Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941) and Family

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May 2, 2005
The last " Kaiser was Wilhelm II. He abdicated 1918 and lived in a nice House in Doorn in the Netherlands until his Death in 1941. He was married to Auguste Victoria of Schleswig Holstein ( 1858 - 1921) and married after Augustes Death in Exile the widowed Hermine of Reuss.

Wilhelm II and his first Wife auguste had 6 sons and a Daughter :

1. Wilhelm 1882 - 1941
2. Eitel Friedrich 1883 - 1942
3. Adalbert 1884 - 1948
4. August Wilhelm 1887 - 1949
5. Oskar 1888 - 1958
6. Joachim 1890 - 1920 Suicide
7. Victoria Luise 1892 - 1980

Victoria Luise married Ernst August of Hannover and their eldest Daughter was Friederike , the Mother of the exiled King Konstantin of Greece and Queen Sophia of Spain as well as Pss Irene. Victoria luise is also the Grandmother of Prince Ernst August the present Head of the House of hannover and Husband of Princess karoline of Monaco.

Here are some Pics:

1. Wilhelm II and Auguste Victorias Engagement
2. Wilhelm II and auguste Victorias sons
3. 1896 - Wilhelm II with Victoria Luise
4. 1903 - Auguste Victoria
5. 1903 - Victoria Luise


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morgaine said:
Wilhelm II and his first Wife auguste had 6 sons and a Daughter :

1. Wilhelm 1882 - 1941

I think you'll find Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia died in 1951. His eldest son, Prince Wilhelm of Prussia died in 1941, while on active service with the Wehrmacht in the Second World War.

Sorry for not picking up on this sooner:)
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Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia

When did died Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia, daughter of the Empress Frederick and mother of Queen Frederika of Greece, and at the time where did she lived?

http://c<img src=
She died December 11, 1980. I'm not sure where she died, but I'm sure it was at one of the numerous Hanover properties.
Princess Viktoria-Luise

Yes Iowabelle, she died in Hanover.
Here is a tiara pic of the Princess and Princess Ann-Marie von Bismarck
courtesy Seeger Press


  • Prussia Pcess Viktoria-Luise & Pcess Ann-Marie Bismarck.jpg
    Prussia Pcess Viktoria-Luise & Pcess Ann-Marie Bismarck.jpg
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You can see some postcards I have of the family of Princess Viktoria Luise and Prince Ernst August by clicking on the following link:


*If you click on "next" at the top of the page then you can see more postcards. There are some postcards of other Royal Families from Germany. I still need to put the Prussian Family on "Photobucket.com".

*If anyone has any questions about any of my postcards then please let me know and I will answer them.
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An article about the death of Viktoria Luise

A postcard of the Imperial Family

A postcard of the Crownprincely Couple
(the two postcards are new ones, I bought them at the "Museumsshop" of the "Neues Palais")

Scans from "Bilder der Kaiserzeit" by Viktoria Luise

The children of Wilhelm II. and Auguste Viktoria
left to right: Oskar, Eitel Friedrich, Viktoria Luise, Wilhelm, Adalbert, Joachim and August Wilhelm

Viktoria Luise

Having a picknick on Viktoria Luise's 18th Birthday



Viktoria Luise (sitting)


Auguste Viktoria with her daughter Viktoria Luise

Something Auguste Viktoria wrote about her little daughter

Viktoria Luise with her father behind her

Viktoria Luise on board of the "Hohenzollern"

Wilhelm II. with Viktoria Luise

Prince Heinrich of Prussia with his wife and his son Waldemar

Viktoria Luise

A letter from Viktoria Luise (Sissy) to her father

Auguste Viktoria with her sons August Wilhelm and Joachim

Viktoria Luise

Joachim and Viktoria Luise

Joachim and Viktoria Luise

on the left: Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise (left) with a lady-in-waiting

Crownprince Wilhelm

His bride Cecilie

From the wedding:

The Crownprincely Couple

Crownprincess Cecilie with her son Wilhelm
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Viktoria Luise's invitation for the christening of her nephew


