Josephe Bonaparte (1768-1844) and Julia Clary, King and Queen of Spain

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Jose I, King of Spain and the Indies (Corte, 7 January 1768 - Florence, 28 July 1844); married in Cuges on 1 Augustus 1794 Julie Clary (Marseilles, 26 December 1771 - Florence, 7 April 1845)

Reign: 1808 - 1813

Dynasty: Bonaparte

Predecessor: King Carlos IV of Spain

Succeeded by: King Fernando VII of Spain

Children: Julie Josephine Bonaparte, Princess Zénaïde Bonaparte; Princess Charlotte Bonaparte

Parents Jose: Carlo Maria Buonaparte and Marie Laetitia Ramolino

Parents Julia: François Clary and Françoise Rose Somis

Siblings Jose: Napoleone and Maria Anna Buonaparte; Emperor Napoleon I of the French; Maria Anna Bonaparte; Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, Prince of Musignano; Elisa, Duchess of Lucca and Princess of Piombino; King Louis I (Lodewijk) of Holland; Pauline, Duchess of Guastalla; Caroline Murat, Queen of Napels and Sicily; and Jérôme, King of Westphalia

Siblings Julia: Queen Desiree of Sweden & Norway and Count Nicholas Joseph Clary
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Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Spain and the Indies, Comte de Survilliers (January 7, 1768 – July 28, 1844) was the elder brother of French Emperor Napoleon I, who made him King of Naples and Sicily (1806–1808) and later King of Spain. He was nominally king of Spain from June 6, 1808 to December 11, 1813, but from June 13, 1812 he was back in France.
Bonaparte was born as Giuseppe Buonaparte to Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino at Corte in Corsica. As a lawyer, politician, and diplomat, he served in the Cinq-Cents and was the French ambassador to Rome. He married Julie Clary on August 1, 1794 in Cuges-les-Pins, France. They had had three daughters, Julie Joséphine Bonaparte (1796-1796), Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte (1801-1854) and Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte (1802-1839). He claimed the surviving two daughters as his heirs. He also sired two children with Maria Giulia, the Countess of Atri (Giulio, born 1806 and Teresa, born 1808).
The Château de Villandry had been seized by the French Revolutionary government and in the early 1800s Joseph's brother, Emperor Napoleon, acquired the château for him. In 1806, Bonaparte was given military command of Naples, and shortly afterward was made king by Napoleon. He became later after his sister's husband, Joachim Murat, was made king of Naples. The Spanish people nicknamed him Pepe Botella ("Bottle Joe") and the usual hypothesis has to do with an alleged tendency to drunkennes.

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Marie Julie Bonaparte (née Clary), Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily, Queen Consort of Spain and the Indies (December 26, 1771, Marseille – April 7, 1845, Florence) was the wife of King Joseph Bonaparte of Naples and Sicily, later Spain and the Indies.

Julie Clary was born in Marseille, France, the daughter of François Clary (Marseille, St. Ferreol, February 24, 1725 – Marseille, January 20, 1794), a wealthy silk manufacturer and merchant, and his second wife (married on June 26, 1759) Françoise Rose Somis (Marseille, St. Ferreol, August 30, 1737 – Paris, January 28, 1815). He had been previously married at Marseille, April 13, 1751 to Gabrielle Fléchon (1732 – May 3, 1758), without issue. Her sister Désirée Clary became Queen of Sweden when her husband, Marshal Bernadotte, was crowned King Charles XIV of Sweden. Her brother Nicholas Joseph Clary was created 1st Comte Clary and married Anne Jeanne Rouyer, by whom he had Zénaïde Françoise Clary (Paris, November 25, 1812 – Paris, April 27, 1884), wife of Napoléon Berthier de Wagram, 2nd Duc de Wagram (September 10, 1810 – February 10, 1887), son of Marshal Berthier, and had issue.

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Joseph Bonaparte had the title of the Count of Survilliers. Did he use it just when he lived in the United States? Or did he use it when he lived in Europe?

Caroline Bonaparte Murat had wanted her eldest son, Achille, to marry her brother Joseph's daughter Charlotte.
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Joseph sailed incognito aboard the American brig Commerce to New York.
Captain Misservey, who had been paid 18,000 francs to carry Joseph's party, thought he was carrying a gentleman whose name was Lazare Carnot.

When Joseph was King of Spain, he had two daughters, Zénaide and Charlotte. Who was his heir to the throne?

Zénaide and Charlotte read a letter from Joseph.
Portrait of the Sisters Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte (Getty Museum)
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When Joseph was King of Spain, he had two daughters, Zénaide and Charlotte. Who was his heir to the throne?

I dont think they got that far, as thinking of heirs. I'd imagine that if the Kingdom iof Spain under Bonaparte rule had lasted, the throne would have passed to anther member of the family
When Joseph was King of Spain, he had two daughters, Zénaide and Charlotte. Who was his heir to the throne?

Unlike his popular reign in Naples, his reign was do short in Spain, the issue likely never came up. But Joseph named both his daughters his heirs. He married each to one of his nephews, a plan made with Napoleon, in an attempt to carry on the Bonaparte dynasty. Zenaide was married to the son of her uncle Lucien, her husband an ornithologist, and as eldest daughter it likely her husband may have been chosen. Charlottes husband was the older brother of future Napoleon iii.
Documentary about Josephe Bonaparte.
After being King of Naples and Spain, Joseph Bonaparte moved to the United States. In the United States he sold the jewels he had taken from Spain. What were the jewels he took from Spain?
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