King Abdullah and Queen Rania, Current News and Pictures, Part 18

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Welcome to Part 18 of Current News and Pictures for King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

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''We Are All Jordan'' Forum Concludes Deliberations</STRONG>

The Dead Sea, July 27 (Petra) -- ''We Are All Jordan'' forum concluded deliberations on Thursday at the Dead Sea Shores, by issuing the forum's document.

The forum stressed the importance of Jordan's role in facing the regional challenges through strengthening its internal front and increasing cooperation with Arab countries in fighting terrorism, extremism and takfir.

King and Queen in forum: PETRA
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madonna23 said:
What does "I work to avoid marginalizing arab reigonal goal." mean?

Ummm This is a nice question, I would like to know too,anyone?
I love your avatar Godiva on the last thread, Rania looks really beautiful in that picture.

And I see what you mean about her hair madonna, I guess it is more "professional" shall we say if it is cut shorter - but she seems to be growing it long at the moment.

The trouble with having hair that long it takes forever to dry, style and keep looking nice.

And I must admit I don't know what the phrase means either!
another one of Petra's not-so-brilliant attempts at summarizing a speech in a single caption.
I cant really blame them either since they cant exactly attach the entire news item to a picture. They do have a news section where you can usually find more detailed information that's obviously not available in the photo gallery.

The King's entire speech at the conclusion of the "We are all Jordan" forum can be found here
Thanks for the link Humera. So he's basically saying he's not going to ignore Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon just because he's focused on national unity in Jordan. Yeah, Petra does have pretty weird statements sometimes but they're still pretty good as a website...they keep it updated with news about the king & queen and all and I don't think any other arab leader really has that or if they do, their website is not as nice as Petra's.

Oh, by the way Humera, your avator is gorgeous! Haya reminds me of Queen Alia in that pic :)
Thanks for the pdf links you provide Joumama. Even though I can't read the language I can still look at the pictures!
madonna23 said:
Thanks for the link Humera. So he's basically saying he's not going to ignore Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon just because he's focused on national unity in Jordan.

Yes that's the meaning I got from the speech as well.
I suppose, for a leader in his position and the region his country's in, this balancing act is quite important.
An article with a mention of Queen Rania in relation to the current situation in the Middle East: (Im quoting the relavant portion)

UAE telethon raises Dh49m

Queen Rania of Jordan also made an appearance in the telethon.
"Your children are our children; your wounds are our wounds; your house is our house.
"Lets work together to take the child back to his school, the farmer to his farm, and the family back to its home," she said. Gulfnews

Over Dh36.5 million raised for Lebanese relief

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, Arab actors including Yousra, Duraid Laham, Mahmmed Al Mazmi, Waddie Al Safi, Samir Ahmed and Fatima Zahrat Al Ain as well as sport clubs in the UAE have committed donations. Khaleej Times
Queen Rania attends a fund-raising concert in support of Lebanon in Amman July 30, 2006

from yahoo/reuters


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She looks very serious in those pics, under a bit of strain almost but then given what's going on at present that would be no surprise.

Although perhaps it's just the angle of them that create that allusion I don't know.

She looks simple, classy and understated yet again.
She looks very good even during the most recent crisis in her region.
King Orders Establishing Educational Projects in Al Qwaira District

Pictures from Petra

King Holds Talks with Saudi King

Jeddah, July 30 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II and Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz strongly condemned the ugly massacre committed by the Israeli forces in the Lebanese town of Qana, and resulted in the death and injury of dozens of civilians.

King Abdullah and the Saudi King expressed their condemnation of this crime, which violates human principles as well as international charters.

The two monarchs urged the international community to do its utmost to achieve an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering of the Lebanese people. Petra

Pictures from Petra

Jordan's king accuses Israel of 'criminal aggression' in Qana attack

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan's King Abdullah II voiced his strongest criticism of his Israeli peace partner on Sunday, saying an attack on a southern Lebanese village was "criminal aggression" which targeted innocent civilians. National Post
From yahoo (AP Photo):

This image released by the Jordanian Royal Palace, Queen Rania of Jordan holds a lit candle during a fund raising concert in support for the Lebanese people, in Amman, Jordan, late Sunday, July 30, 2006.

more from Petra:

Queen Participates in Support to Brothers in Lebanon and Gaza

About Rania's pictures where she is serious : after what's happening to Lebanon, it's difficult for anybody to smile.:cry:
Thank you Snowhite (amazing nickname).Rania is with no doubt beautiful but she doesn't keep her hair beautiful alone, she has persons who deal with it and that is absolutely understandable in my opinion.
Godiva can you post the pics of your avatar? Whe was taken it? Thank´s
salma said:
Godiva can you post the pics of your avatar? Whe was taken it? Thank´s

This pic is in the forum's avatar collection, I found it when I made my profile.
I want this photo too.
Godiva said:
This pic is in the forum's avatar collection, I found it when I made my profile.
I want this photo too.

Godiva I also love your avatar - I think it was in one of the Laha links someone posted a few weeks ago. That's where someone put it into the avator collection from.
I agree Godiva she must have many people to help her when she is travelling, and I also think it's wise. She has to create a good immediate impression. One false move be it bad hair, a mark on her dress, the wrong shoes, bad makeup and people will be talking more about this rather than the contents of an important speech she wishes to give.

And thank you for telling me about your avatar it made me go and look for one of my own!

Rania is really very beautiful and it doesn't matter to me what certain people keep saying about surgery etc etc. She has lovely expressive dark eyes and a really great smile. She certainly didn't get them under the surgeons knife.
Thank you Madonna23. I 'll check this out.:)
Isn't that the Queen's mom with her in the last pictures from Petra? (she's sitting on Rania's right)

Yup that's her mom. I think she often accompanies Rania, no? Also, does anyone know what Rania's sister looks like - I'm sure she probably accompanies Rania too but we never know because we don't know what she looks like.
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