Infanta Cristina and Family, Current Events Part 5: March - May 2006

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Dec 4, 2004
Welcome to the new thread dedicated to Infanta Cristina and family.

Please remember that this is for current events only.

The old thread can be found here.

Have fun! :)
About the latest set of pictures:

1. As always you're a doll for sharing with us Jess!!;) Thank you:)
2. It seems like the Urdangarin de Borbon aren't the only kids in Barcelona that are dressed with the same clothes, their little friends were all in red jackets. Is that a trend in Barcelona or something?:rolleyes:
3. Since Cristina and Iñaki were so busy this week, I guess they decided to spend a lot of time with the kids on the weekend, which shows just good parents they are:)
always a pleasure... i really like this family, they're so down-to-earth and somehow Cristina & Inaki's personalities really coming down on the boys. They're really fun loving family...
i wish we'll get to see more of Irene out & about...
Cristina and Iñaki... when a friend goes

The sudden death of Jesus Rollán, the mythical goalkeeper of the national selection of water polo until withdrew in 2004, he has affected deeply not only scores of friends, but to the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, a couple that owes the happiness that lives to this unrepeatable sportsman, 443 international times and five Olympic times, who could not surpass neither the retirement neither his marital failure.

The pain of the Dukes of Palm exploded in tears when they abandoned, desolate, the tanatorio of Madrid of The Peace in Three Songs, where was burned. Jesus Rollán was who the night presented them in which the Spanish team of water polo celebrated the medal of gold, obtained in the Olympic Games of Atlanta, festival to which they attended the Infants Elena, this with their husband, Jaime Marichalar, and Cristina, in that year of 1996 still solterita and with many commitments.

Certain it is that to the second daughter of the King they had been attributed him some engagements: Alvaro Bultó, the runner of rallies of motorcycles, «too good-looking and too much adventurer» (was him); the regatista Fernando Lion, «blond and blue eyes» (a speculation), and Jesus Rollán, an affectionate friend (to have desired to be it). Iñaki Urdangarin? (A knowledge). It was a matter of a player of the Spanish selection of handball to whom Cristina applauded when achieved a did it Elena, Jaime, the Infanta Pilar or Ferrer Salat, president of the COE, all they presents in the American city.

It was exactly Jesus Rollán who, in spite of that «knowledge», the night of the celebration he presented them and in which they appear in a very curious photography an Infant Cristina very smiling from among their sister and their brother-in-law, and, al fund, immediately behind them, Iñaki, high, blond and with the blue eyes as Alvaro Bultó and Fernando Lion.

That night arose the bowshot while Jesus Rollán presented them? Is able. Or it was the 3 ó October 10, of that year, during the supper in the restaurant The Pou, to which Cristina was invited, by Jesus Rollán, to celebrate the medals of Atlanta and to which attended Urdangarin because, among others reasons, was the owner of the business landlord? He is able also.

Since four years ago, the only mole in this romance, lunar that did not blur the commitment. In this history, the friends complained that had been said things that did damage to third people. Such as to assure that Cristina and Iñaki they left together from Atlanta; or that continued maintaining his previous engagement al same time. At times, to the friends are better quiet.when speak, even with the better intentions, the unique thing that manage to is to complicate it all.When they speak, even with the better intentions, the unique thing that manage to is to complicate it all. Certain the unique thing of this beautiful history of love, that continues as the first day, is that a moment exists in which herself not what role is known performs, to sentimental level, Carmen and which the one that performs Cristina; in what moment a to stopped being the girlfriend to become the other and during how much time the Infant was the other. He does not know himself if Iñaki played two bands, doing a double play. Also if the King was displeased for this engagement and if the Infant was planted and gave an ultimatum.

In spite of what the friends they say, the engagement of Iñaki and Carmen did not break to two days before the Christmas Eve of the year in which they were courted, al to be presented by Jesus Rollán, who, since where be, will feel proud of the happiness of its friends, happiness that could not have because also failed him the love of the woman that loved. :(

Excuse my traduccion is not given me well the English :p
Well, thanks for the article
Peñafiel wouldn't waste an opportunity to bash Iñaki, now he says that Iñaki cheated on his (at the time) girlfriend with Cristina during some time and justifies his comments on Rollan's death, really how low this guy would get:mad:
If he knows please present then proof:cool:
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Infanta Cristina and Undargarín surprises in Madrid

The little clients who other late, about the five, took a refreshment in "the Lateral" cafeteria, next to the Stage Santiago Bernabéu, surprised the arrival of Iñaki Undargarín and Infant Cristina. They seated in the bar and they requested its coffee. The glances of waiters and clients were centered in them, and they responded with some smile (she, mainly).
crisiñaki said:
Thanks lula for the link; Jess can you put each one please?
if you haven't
sure thing... ;) :)

from Wireimage :

Princess Cristina of Spain and Her Family Celebrate Father's Day - March 20, 2006
March 20, 2006 - Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Princess Cristina of Spain and her husband Inaki Urdangarin celebrated Father's Day by visiting a fire station with their children and nephews.

