HRH the Duke of Calabria (1938-2015) and the Royal House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

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Can someone explain the House of Two Sicilies? If there was an Italian royal family, then who is this family? I'm just trying to understand. I'm a bit confused. Did they break off due to a family fued?
Before Italian unification parts of Italy were ruled by different families. The House of Savoy ruled in Sardinia and Piedmont before becoming Kings Of Italy. The House of Bourbon Two Sicilies ruled Naples and Sicily. The Bourbon Parmes ruled in Parma. A Habsburg branch ruled in Tuscany. The Papal States were ruled by the Pope.

Like many deposed families there are rival claimants to the headship of Bourbon Two Sicilies.
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Basically the feud in the Royal House of the Two Sicilies started in 1960 at the death without male issue of Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Calabria.
In 1900 Prince Carlo, Ferdinando's brother, renounced to his succession rights in order to marry to Infanta Mercedes of Spain, who at the time was the heiress presumptive to the Spanish throne. Carlo and Mercedes had a son, Prince Alfonso, before Mercedes died in 1904. Carlo died in 1949, and in the meantime the succession to the Spanish throne was secured by the birth of the children and grandchildren of King Alfonso XIII (Mercedes' brother).
When in 1960 the Duke of Calabria died, both his nephew Alfonso and another brother, Prince Ranieri, claimed to be his successor; Alfonso on the ground of the invalidity of his father's renounciation and Ranieri on the ground of the validity of the renounciation.
The quarrel is still unresolved; now the two claimants are Alfonso's son, Carlos - whose claims are supported by his cousin King Juan Carlos of Spain, who also created him Infante of Spain - and Ranieri's grandson, Charles - whose claims are supported by the majority of the European royal houses.
Are those who support Ranieri's grandson Charles, reigning or non reigning royal houses?
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I think both, but mainly non reigning.

Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies attended a cancer charity event by Estee Lauder in Paris on September 30, 2013:

** Pic **

Princess Anne of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Alex Ursulet attended a Ralph Lauren Collection Show and private dinner at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris on October 8, 2013. On this occasion Ralph Lauren celebrated the restoration project and patron sponsorship of L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

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Prince Gregory of Bourbon-Two Sicilies will be selling items from the House of Orleans and other royal and aristocratic houses in Drouot, Paris on December 2 2013. Some of the items that are being sold were originally owned by Princess Marie Louise d'Orleans, the daughter of Prince Emmanuel of Orleans, Duke of Vendome and his wife Princess Henriette of Belgium:

Grégory de Bourbon-Deux-Siciles | Noblesse & Royautés
I wonder which members of the Royal Family will attend the Beatification of the Venerable Queen Maria Cristina.
I suppose the Duke of Noto will be present at this important event in Naples.
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Princess Maria Margherita of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Mrs. Luis Gonzaga Maldonado, died sometime this year.

She was born in Warsaw on 16 November 1934 as third of five children of Prince Gabriele of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1897-1975) & second by his second wife, Princess Cecylia Lubomirska (1907-2001). She married in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) on 11 June 1962 Luis Gonzaga Maldonado y Gordon (b.1932), by whom she had three daughters: Maria Margarita (b.1963), Maria Claudia (b.1965) & Maria Cecilia (b.1967).
She is survived by her husband, daughters and four grandsons: Juan Bosco (b.1990), Beltran, Pedro & Pelayo [sons of Maria Margarita & her husband Pedro de Lozano y Murube (b.1961)].

Source: The descendants of Archduke Karl of Austria, Duke of Teschen
She died in Madrid on 15 January 2014.
Royal Musings: Death of two Borbon princesses

In the death notice posted in the blog, you can see the full list of her grandchildren: Juan Bosco, Beltran, Pedro, Pelayo, Gabriela, Alejandra, Guillermo and Margarita.
IN the event that Charles dies without male heir, as seems likely as it has been seven years since the birth of their last daughter and hiswife is now in her early forties, would the headship fall to Prince Carlos or would one of the other branches, Prince Aidren or Prince Antoine claim it
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Charles' claims would pass to Prince Antoine's line - so likely to Antoine's son or grandson.
Adrian and Gregory de Bourbon and their descendants are excluded from the succession, because of the unequal marriage of their parents.
Could somebody consider the marriage of Charles own parents as equal?
Anyhow now a possible reconciliation between the branches of the Royal Family seems to be close.
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As far as I know, it has never been questioned by anyone. Do you have some different informations on the point?
The ceremony of Beatification of Queen Maria Cristina was celebrated this morning, at 11am, at the Basilica of Santa Chiara in Naples (where Queen Maria Cristina and the other Kings and Queens of the Two Sicilies are buried).
The ceremony was lead by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples, and by Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

I Savoia e i Borbone si incontrano a Santa Chiara per la beatificazione della regina Maria Cristina - Napoli -

Present in Naples to attend the Beatification were: HRH Princess Anne of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Calabria; TRH the Duke and Duchess of Noto; HRH the Duke of Capua; TRH the Duke and Duchess of Castro with their daughters Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara; TRH Prince Casimiro and Princess Maria Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies with their sons Prince Luis and Prince Alessandro; HRH Princess Beatrice and HRH Princess Anna of Bourbon-Two Sicilies; TI&RH Archduke Simeon and Archduchess Maria of Austria; TRH the Duke and Duchess of Savoy; HRH Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy; HI&RH Archduke Martin of Austria-Este; HRH Prince Serge of Yugoslavia; HRH the Duke of Bragança; HI&RH Countess Maria Beatrix von und zu Arco-Zinneberg with her daughter Countess Margherita; HSH Prince Manfred zu Windisch-Graetz.

Yesterday night they all met for a dinner hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Castro; here are and article and some pictures of the dinner:
Napoli, i Borbone a cena con i Savoia prima della beatificazione di Maria Cristina
Napoli, gala con i regnanti del casato Borbone e Savoia (Newfotosud - S. Siano) - Il
...Present in Naples to attend the Beatification were...TRH the Duke and Duchess of Savoy...
Which Duke and Duchess of Savoy? One article mentions the Duke and Duchess of Aosta so i guess it were Amedeo and Silvia.
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HRH Prince Amedeo of Savoy has the title of Duke of Savoy.
In my post I was referring to Amedeo and Silvia, however.
HRH Prince Giacomo (Jaime) of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Capua, delivered His first pubblic speech in Italian in Naples at the "Union Circle" in the presence of the members of the Royal Family and many other participants.
HRH Infante Don Carlos is not in a very good health so he could not attend.
Yes, next to her was seated Prince Serge of Yugoslavia.
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