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I respect being disagreed with. I prefer if it were not so heated and intolerant. Please refer to Brasil and the Imperial Constitution. I repeat that there is nothing in this document that in anyway addresses renounciation. It is a fiction. Any Prince can marry as he chooses. Also, we should stick to Brasil. I for one have no interest in the acts of princes in another country.
There'll be several celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the family's arrrival to Rio de Janeiro next year. All related to showing cultural aspects of the life at that time and also to show the legacy that D. João has left to us. They foresee expos, plays, books...
The official commemorations for the 200th anniversary of the Portuguese royal court's displacement to Brazil had started today in S. Salvador da Baía. Brazilian and Portuguese authorities [the Duke of Bragança accepted the invitation too] had participated in a reconstitution of Prince D. João's landing, on January 22nd 1808.
The Governor of Baía, Jacques Wagner, stressed today that the arrival of the Portuguese Court (on the verge of Napolean's invasions) was the most important historical event after Brazil's discovery, in 1500, and the commemorations that had officially started today will contribute to narrow the relations between both countries.ão+VI+ao+Brasil.htm
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The baby has been born late in November (November 28th?) I believe. Dona Maria Fransesca is the daughter of Prince Eudes and Mercedes Neves da Rocha. Eudes on his turn is the second son of the late Prince Pedro Henrique and Princess Maria of Bavaria. His marriage was morganatic son according to the rules of this branch of the Imperial family he lost his rights. His elder brother Luis Gastao is now head of the family but the claim will pass in the future to a younger brother Antonio and his descedants. Antonio is married to a Princess de Ligne, who is a cousin of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg (and a daughter of Princess Alix of Luxembourg).
As you know that baby of Dona Maria Francisca is born in November?
No, I am not sure about that, I googled and found that date several times but I now see another date too, Decembver 23rd.


Another thing, does anybody have an idea what te interview with Dom Pedro Joaozinho is about:

YouTube - PrÃ*ncipe Dom Joaozinho na TV Câmara
Another thing, does anybody have an idea what te interview with Dom Pedro Joaozinho is about:

His name is not Pedro João, it's João only (and he's popularly known as "Joãozinho")

Politics in general. He talks about the situation in Brazil nowadays, about the corruption and other subjects as well (including the monarchy, which is not a great part of the interview).
As posted by Lotte on the Franco Iberian Royals MB:

[FONT=verdana, arial]On occasion of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil, Brazilian magazine IstoÉ in its issue #1998 of 20 February 2008 carries a portrait of the young generation of Brazilian royals.

Summary of the article:

They look pretty much like any other young member of the Rio de Janeiro upper classes, with the notable exception that they’re far more conservative, patriotic and that religion plays a very important part in their lives.

They are indeed mostly supporters of Fluminense football club (although they’d rather play golf than football) and have to work to earn a living (there are a lot of architects and lawyers among them) - those who control the Companhia Imobiliária de Petrópolis [Petrópolis Real Estate Company] are an exception, for they are entitled to 2,5% over any real estate transaction that takes place in the central area of the city.

Their only privilege is actually their family name.

They do their best to behave in society, for instance, there’s been so far no drugs scandal in the family.

Their political views are clearly center-right: nobody voted for the PT – the Workers Party which elected President Lula.

The family are trying to recover the Palácio Guanabara, a wedding gift from the Comte d’Eu to Princess Isabel and which is today the siege of Rio de Janeiro’s Government.

The magazine managed to reunite 16 of Princess Isabel’s great-grandchildren (of a total of 30) for a group photo:

Picture here.
As posted by Lotte on the Franco Iberian Royals MB:

Picture here.

This grupo photo has almost all members of the young generation of the Vassouras Branch.

I believe the ones that are missing are: Dom Pedro (heir to the throne), Henri and Alix of Ligne (All of them are living in Belgium).

And the funny thing is that in this photo, the only ones that are trully princes are:

Gabriela - the one standing in a red dress on the left side.

Amélia - the one sitting on the floor with a white blouse.

Rafael - the one with a ligh blue t-shirt on the righ side in the back.

All the others are product of morganatic marriages. Unfortunatly, in Brazil, everybody, including the midia, thinks that whoever is a descendent of emperor Dom Pedro I is a prince and to make things worse, the people that aren´t princes don´t tell that they aren´t.
Thanks for the explanation Lecen. Is prince Pedro still living in Luxembourg?

