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Jun 5, 2014
United States
Hi everyone!

I live in the USA and I work in marketing and public relations.

I love everything royal and my favorite Queen is Marie Antoinette.

Excited to be in this forum to learn more and make some friends.

Your Highness

Pic of my Queen cat in her royal bed attached.


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Hello and welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here. Your cat is beautiful; is she a Siamese? Her bed is certainly fit for a queen, but does she sleep in it? My own ignore their beds and like to snuggle with me, as per usual cat behavior.
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Welcome, YourHighness! ;) Have a great time and share your passion with us. I have two cats. And although I am attached to them as they stay with me for a while now, I have never really liked them. I think I'm just not a cat-man. The true love of my life is my dog and if those two cat bastards did not come to me in so trouble and need right from the street, I would never have them :).
Baroness of Books - Yes, she is a Siamese and she DOES sleep in the bed, believe it or not! She also sleeps with me when she feels like it.

kbk - You are so good to take care of your kitties even though you aren't a cat-man...they ARE independent creatures aren't they?!

We have dogs too - here is one of my dogs Sugar


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How adorable! Sugar looks like a dog after Princess Isabelle of Denmark's heart since she also likes tutus. :D
Minstrel 2010

:)Hi.wanted to say hello,enjoy the site very much. Live in the UK.specially keen on CP F&M of Denmark.
Hello to you, too, Minstrel, and welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here as well.
Your Highness, :welcome: I hope you enjoy your time here. Your pets are absolutely adorable. My family had a Siamese cat when we lived in Moscow, and he was full of mischief. I was only a baby at the time, but my grandmother made sure I knew all about him. She is a cat lover, and I have a strong feeling she passed that on to me.
Bonjour, Your Highness!
My maternal grandfather's favorite color of a cat is orange.
My friend Bonnie has a small dog named Sugar.
Hello Your Highness,love your cats l too have cats,2lucky black ones,and a sweet to look at tabby, we call her COttonsocks, but should have named her Slasher as that is what she is fond of doing. All the cats were strays who adopted us.!!
Hello and :welcome:. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Your pets are sweet. I don't have a cat myself although know lots of people who do. They're a very popular pet over here, which is understandable.
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