Queen of Sweden visit my home town Turku for World Scout Foundation on Friday and Saturday.
The King and Queen will attend as individuals as they have no official program in Turku. A reception for invited guests has been arranged at the Sibelius Museum on Friday at which the royal couple will be present. On behalf of the City of Turku, Minna Arve, Chair of the Board of the City of Turku will host the evening. »

The king will make the opening speech at a seminar on Saturday and he and the queen will visit the ships.

These historic photos are great
More photos
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