Italian Noble and Princely Families 2: July 2007- 2022

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Does anyone know of there are any living members of the historic Dario family?
They were popular in the 13 century in Italy just wonder if someone has information.
Thanks in adavance to the person or persons that answers my question.
In this thread (posts 213 and followings) it was discussed about Patrizia de Blanck who seems to be not a real countess as she pretend but the daughter of the last countess Dario, Lloyd Dario.
I was wondering if someone can help me with two questions:
(1) Does anyone have information or pictures of the children of Margherita Agnelli by her second husband, Russian Count Serge de Pahlen?
(2) Does anyone know where I can find a genealogical information of present day member of the House of Medici?
Prince Giovanni dell'Aquila d'Aragona and his wife Ginevra Elkann had their first child, a boy, on the 15th of August. The baby received the name Giacomo.
Ginevra is the daughter of Margherita Agnelli and his first husband Alain Elkann.
What a nice name! My congratulations to the happy parents!

Btw, about the Medici Family, there are two branches still existant: the Princes of Ottaviano and the Marquesses of Marignano; both them descend from the main branch of the Family, extincted in the XVIII century.
I believe the Medici family is extant in the male line, however there are several families which can claim decent from the cadet branches.
And quite a few of current Royal Families are descended from the Medicis in the female line: House of Bourbon-Parma, for example, can claim descent from the House of Medici through Margherita de' Medici (Cosimo II de Medici's daughter).
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well, all the Bourbon Family descends from the Medicis, since the first Bourbon, Henri IV of France, was married to Maria de' Medici, and they were the parents of King Louis XIII.
Btw, I've mistaken before: the second existant branch of this family is the one of the Marquesses of Castellina; there is also a the branch of Marignano, but I don't know how are they related to the main branch.

The family of the Marquis Medici of Marignano has no relations with the Medici of Florence.
The Head of the senior Medici line has officially changed his family name in "Medici di Tocana" a few years ago, to confirm his pretention to the "throne"...
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Thanks for the information can anyone guide me to a genealogical list of the Medici family and by chance who is the Head of the senior Medici line
I'm wondering if the late Italian/American presenter Mike Bongiorno, who died a week ago, was related to nobility, since in an interview he mentioned his uncle, General Nicolò Oneto di San Lorenzo.
I'm wondering if the late Italian/American presenter Mike Bongiorno, who died a week ago, was related to nobility, since in an interview he mentioned his uncle, General Nicolò Oneto di San Lorenzo.

Hi Tosca, no Mike Bongiono was not noble. Mike's aunt (mother's side) married general Don Nocolo' Oneto of the Princes of San Lorenzo
:previous: Thanks for clarifying, Count! You know, some magazines tend to attach noble titles to the national celebritites. I also read that Alba Parietti's mother is of noble descent... :question:

I'm glad to see you online again.
Generally speaking may be...every one descends from many thousands of people! if you know the family name we can check.
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Actually in an interview Alba stated that her great grandmother was styled as "Donna", but she didn't tell her surname...
A couple of shots of Isabella Borromeo Arese - one of the daughters of the Count of Arona, and Beatrice's half sister- at an event in Rome. Sh'e married to Count Ugo Maria Brachetti Peretti and has two children: Angera and Ludovico. (photos by U. Pizzi/dagospia)

Pic 1

Pic 2
In both pics Isabella is with women who married in the aristocracy: countess Benedetta Bocca and princess Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini Rospigliosi. The pics are from Caravaggio and Bacon's exhibition's vernissage at Villa Borghese, aren't them, Tosca?
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:previous: They are.:) Isabella is the most beautiful among the Borromeo sisters IMO.
Isn't he actually a prince?:unsure:

No, only the Head of the House has the right to the title of Prince of Angera all other male bear the title of Count, the actual Head is Count Don Giberto Borromeo-Arese, Prince of Angera, Counta of Arona etc.
One of Italian most distinguished and wealthy noble families, the Doria Pamphili, is facing a very delicate internal dispute. Gesine Doria Pamphili Floridi has asked the Court of Rome to state that the children her brother Jonathan Doria Pamphili had abroad (US and Ukraina) with some kind of artificial procreation are not his children according to the Italian Law. The matter was reported yesterday by "Il Secolo XIX" of Genua and today is on the national press such as "Il Corriere della Sera". The public interest of the matter is due to the problematic future the enormous artistic and cultural heritage of the family will have if there will be succession problems. And that's also the reason why Gesine went to the Court.
I believe that it is also the first time the press reports the homosexuality of Jonathan Doria Pamphili, something that instead seems to be well known in the aristocratic circles. It is reported that he actively participated to the Genua Gay Pride and that he signed a civil partnership document in the UK with a brazilian citizen (himself already well know in Roman circles).
I don't know if the matters involves the Doria Pamphili titles because I don't know if Jonathan and Gesine, being adopted children of the last Princess Doria Pamphili, have got any title.
Doria contro Doria per gli eredi in provetta| Liguria | Genova| Il SecoloXIX
La dinastia e i figli della provetta Doria Pamphilj in lite per l’eredità - Corriere della Sera
No, this matter doesn't involve any title, because, as you have said, they are adopted children; they can bear the surname, but no titles.
This matter involves only the enormous patrimony of Gesine and Jonathan...
Well I'm wondering: the rule that adopted children don't inherit titles is valid for Italian nobility because it was the law of the Kingdom of Italy, right? Is/was it like that also in the other kingdoms? Maybe pontificial titles have some differnt rule as far as adoption and titles?
About Jonathan I must say that, despite is homosexuality lived in a non-catholic way (gay prides, civil partnerships, artificial fertilization..), he seems to have a good and frequent relationship with Catholic hierarchies. On the past days for example he was at Palazzo Venezia for the opening of an exhibition about saints and power, an event that was attended by crowds of bishops, cardinal and even the Vatican Secretary of State.
I don't think...pontificial titles were recognised by the Kingdom of Italy, at least after 1929, so I think the rules were the same...
Btw in Italy adopted children can't inherit the title; an example is Gioachino Lanza Tomasi, adopted son of writer Giuseppe Tomasi, Prince of Lampedusa; Gioachino added the Tomasi surname to his own Lanza Surname, but the titles of Giuseppe were inherited by his uncle Pietro Tomasi.
Even Daily Mail has picked up the story.

Two British-born orphans adopted by regal Italian family in legal battle over £1bn fortune

Two British-born orphans who inherited a billion-pound fortune including two Renaissance palaces and a priceless art collection are at the centre of a bitter Italian legal battle.

Archibald and Mary were plucked as babies from a Roman Catholic orphanage in London and became Prince Jonathan and Princess Gesine after they were adopted by British-born Princess Orietta Pogson Doria Pamphilij.
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