Prince Wilhelm, son of Wilhelm and Cecilie

Prince Louis Ferdinand, son of Wilhelm and Cecilie


In the middle Viktoria Luise and Auguste Viktoria

Second from left: Viktoria Luise

on the right: Viktoria Luise


Viktoria Luise 1909

Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise (on the horse)

Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise (on the horse)

Viktoria Luise with her Regiment

Viktoria Luise (on the right) with her brother August Wilhelm and his wife

(second from right) Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise (in white)

Viktoria Luise (right) The Emperor (left)

The Crownprince

The Imperial Family riding

Viktoria Luise

left to right: Viktoria Luise, Oskar, Gräfin Ratzau, August Wilhelm

In the front: The Emperor, The Crownprincess, The Crownprince, The Empress

With the greek relatives:
left to right: Princess Marie, Prince Christoph, King Konstantin I., Princess Helene, Princess Viktoria Luise, Prince and Princess Andreas

The Emperor with the Tsar


From left: Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, the Duke of Connaught, the Duchess of Connaught, the Emperor, King Edward
sitting: the Empress and Queen Alexandra
sitting on the floor: August Wilhelm and Oskar

In St. Moritz
Viktoria Luise

Viktoria Luise's Parents-in-law
Thyra, Duchess of Cumberland

The Duke of Cumberland

Telegramm from Cecilie to Viktoria Luise about a meeting with Prince Ernst August (later Viktoria Luise's husband)

On their Engagement Day: Viktoria Luise and Ernst August

left: Viktoria Luise right: Ernst August

The Duke and Duchess of Baunschweig-Lüneburg (Viktoria Luise and Ernst August) in Wolfenbüttel (my hometown :) )

The Imperial Family 1913

Prince Oskar and his fiancée


Emperor Wilhelm II. and Auguste Viktoria when they were engaged
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Jil, thanks for the pictures, they are really great.
Do you own all these postcards?
juliamontague said:
Jil, thanks for the pictures, they are really great.
Do you own all these postcards?

Yes I do own all of these postcards. They are all original postcards from the turn of the century. Some are in "mint condition" (never used) and others have been used.

Can you please translate into English the Speech of the Kaiser on the postcard that has his speech written in German? I would like to know what the Kaiser told his people on July 31, 1914.

The building shown in the postcard that says in German: "Germany, Germany Over All" is the building burned down by the Nazis. They blamed a mentally retarded boy for the fire.

Can you also tell me what the following translates into English:

"besichtigt das Denkmal Kaiser Wilhelm I. vor dem Rathause in Bielefeid nach der Enthullungsfeier am 29. August 1907."
(Postcard #16)

Also please translate into English:
"nimmt nach der Enthullungsfeier das Denkmals Kaiser Wilhelm I vor dem Bielefelder Rathause den Ehrentrunk der Stadt Bielefeld entgegen 29 August 1907"
(Postcard #15)

Thank you!
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"besichtigt das Denkmal Kaiser Wilhelm I. vor dem Rathause in Bielefeid nach der Enthullungsfeier am 29. August 1907."

visits the memorial Emperor Wilhelm I. in front of the town hall in Bielefeld after the exposure celebration on 29th August 1907

About the Reichstag building: I found a link in english

Ok, now I try the speech, but you should know that I don't speak English that good...

The Emperor says
A hard hour came over Germany today. Envious countries everywhere force us to defeat ourselves fairly. One gives us the sword into our hand. I hope that, if we will not be able to make them judicious in the last hours and keep the peace, we will lead the sword with god's help so, that we will put it back in the sheath with honours. A war would mean enormous victims of goods and blood for the German people.But we would show the enemies what it means to attack Germany. And now I recommend you God! And now go to the church kneel down in front of God and ask him for help for our good army.

What I forgot:
Where do you have all these cards from?
Have you ever been in Germany?
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juliamontague said:
What I forgot:
Where do you have all these cards from?
Have you ever been in Germany?
I have been collecting postcards since 1981. I should to go to postcard shows and buy them at the shows. Now I buy them off of Ebay. I have bought some from Ebay sellers who live in Holland, Germany, and Canada. I just bought three more German Royalty cards that I will add to this forum when I receive them.
I was in Germany in 1982. I visited Wiesbaden, Munich, Augsburg, and Koln. I took German in high school back in the mid-1980s. I only remember alittle bit. So that is why I could not translate comepetely the postcards that I have at this time.

