Jordanian Royal Ladies, Fashion & Style Part 2: July 2011 - October 2012

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Jordan is supposed to be the most modern among the Arab countries. I don't mind the way they dress, some of them I find interesting and elegant and others not so much. It's just that Firyal prefers a rather flamboyant style that I don't always find smart or appealing. :flowers:

I'm not only talking about Firyal but all of them. To me it seems it isn't rather appropiate for a Arab country and so far I know Jordan isn't the most modern among the Arab countries, but perhaps this is the image they want to give. I'm not saying I'm giving critic or I don't approve or anything. For my part everyone should be allowed to wear what they want but as they are supposed to represent Jordan it seems a bit inappropriate.

It's too bad we don't see them more in their national clothes like the Moroccan royal family does.
I see your point, Elladora. I believe the Jordanians prefer their royal family to wear traditional clothes, particularly the women. I remember that Q Noor back then had received much criticism and was somehow obliged to wear less expensive western brands and more Jordanian thoubs. :flowers:
Let's not forget that Firyal has been divorced from Prince Muhammad for more than three decades. She lives and works abroad and is more of a socialite than a representative of the JRF. She'd have lost her title long ago had she remarried.
I don't think the outfit is ugly at all. In fact, I do like how Princess Rym looks quite nice.
Still, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Wonderful Pictures , I Like Very Much Queen Noor Earing Look Very Elegant Diamond Piece , I Like This Picture Of Princess Iman She Look Nice and Her Color Eyes Look Very Nice Too , and The Best Thing In The Pictures Burzg Name hahaha , Thank you for posting Burzg :flowers:
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Very Nice Pictures , Princess Muna Looks Nice , and Princess Alia Tabbaa Looks Elegant Too , Thank You Salma
I like both ladies' jackets. They always dress nicely and both have a strong sense of what suits them and what doesn't.
Great pictures for Raiyah, Alia, Muna and Badiya. I did not like the picture for Reem. Seriously someone has to tell Reem that she needs to worry about her appearance in public.
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