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I've been looking on the TF1 website, but I can't find the interview.
The topic is the book she has written together with Dominique
Simonnet, it was published this week, on October 22nd ( see
her current events thread). It was said that Caroline would give
an interview about it on French TF1, but maybe the date was
mixed up with the date of the publication. Me personally I can't
remember having read about an exact date for the interview..
Princess Caroline and her charity "Jeune J'écoute".

"Jeune J'écoute" was founded in 1981 by a group of people wanting to help young persons under 26 years of age who are in difficulty. Princess Caroline became the Honorary President of the charity.

What started as a phoneline for young people, became a charity which employs educators and psychologists, and it supports about 100 people per year.

The office of the charity is at Quai Albert Ier in Monaco.


1) March 24th, 2009 - Caroline receives the keys to a new minibus for her charity "Jeunes J'écoute"

2) Nice-Matin, September 14th, 2009 - article with picture of the Association Jeunes j'écoute which looks after children and young people every afternoon.
A full-time staff of four (3 educators, one psychologist) facilitates painting, reading, billiards, snacks in the cafeteria.
The charity is 80% funded by the Monegasque Government.

Monaco : un lieu de dialogue pour épauler les moins de 26 ans - Dossier "Associations" - dossier - l'information en direct avec Nice-Matin -
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