Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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Haya's first portrait is so beautiful!!She looks so pretty and fresh.It must be old,right?Because she's also very thin.
No is old portrait was taken 2008.
Thank you jordan.
The dress looks great.At least,the colors look great.I like the embroideries
So sad we haven't a full pic of the dress
Doesn't Rania owns a similar one?
May be ,it's just the same color
I´d like see better pic. She looks great I love the colour.

Soraya Rania has Elie Saab´dress with same colour.
This is one of the most beautiful traditional dresses I have seen Haya wearing!!Dark red and golden are an amazing combination!!
This light blue caftan is very beautiful.Is this Haya?Was she blonde?
You´re welcome Lilo. I only find this pic, I´d like see better pic but I don´t remember the event.
Princesses Dina and Ghida are such gorgeous women, shame about those awful thobes though!
thanks for the close photo Salma:flowers:,this thobe is fantastic one of the most beautiful i ever seen,PGhaida looked fabulous last night.
You´re welcome Lilo! I don´t like the thoub very much but Ghida looks beautiful.
loved princess iman's thoub , the color is stunning on her .
Yes Xavi and she is beautiful. I like too PZein´s thoub.
Aicha and Muna thoubs are stunnig,I love the pink color on Aicha,Imane looks so elegant too and very pretty in bluse thoub.
what about Rania dress?it' not a thoub? I also find it very nice and chic.
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