Infanta Cristina: Pictures as a Girl and Young Woman, Part 2

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Nov 21, 2005

Welcome to the new thread for the pictures of
Infanta Cristina as a girl and young woman.

The old thread can be found here.

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Have fun!:flowers:
It's time to start filling this thread with some nice old pics :)
Here is one of Cristina attending a wedding in the 1980s, I wonder
if Irene will look like her mother in around 20 years..:)

Cristina in the 1980s
Thanks K for the pic and a Happy New Year to you my dear!:flowers:
I have always loved that haircut in Cristina, that's the perfect length for her!:wub:
Your good wishes show me how long I have not looked into this thread, dear crisinaki :) :) Here are two pics of Cristina in 1989, attending a fashion show in Madrid. She looked very beautiful and happy:

Cristina 1989 - 1
Cristina 1989 - 2
Wonderful photos iceflower!!!!! thank youu
Thank you my dear K, were those pics taken in Cibeles?:)
You are most welcome, Mon and Cris :flowers: :flowers:
The fashion show was not in Cibeles, it's been a charity performance :)
Well, in my eyes she was beautiful nevertheless, cris, even if she had not yet the style she has these days..:) I especially like her in that yellow dress, thanks for posting :)

A nice clipping I found:
Cristina in Prague in 1991
Oh K, that's a beautiful clipping!
As always you find the greatest treasures:flowers:
She has always been beautiful, but now she's better than ever, motherhood and marriage really suits her
Infanta Cristina has gotten better with the years.
Thanks K for the clippings, even though I gotta say: those boots in the first clipping!:ohmy::eek::argh:

1990 still had much residual damage from the 80's:rolleyes:
Thankssss, wonderful pictures.
Didn't she go to school in New York too? I thought I read that somewhere.
planetcher said:
Didn't she go to school in New York too? I thought I read that somewhere.
Yeah, she got her MSc in International Relations in the New York University:)
How is fascinating the transformation of the Infanta Cristina. To a not very well in her shape twenty year ago, she is becoming a estupendous four chidren's mother of 40 years. I'm truely admirative. Thanks for all the pics.:flowers: :flowers:
thanksss iceflower !!!!

Cristina look pretty
Thanks for that beautiful pic Rhap! I've seen it before but not in the forum;)
I just found this very cute picture of Infanta Cristina and her best friend Princess Alexia of Greece. So I really felt I had to revive this thread...:flowers: - Familia Real
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