Imperial Palaces of Iran

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Sep 2, 2006
Hello!! Post here pics or information about the palaces and residences of the Pahlavi Dinasty :)

Do you know when did the Shah and Farah use Niavaran Palace and Saad-Abad Palace? I read that they used Niavaran Palace in winter and in summer Saad-Abad palace :O

This is some of the Imperial Palaces of Tehran, the are several palaces and imperial mansions in tehran. The palace that was used during the Pahlavis were Niavarn Palace complex, Saad abad Palace complex, Golestan palace, Marble Palace the home of HIH Princess Shahnaz and Morvarid Palace the home of HIH Princess Shams. Many of the palaces of Niavaran and Saadabad have been renovated into other kind of museums after the revolution, mostly the homes of the other members of the Imperial family, the main palaces are still intact.
The shah and Empress had a summer place in the north of Iran for summer holidays and a palace in Kish island in the Persian gulf for winter holidays.
Niavaran Palace:
Saad Abad Palace:
Marble Palace:
Morvarid Palace:
Golestan Palace
Saltanat Abad Palace

The Baharestan Palace

Soleymaniyeh Palace

Eshrat Abad
Firouzeh Palace
Falahati Palace
Baq-e-Ferdows Palace

Sorkheh Hesar Palace
Morvarid Palace is awful :O

Do you know what was the palace of Leila Pahlavi? I read that Leila had a palace (but I'm not sure that is be true...).

Do you know if the Shah and his family had a palace/villa/mansion in Saint Moritz or in other place of Europe? I read that the Shah had a castle in UK, a mansion in Saint Moritz, a villa in Mallorca (Spain), etc...

So you think Morvarid Palace is awful :) it is not what we imagien a palace sould look.....but it is a masterpice of 70's interior design......
Leila Pahlavi probably had a palace in the Niavaran palace complex or Saadabad...but I'm not sure in which.

This is drawing-plan for a new Imperial Palace for the Imperial family that never started because of the revolution:

I do not know anything about the castel i UK or the mansion in Saint Moritz or Spain.
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Wondering if someone has pictures of the stables in Fahradabad? Would appreciate it a lot :flowers:
Golestan palace:

Sadabad Palace complex:
Hello! Have you ever seen any pic of the interior of main Niavaran palace? I only have seen photos of the exterior and of the Shah's office in a palace near the main palace.

Does the President of Iran live in a former imperial palace?
Dear espejor, I found some picture of the interior of Nivaran palace, the main palace, hope you like it :)

Dear Harlod, some of the palaces are used for state visit, official meetings and dinners, but not as the resident of the president.
Info about palaces of Niavaran palace garden:
Thanks for the photos! Niavaran Palace is a very beautiful palace!
Golestan palace:
Hall of Mirrors:
The same room (Hall of Mirrors) in the famous Persian painter Kamal-ol-Molk painting of Nasereddin shah Qajar, the painting was painted during 1885-1890.
More info of Kamal-ol-Molk and the painting:
Golestan Palace:*:IE-Address%26rlz%3D1I7SNYK_en-GB%26sa%3DN%26start%3D21%26um%3D1&imgurl=d120449a45744cb5
Marble palace:*:IE-Address%26rlz%3D1I7SNYK_en-GB%26sa%3DN%26start%3D21%26um%3D1&imgurl=ef1079eb8c5e9619
Niavaran Palace
Does Anyone Have any Good Photo's of the Pearl Palace Built For Princess Shams Pahlavi in 1973, Designed by William Wesley Peters? I am a HUGE fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Architects that came out of the Taliesin School. This Building Greatly Intriges me! Anything on the Villa Mehrafarin At Chalus ;which was begun and never completed due to the revolution; Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
What about the Echtesassi Palace? Wasn't it Soraya's and the Shah's residence? I think she did a lot of redecoration in this palace.
Does anyone have some pics?
Thanks a lot!
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