Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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very beautiful photos xavi,thanks for sharing.
i think that QNoor was and still very good ambassador for the traditional fashion of her country,something she must get tribute for.
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yes Mademiselle Lilo , she also encouraged Jordanians not to forget the thoubs and still wore them in their occasions
I like too the first thoub, is beautiful.
:previous: What a beautiful young lady Princess Haya is :flowers: This dress looks so nice on her.I love the combination of the colors:eek:range,blue & white!So exotic!
I too love these colors on princess Haya- they remind me of exotic spices. HayaHaya-
very beautiful,both ladies are perfectely dressed,colours of Aicha's dress are stunning,while Zein dress is divine,Idon't know why Rania don't follow their example and wore similar dresses I am sur she will looks stunning as well ans much more suitable than these wannabe model dresses.
i am glad they repeat those dresses,it look fabulous on them i especially loved the one of Zein:Majestic.
Yes and Zein wore during return dinner the same dress that she wore in Brunei.
Princess Sarvath always wears saris, I don't think she has ever been pictured wearing a thobe.
I only remember one pics of her wearing a thoub.
In the king Hussein's Birthday that appeared in the royal tour she was wearing a thoub not a sari .
when the king stripped her husband and people talked a lot she was criticized for wearing saris while noor despite her American background promoted thoubs and wore them.
I don´t remember the event Xavi, Do you have a pic? I remember her wearing a green and red thoub during graduation.
I have the video only which also in the forum
Aisha's dress posted above by Salma looks great! I like its rich color. I even liked Princess Muna's dress. Although it's black, it's very impressive!
Is this a recent pic, Salma? Haya looks lovely as always, I love dark red!
Alright, thanks! Now another question: is there a special word for this white shawl?
I find it beautiful as well.
Alright, thanks! Now another question: is there a special word for this white shawl?
I find it beautiful as well.

You´re welcome. She perhaps wears a shawl to show respect.
Princess Haya's outfit is very fresh and rich.
The combination of the colours is amazing.
I really like the terra cotta and tourquoise color in the third outfit on Queen Rania.
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