I'm so glad I'm here!

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Feb 2, 2010
Hello everyone! I'm Daphoenyx! ;)
I arrived at this forum cause I was looking at the name and location of a Norwegian palace (for my royal genealogy research) and found this wonderful forum, blog and website!
For the past years I was looking for something like this every now and then, but I was never really convinced until I found this! :dizzy:
I am 23 and a college student in Italy.
My interest in royalty is strictly linked with my interest in genealogies: I started compiling some royal genealogies for the queens and princesses that I better known and found an incredible intricateness of relatives... So my interests grow day and day!
Thanks for reading!
See you in the forums!
Hello Daphoenyx and thanks for your welcome post! It's nice to see other spanish speaking people here. I hope we shall meet again in other threads. Hasta pronto!
Welcome to theroyalforums.com! :) In my opinion, one of the best sites in the whole internet!
By far the best I've seen! Thank you Mariazell and Archduchess Zelia!
Hi Daphoenyx!

Welcome to TRF's, I hope you will enjoy it here. :flowers:
Welcome to the forums, do enjoy your stay in every way.
Thank you Dierna23 and RJ TAYLER ;)
Welcome to TRF Daphoenyx. :flowers:
We're still awaiting the debut public appearance in a post of your re-sized avatar! :)
:flowers:Hi Daphoenyx:flowers:
Welcome to the royal forums
Warren, Turkish Delight, maryamj:
THANKS and sorry for the awful delay!!

I've been busy with tests and now thesis, but I hope I'll be around the forums a little more than I've been... :flowers:

[Warren I still wasn't able to see on the forums my picture 80x80 :sad:]
glad to be here

Hello Everybody
I am Morgan54 and i am from london.
I am new in this forum and very interested about this forum.Excitation grasp me as i am going to meet with new people.It is a great opportunity for me share ideas,interest with you guys,have really enjoyed reading through the posts. Hope i can do well.Your co-operation will help me a lot.I am also fond of cooking.delicious foods are very much favourite to me.exactly to say i am a home cooker.
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