Did they just love the title 'Prince of Brazil' or the title 'prince of Orleans-Braganca too?

The children of Princess Maria Teresa and Jan Hessel de Jong seem to be missing too btw, the couple doesn't live in Brazil?
Thanks for the explanation Lecen. Is prince Pedro still living in Luxembourg?

Yes, he is.

Did they just love the title 'Prince of Brazil' or the title 'prince of Orleans-Braganca too?

No, they don´t call themselves "princes of Brazil". They are called by the midia and even by almost every brazilian monarchist as "princes of Orleans- Braganza".

The problem is that there is no "Prince of Orleans-Braganza". Monarchists and even the princes says that the title was created in 1909, when the House of Orleans-Braganza signed togeter with the House of Orleans the Declaration of Bruxelas, known as Pacte du Famille.

But in the text there is no mention of a creation of the title "Prince of Orleans-Braganza" and the then Head of the french Royal House made it clear that not only the Orleans-Braganza were not part of the Royal House of France but also that if they wanted to claim a position on the line of succession, they would do it only after every single branch of the House of Orleans had died.

Isabelle of Orleans, daughter of Dom Pedro de Alcântara, who renounced his position as brazilian prince, said in her autobiography that the Orleans-Braganza aren´t part of the Royal House of France.

That´s trully something weird, because if she, who was a Orleans-Braganza and was married to the Head of the French Royal House, was not a french princess and was also not a brazilian princess, was nothing more than a commoner to all effects.

Anyway, this "title" Prince of Orleans-Braganza is so full of holes that even theoretically being a french noble title, the late Dom Pedro Henrique, head of the Imperial House of Brazil gave to his sons who renounced their claim the title of Prince of Orleans-Braganza.

My guess is that someone invented it and everyone else just believed as true. You know, "a lie told 100 times becomes a truth".

The children of Princess Maria Teresa and Jan Hessel de Jong seem to be missing too btw, the couple doesn't live in Brazil?

No, she lives in Belgium with her family.
The commemorations of the 200 years since the arrival of D. João VI and the Portuguese Court to Brazil. have already started:

Renascença - Música e Informação Dia a Dia

Today, the Portuguese and Brazilian Presidents inaugurated the exhibition "A New World, a New Empire - the Portuguese Court in Brazil", at the National Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro.

Cavaco Silva stressed that the arrival of the Court was "a blow of energy and innovation that flew all over Rio and Brazil", allowing the "preservation of the territorial integrity" and the creation of "a national identity". "The Braganças had had a decisive role in the Brazilian identity, as they had launched the bases of the political regime of the country", said the Portuguese president during the cerimony, which was attended by hundreds of guests, including D. Duarte Pio de Bragança and the descendants of the Brazilian Imperial Family.

UM NOVO MUNDO, UM NOVO IMPÉRIO<br /> A Corte Portuguesa no Brasil – 1808-1822 - Página da Visita ao Brasil

A video about the move of King D. João VI to Brazil, before Napoleon's invasion:
Cavaco Silva no Brasil - Sapo Vídeos
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Thanks for the update Elsa, I have read a book about the relocation of the court which was terribly interesting to read (but than how can it not be considering the main players, esp. Queen Carlota Joaquina)?

Will the present members of the Imperial family (or Portuguese RF) have any role?


Was this the reason why one of the samba schools had this flight of the court as the theme for their wagons and such during the carnaval of Rio de Janeiro (due to the wonders of the digital television we can receive Fashion TV here, which showed this).
Will the present members of the Imperial family (or Portuguese RF) have any role?
I believe they're invited as special guests, but I don't have many details...

Was this the reason why one of the samba schools had this flight of the court as the theme for their wagons and such during the carnaval of Rio de Janeiro
Yes, indeed! I read that, among the many books that were published for these commemrations, there's a specially interesting one about King D. João VI profile. As it's said in the video above, during many years the historians were not fair to D. João VI... the Brazilian ones due to "anti-portuguese" feeling that was understandable in a recently independent country... and the Portuguese ones, due to some animosity towards a king that abandoned the country to the French. Now, finally, it's being done justice to a king that had a strategical vision to prrserve the National sovereignity of the kingdom and who was the main responsible for creating the bases for Brazil as a contry.