Thanks for translating! The link about the "Reichstadt" did not work.

I would like more info on Prince August Wilhelm's son, Prince Alexander Ferdinand. I just bought a cute postcard of this prince. What can you tell me about him?

Why does Prince Eitel Friedrich's wife always look mad or sad in photos? Every photo that I have seen of her shows her looking unhappy. Did this couple have an unhappy marriage? Prince Eitel Friedrich also looked unhappy.
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Coronation of King Wilhelm I

Do any of our posters have pictures of Kaiser Wilhelm I's coronation as King of Prussia in 1861. Thanks.
88 years ago to the day Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated the throne of Germany. It seems like it should be longer ago to me but it just illustrates how much the world has changed.
Kaiser Wilhelm's Siblings

here are some pictures of Wilhelm's siblings; also Wilhelm as a boy.
Prince Sigismund...died of meningitis when he was 21 months in 1866

Vicky and Waldemar


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TI&RM Emperor Wilhelm II & Empress Auguste Viktorie, King and Queen of Prussia


Wilhelm II , Deutsche Kaiser und König von Preußen


Auguste Viktorie, Deutsche Kasierin und Königin von Preußen

The Kaiserin was born in 1858, the eldest daughter of the reigning Duke Frederik VIII of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.

In 1881 she married Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, who became Kaiser Wilhelm II seven years later.

The Kaiserin lived to see the collapse of the German Empire, and died in 1921.

Auguste Viktoria was also the maternal granddaughter of Princess Feodora of Leiningen, Queen Victoria of Great Britain's half sister.
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You are right. Victoria saw what he was. I don't know if she took into condiseration how her daughter, Victoria, viewed her son, because of his handicaps, as less than perfect. So, she tired to be loving to him. She, also, got angry with him. But he did love her and she did love him. He was with her at the end. Didn't leave Victoria's side until she died.
Hello my name is Neil, I would like to know have you came across good photographs of Victoria Empress Frederick of Germany please.
You are right. Victoria saw what he was. I don't know if she took into condiseration how her daughter, Victoria, viewed her son, because of his handicaps, as less than perfect. So, she tired to be loving to him. She, also, got angry with him. But he did love her and she did love him. He was with her at the end. Didn't leave Victoria's side until she died.

Maybe Wilhem was by his grandmother's deathbed because he had ulterior motives?? I don't know. All I know is that he was definitely deranged.
What would make you think he had ulterior motives?
He loved her. Truly. He didn't have any ulterior motives. He became more "difficult" as years past. He surrounded himself with the wrong people and never grew in competence. He also had a terrible inferior complex, because of his infirmity, which his mother, didn't help. More than just his arm was damaged at birth.
Wilhelm was the heir of the new German empire which was the most powerful in the world, he was the eldest grandchild of the most pre-eminent monarch in the world, Queen Victoria, and as a result of being the eldest and the most pre-eminent, he was incredibly spoiled.

He was used to being first with his grandmother Queen Victoria because he had literallly been the first grandchild.

I think he was just incredibly spoiled. He could be romantic when he thought he loved, like the love he had for Alix's sister Ella but he was a bit childish in the way he went about her.
What would make you think he had ulterior motives?

Well, I believe it was the Dutch Queen Emma who said about Wilhelm II 'at every wedding he wants to be the bride' , which was the reason thje Dutch court did everything to prevent him form attending Wilhelmina's enthronement and wedding. So him being at Victoria's bedside would be another way to make him be the centerstage.
What would make you think he had ulterior motives?

He was the Prussian Emperor at the time of his grandmother's death. He was raised to be an emperor which got him used to being the center of attention, so him being at the deathbed of the Queen Victoria, who helped change Britain into an empire, just got him more attention. Remember, he did have many insecurities so the attention compensated for it all. Also, Victoria was probably the most admired European monarch of her time. No one can doubt that. So when Wilhem was at his grandmother's deathbed it helped him in politics and his country's foreign relations. Prussia wasn't very popular when he was emperor.
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Cool! It looks like Ducky was in there. The Cecile mentioned, was it Cecile Battenberg? Who is the woman at the first? Unser kronprinzen?
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