Infanta Elena: Pictures as a Girl and Young Woman

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she looks as if she has the same age with her mother,isn't she?
She looks as though she had such a fun and positive personality before her marriage. I hope that she will be able to regain her joy as she is regaining her own life, with her distance from her husband. I wish her only the best.
I never liked divorce but I must accept that Mr. Jaime de Marichalar was not the best of the husband. Elena must have suffer a great deal living with him. Hope she could rech happyness now. However, it's quite sad for her children, since they must love both, mother and father, and now that they parted they must feel confused. When we are children, we tends to believe that someone must be guilty for a divorce, but at the same time, we love both of our parents. We cannot understand exactly why they decided to part. Of course, we understands the situation, but only when we are enough age to understand it. Vanesa.
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