And yes... this was the main theme used by the Samba schools, this year ;)
DN Online: D. Duarte chamado "rei" numa igreja do Rio

In a non-official celebration that took place yesterday, at the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito dos Homens Pretos (the same church where D. João VI attended the Te Deum, as soon as he arrived in Rio, on March 8th 1808), D. Duarte Pio and his wife were enthusiastically received by the local population. The Duke of Bragança, who was invited by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro to come to Brazil, walked two blocks to arrive in the church, where the head of the Brotherhood of the Black Men enthusiastically announced him: "there comes the king of Portugal!".

In the church there were already D. Luís Gastão (the heir to the Brazilian throne) and his brothers, who were also associated to this non official celebration.

For the descendants of D. João VI, all the commemorations are good, as far as they dignify the memory of the family in the History. "I was very moved by the speech of Lula", said D. Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança, brother of D. Luís. In fact, the Brazilian president thanked the royal family for the role played in the creation of Brazil as a nation and praised D. João VI in his speech.

D. Duarte Pio, on the other hand, is the descendant of D. Miguel (who was opposed to his brother, D. Pedro, in the Brazilian question). But 200 years later, and with the monarchy abolished in both countries, the matter seems irrelevant now, as prooved by the curious and euphoric reception received by D. Duarte and D. Isabel, during this mass.

After the cerimony, the people that had attended the mass greeted the heir to the throne, D. Luís, with a kiss-hand (much similar to the royal kiss-hand of D João VI in the Royal palace). It was a true popular manifestation, said D.ª Isabel de Herédia: "it was much amused and without any prejudices".

"Viva Brazil! Viva D. Luís! Viva D. Duarte Pio! Viva Portugal, our mother land", cheered the black presenter, at the end of the cerimony.


Just before this non-official celebration, the royal cathedral had beed reopened after the restoration works, in a official ceremony that was presided by the Portuguese president.

PR/Brasil: Cavaco Silva almoça com comunidade portuguesa no segundo aniversário da sua posse - Lusa - SAPO Notícias

In the scope of the official commemorations for the 200 years since the arrival of the royal Court to Rio de Janeiro, on March 8th 1808, the president the republic participated in the inauguration of the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Antiga Sé, after 18 months of restoration works.

Inaugurated back in 1761, the old cathedral of Rio de Janeiro is associated both to the Portuguese royal family and to the Brazilian imperial family.
In 1816, Queen D.ª Maria I was burried with a mass that took place in this same Royal Chapel, where D. João VI was acclaimed king, in 1818.
Besides, D.ª Maria da Glória (later Queen D. Maria II of Portugal) was baptized in this Royal Chapel in 1819, and three years later, D. Pedro was crowned Emperor of Brazil in this same church and, in 1841, D. Pedro II was also crowned here.

The reopening of this national monument consisted of a concert performed by the Brazilian Sinfonic Orchestra and it was attended by Cavaco Silva and his retenue, as well as by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, César Maia, the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal D. Eusébio Óscar Scheid, as well as by D. Duarte Pio and the descendants of the Brazilian imperial family.
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I heard about the coming marriage of D. Eudes. Does anyone know what city, church and the accurate date??
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Morganatic Marriage

I believe it is vital to the Monarchist movement, and to accurate history, that in Brasil we cease to use the term Morganatic Marriage. It has been used in practice in the former Imperial Family. This I recognize. However, in reality it has no legal or dynastic basis in the Imperial Constitution which is the only document which deals with Imperial Marriages.

Also, the idea of importing this foreign concept works against any restoration of a Brasilian Monarchy. How can the Imperial Family face the Brasilian people and tell them that no Brasilian woman is worthy to marry them? And that any children born of the marriage will have lesser dignity because of her unworthiness!

In the future we must recognize all Imperial marriages, within the definition of the Roman Catholic Church, as valid and dynastic. We must recognize that every Brasilian woman is worthy to marry a Brasilian Prince and that their children have the dignity of their father.
I heard about the coming marriage of D. Eudes. Does anyone know what city, church and the accurate date??

