Ingrid´s Godparents

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Who will be Ingrid´s royal godparent????

  • King Harald

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  • Queen Sonja

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  • Princess Märtha Louise

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  • Prince Constantijn

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  • Prince Willem-Alexander

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  • Princess Maxima

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  • Prince Frederik

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  • future Princess Mary

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  • Princess Alexandra of Denmark

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  • Princess Victoria

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  • Countess Alexandra of Berleburg

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  • Prince Charles

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  • Prince Edward

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  • a member from a different royal familie

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Sorry for being so ignorant about these matters, but it was mentioned that it was unlikely that a royal who is of Catholic faith would be chosen to be Ingrid Alexandra's godparent (or sponsor). But if I understand correctly from the posts above, a royal (or anyone else) of the Anglican or Presbyterian faith can be chosen, no problem? For example, Princess Anne is Haakon's sponsor though she is not Luthern, but none of the Spanish, Belgian or Luxembourg royals could've been Haakon's sponsor, and now not his daughter's either because they are Catholic.

                                                        Hvert barn som blir døpt, skal ha minst to høyst seks faddere. Fadderne må ha fylt 15 år og være medlemmer av den norske kirke, eller et annet kirkesamfunn som ikke forkaster barnedåp. Foreldrene kan ikke være faddere. Presten har ansvar for å se til at fadderne oppfyller disse forutsetningene. Fadderne blir ført inn i kirkeboka.

Facts about sponsors/godparents.

Every child that is baptized, must have at least two, maximum six, sponsors/godparents. The sponsors/Godparents must be at least 15 years of age, and be members of the Norwegian church, or another church that doesn't reject the idea of children being baptized The parents can not be sponsors/godparents. The minister/reverend is responsible for making sure that the sponsors/Godparents fullfill these conditions. The sponsors/godparents will be written into the Church register.

There you have it, straight from the source, mucked up in translation by me. ;)
In Norway one usually calls the person carrying the baby godfather/godmother while the others are sponsors (fadder). This is corresponding with what Marlene wrote about the Lutheran Church. However I though the usual term in English was godparent - that's why I used that word.

I did not know about those rules from the Norwegian State Church. They are probably rather new, as royals have usually had more than 6 sponsors. Princess Märtha-Louise had 8 in 1971. However this means that Princess Ingrid Alexandra can only have 6 sponsors.

I never wrote that they could not chose Catholic godparents, they are allowed to do so by the Lutheran church. However I find it highly unlikely that they will, as it is very unusual in the Norwegian church. Sponsors from other Protestant faiths are more common.

Princess Anne was a godmother - or sponsor - to the Prince Haakon Magnus in 1973. She was unable to attend his baptism, but attended his confirmation in 1988. It was reported that she was invited to his wedding, but she had already confirmed her presence for a sailing competition (where she was supposed to hand out the First prize) and had to decline. However it is my impression that Princess Anne and Crown Prince Haakon are not very close, they do not seem to have met much when he lived in London or earlier.
Maud Angelica was christened 2 months after her birth, so we can think of a christening at the end of march/beginning in June.In any case before May.

Then we will know the godparents...

I was also said that Maud´s godmother will be Princess Victoria but she isn´t :rolleyes:
Ingrid´s christening takes place on April 17th,2004,then we´ll know about her godparents. :rolleyes:
Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark won't be attending the christening, according to Danish newspaper BT. Neither will anybody else in his family.

He could probably still be sponsor/godfather by proxy, should they choose him.
The names of godparents will be published on 12 April,and on April13th the guestlist will be published.
Article from Aftenposten:

Christening to have "national character"
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit want the christening of their daughter, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, to be a distinctly national event. Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria will be one of the godparents, but she will also be the only member of neighboring royal houses in attendance, newspaper VG reports.

Neither Sweden's King Carl Gustaf nor Denmark's Queen Margrethe have been invited to the ceremony, even though they are godparents to Crown Prince Haakon.

The information chief at the Danish palace told the newspaper that Crown Prince Frederik and his fiancée Mary Donaldson were invited but will not be able to attend to previous commitments.

The Norwegian palace has said that invitations reflected the availability of the Swedish and Danish monarchy and also the desire to give the christening a clear sense of national occasion.

Representatives from various Norwegian organizations will attend the hour-long ceremony at the palace chapel on April 17, along with national officials and friends and family members.

So I would say it´s quite clear now, that crown princess Victoria will be godmother...
I have read that after much speculation, Mette-Marit's estranged father Sven Hoiby will be in attendance at his granddaughter's christening, despite the fact that he is selling underwear in a porn shop or has been recently photographed as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. (Too bad he didn't do the whole range of characters, Sven Hoiby as a hobbit anyone?)
Yup, Sven H. will be in attendance, at least according to everything I've read. Though we won't know for sure until the actual ceremony - hey, accidents do happen, you know.

I'm just pissed :yuk: because I promised my boss that I'd be working that saturday.

Eh, probably will catch every single detail on the news later that night, as well as in rerun on NRK web-tv... but there's something about the live emission...
Press-release from the Palace:
H.K.H. Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandras faddere

Hennes Kongelige Høyhet Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandras faddere er Hans Majestet Kongen, Hans Kongelige Høyhet Kronprinsen av Danmark, Hennes Kongelige Høyhet Kronprinsessen av Sverige, Hans Kongelige Høyhet Prinsen av Asturias, Prinsesse Märtha Louise og Marit Tjessem.

Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra's sponsors are His Majesty the King, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Denmark, Her Royal Higness the Crown Princess of Sweden, His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias, Princess Märtha Louise and Marit Tjessem.
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