that is really sweet of them to visit a fire station...
This pic of boys kissing Inaki is great. But why thare aren't any girls there?:D They don't want to play with them?:) Anyway, let's wait a year or two (or maybe a bit longer:D) and there would be ONLY girls running around the Urdangarins;)
As always Jess, you're "tha bomb", thanks a lot for the pics;) :D

It's cool that Cristina and Iñaki were holding the kids's hands not only their own but their friends' as well, it seems like they are good not only to their own but to the others.:)

Check this out from fanletizia:
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Thanks a lot for the pics. They are great!
Wow, so many kids! And all boys! :)
LaChicaMadrilena said:
This pic of boys kissing Inaki is great. But why thare aren't any girls there?:D They don't want to play with them?:) Anyway, let's wait a year or two (or maybe a bit longer:D)
Surely a bit longer, boys start to get interested in girls later than girls start to get interested in them ;) ;)
found this at Cover...

The Dukes of Palma, Infanta Cristina & her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, and their children, Juan Valentin, Pablo Nicolas & Miguel Urdangarin during Winter Vacation in Baquiera Beret.

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The Dukes of Palm want to move themselves to their new house before summer. Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín new home is in the luxurious district of Pedralbes, in Barcelona. Of the original house almost nothing was left, only part of the wall that surrounds the property. In its place, a sober, modern, white construction rises, with immense large windows and more square meters of construction.

The original house had a very stately aspect. Now, it has changed on form and only it is left part of the wall that surrounds the property and the frame of the old front door.

The Dukes of Palm bought the property, of almost 2,200 m2, in the autumn of 2004 by about six million euros. After investing around a million euros in works, the house has been extended and has a new garage. Inside the house already packed furniture is appraised: a writing-desk, sofas...

(source: DiezMinutos)
LaChicaMadrilena said:
This house is very close to the road, isn't it?:confused:

The outside wall of the garden seem to be, but I am sure (I know what you are thinking :D ) kids won't be near the road when playing in the gardens. Usually that outside walls are high and prevent them to go to the street, and the house is, our spanish members could help better:) , in the centre of Barcelona so it would be difficult not to have a near street...

mtbcm :)

HRH the Infanta Cristina will preside the IX National Congress on AIDS, which is hosted by the Spanish Interdisciplinary Society for AIDS (Seisida in spsnish) and will take place on 29-31th March in Barcelona.
For more info go to:

Let's hope she won't wear black there in her own city:rolleyes: ;)
Inauguration of IX the National Congress on the AIDS Barcelona

from terra


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That good-looking and that elegance has, I see it happy, thanks by the photos ;) !!!!

Infanta Cristina inaugurates Congress Aids gathers 900 expert HIV.

The Infanta Cristina has inaugurated today the IX National Congress on Aids in which for the first time is celebrated in Barcelona where have been given appointment more than 900 specialists in the virus of the HIV to analyze the present situation of the been in Spain and in other regions of the world.

The audience of CosmoCaixa will be the headquarters to next Friday of the plenary sessions of this Congress, that coincides besides with the 25 anniversary of the identification of the first cases of been in homosexuals in California (United States).
Under the motto 'Aids: an epidemic, two worlds', experts of the entire world will draw the setting that is given of this illness in the countries developed and its comparison with what occurs in regions of Africa, Asia or Latin America, where the patients have limited their access to the processing antirretrovirales.

The Infanta Cristina has been accompanied, during the inauguration of the symposium, by the Delegate of the Government in Catalonia, Joan Rangel, the consellera of Health, Marine Geli, and the secretary of the National Plan on the Aids, Lourdes Shorn, among others personalities.
The objective of the Congress, has explained today their president, David Dalmau, is to imply and to give voice to all the collective that are involved in the been by means of their participation in the different activities that will be carried out in the symposium.

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Finally she wore a lighter color.

I think she looks great
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Black is over, thank you God!!!!
Cristina looks stunning, all her pregnancies just make her more beautiful
Wasn't Iñaki there? I missed my fav couple:rolleyes:

Has anyone found more pictures of Cristina in the seisida congress?
I looked everywhere and no luck:(
Thanks in advance:)
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purple_platinum said:
sure thing... ;) :)

from Wireimage :

Princess Cristina of Spain and Her Family Celebrate Father's Day - March 20, 2006
March 20, 2006 - Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Princess Cristina of Spain and her husband Inaki Urdangarin celebrated Father's Day by visiting a fire station with their children and nephews.

More pics from fotobank


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wow, Cristina's sons look so big now...they sure do grow up fast! ;)


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Yay Elsa, thanks for the double treat!!!!:D :D :D
It seems like it is skirt season!
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BENALMÁDENA: Infanta Cristina will inaugurate a center for patients with cancer

Infant Doña Cristina will officially inaugurate the next Thursday the Center of Palliative Cares of Foundation CUDECA in Benalmádena, that dedicates to the attendance and treatment of patients with cancer in noncurativa phase.
Wow, what a busy week for the Dukes of Palma, I'll just wait for more pictures, let's hope she won't go back to wear black again:rolleyes:
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