A bit late, but D. Eudes de Orleans e Bragança married Patricia Annechino Landau in Rio de Janeiro on 15 March 2008 .
Is there a king or queen of brazil?
Uh, no. The last Emperor of Brazil was deposed in 1889.
I have have had the great honour of meeting both branches of Imperial Brasil: D.Luis, the rightful heir (branch of Vassouras), his brothers, D. Bertrand and D>antonio, married to a beautiful Belgian princess. Also, the Petropolis branch: D. Pedro Gastão (already deceased) and who was King Juan Carlos uncle, his wife, D. Eudes, his brother.
Even though I live in a Republic, I am an inconditional fan of Monarchies, so it was a great thrill for me to meet them.
The Imperial family is very discreet. Most of their members work and live completely normal lives. The Prince d.João, also know as Dom Joãozinho is very popular not only because of his lineage, but because of the marvelous photos he takes. He has two children , and his daughter, Princess Maria Christina has Down´s syndrome. It was very good that the parents decided not to hide it and so she is a very normal well-balanced young woman.
As posted by Alberto on the Royal News & Views MB:

Prince D. Pedro Carlos of Brazil received by the National Order of Magistrates

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Apparently rivalling D. Luis of Brazil telephoned the organisation saying that he should have been invited instead.
Princess Isabel and Count Alexander of Stolberg-Stolberg are engaged!

She was born in 1978 to Prince Ferdinand and Maria de Graca Baere de Araujo

I have no Idea who he is??
I can find two Count Alexanders zu Stolberg-Stolberg:

1. Paskau branch
Count Alexander Konstantin, b 1970
son of Count Wolfgang zu Stolberg-Stolberg and Ingrid Gewiese (divorced)

2 Westheim branch
Count Alexander Heinrich, b 1974
son of Count Franz zu Stolberg-Stolberg and Jacqueline de Duikingberg
He is the second Alexander, born in 1974, son of Franz and Jacqueline of Stolberg-Stolberg
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He is the second Alexander, born in 1974, son of Franz and Jacqueline of Stolberg-Stolberg

Thank you! I found Two of them too.:bang: But didnt know which one either.
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Here's a recent interview given by D. Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança, where he criticised Lula's government, the MST and the Republic in general. This interview took place in Aracaju, on the occasion of his visit, after the Federal University of Sergipe had invitated him to be one of the speakers at a Law conference:

Jornal da Cidade - Entrevista - DOM BERTRAND DE ORLEANS E BRAGANÇA
The Emperor would be the head of the Brazilian Imperial House, Prince Luiz of Orléans-Braganza.
The Prince Imperial, title reserved to the heir to the throne, would be Prince Luiz's brother Prince Bertrand of Orléans-Braganza
The third in line is Prince Antonio of Orléans-Braganza, followed by his children:

4th. Prince Pedro Luís of Orléans-Braganza (1983)
5th. Prince Rafael (1986)
6th. Princess Amélia (1984)
7th. Princess Maria Gabriela Fernanda (1989)

Has anyone got an idea, where to find actual pictures of Prince Antonio´s and Princess Christine de Ligne´s children, which are mentioned here?

This family interests me a lot, but where I live infos and pictures are very very hard to find. Are there any newspapers or something?

I also speek portughese.


There are lots of photos of D.António's children at a great spanish site called Foros de la Realeza.

Unfortunately since this weekend it seems it is not working anymore.

I'll keep you posted if I find it working again.
Maria Pia de Bourbon-Sicily

She was born in Cannes in 1878 and died in Mandelieu in 1973 - Maria Pia de Bourbon, principessa delle Due Sicilie

She was the daughter of the duke of Calabria and married D.Luis d'Orléans-Bragança.
She had 2 sons and a daughter.

I've been trying to find some information related to this almost non-existant person who lived such a long life.
She seemed to have lived out of the limelight, at first under the shade of her mother-in-law Pss Isabel and then vanished.

She had a sheepish look, she who might have been the Emperess of Brazil if things have turned different.

So different from her flamboyante sister-in-law Countess Elizabeth Dobrzensky who passed her panache to her eldest and youngest daughters, Pss.Isabel, countess of Paris and Pss Tété, Mme Martorell and her joie de vivre to her sons D.Pedro-Gastão and D.João.

Next to them, the Vassouras branch D.Pedro Henrique and D.Pia-Maria seem the poor relatives of the family.

What can be said of Pss. Maria Pia ?
Her character, her tastes, her hobbies ?
Did she have any artistic inclinations ?

Please post some answers
Thanks in advance.
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