I Diana So Pleased To BE Here!! 65th B-Day!!

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Mar 5, 2010
United States
I'm 65 today!! And with delight what what wonderful day it is to be here on my Birthday. A new friend? A small chat?!! My bow to you! What a way to have this day!! And may all go well with you! I am from the United States of America. And a grandmother of 2 wonderful boys. I was just thinking, any of the Royals born on this day too! Would love to know. May we chat soon! Your very very truthfully...Ms Diana Graves:flowers:
Hallo, Caracciolo, and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy reading and posting here.
A very happy 65th Birthday to you, Ms Diana Graves. And Welcome to TRF.
Happy birthday, Diana and a very warm welcome to you! Just about everything you'd want to know about royalty can be found here and on top of that, we're a good group of people with the same interests here from all over the globe.

I'm 68 and I have four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Life only gets better as we get older. Right? My motto is that "I'm old enough to know better but still young enough not to care!" :D
Bonjour, Diana! There is a lot of Royal history to learn. :denmarkstandard::luxstandard::norwaystandard:
Thank you so much! This is a different birthday surprise if I ever had one. Starting off happy and pleased! Have a great day... Diana USA!!
From here it's Good Morning to you and Thank You so much. And three great grandchildren!! That is so wonderful to hear. God Bless You....Diana USA!!
Thank You!! You made this a very Happy Birthday indeed!! I must be walking on my toes!! And again thank you so my Dear!! Diana USA!
Thank You!! Your very kind! So much to read and learn. A great Birthday and so happy!! Diana USA!!
You made my Birthday very happy indeed. Love to chat with new people in my life. Different ways and ideas are always fun to hear about. Lets chat soon my Dear!! Diana USA!!
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