HRH the Duke of Calabria (1938-2015) and the Royal House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

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Thanks,Warren!I have already found information about them.It's true,Victoria is 11 years younger!And they already have 3 children.
Are there any photos of Pss Anna and her husband ?
Please post them.
Thanks in advance.
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Prince Pedro of the Two Sicilies and his wife Sofía Landaluce y Melgarejo had a 5th child on November 12th. It is a girl with the name Sofia and the girl was born in Madrid. Pedro is the only son of Infante Carlos of Spain, DUke of Calabria and Princess Anne of France.

Source:, more information in Dutch here.
The other Children Include...

Jaime b. 1992 (born before Marriage)
Juan b. 2003 (the Couple Married in 2001)
Pablo b. 2004
Pedro b. 2005
and Now Sofia b. 2008
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Princess Teresa of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies has another granddaughter. Her daughter Delia Moreno y de Borbón and Álvaro de Ledesma Sanchiz got a girl on 5 January. The name of the girl is still unknown.

Princess Teresa is married to Don Iñigo Moreno y de Arteaga, marques of Laula, and is the eldest sister of Infante Carlos of Spain, Duke of Calabria.

source: - de Europese vorstenhuizen
A question about Infante Don Carlos: isn't his title of Infante of Spain in contraddiction with the 1759 Pragmatic Sanction of Charles III, if he retains his Two Sicilian titles?
Princess Beatrice Bourbon of two Sicilies and Princess Anne Bourbon
of two Sicilies attend the 15th Grand Gala of the association Unit
Capetiens at the Cercle Interalliee in Paris, France, June 24, 2009

-----> Pic
In 1983, the heads of the French (Alphonse of Bourbon, duke of Anjou and of Cadiz) and Spanish (king Juan-Carlos) royal houses (and of Parma ducal house? Not sure) published (in italian, later in spanish with a change in the order of signatures...) a joint statement, asserting that the head of the Two-Sicilies royal house, was the infant don Carlos.

It is not a proof of his legitimity, some kings of France or Spain have already failed in finding the right heir of a neighbour kingdom, but this shows the position of king Juan-Carlos.

More information here (site in English) :

Two Sicilies Succession, detailed examination of the dispute (Borbone-Due Sicilie disputa)

MAfan if you scroll on this link I am posting from another member you will see what your asking about is being mention in this written article.
There seems to be a problem with some royal houses having two people claim the headship I hope this gets resolved and quick.
Princesse Anne Bourbon of two Sicilies at the funeral of
Filip Nikolic, who had been a young actor and singer,
Longjumeau, France, September 24, 2009

---> Pic
Pics 1.10.2009

Princess Anne of Bourbon Sicile and an unidentified guest
attend the Montblanc Paris Flagship Boutique Launch -
Inauguration Cocktail party on October 1, 2009 in Paris,

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Princess Anne de Bourbon-Siciles and husband attend the Gala
Dinner for Association Celcia fighting illiteracy in Africa on January
28, 2010 in Paris, France.

-------> Pic
As far as I know, she is still married since 1978 to Jacques Cochin.
It is better to be called Princesse de Bourbon-Siciles than Madame Jacques Cochin.
She and her sister ex princess Napoleon are at all the Paris's evenings.
As far as I know, she is still married since 1978 to Jacques Cochin.

Princess Anne of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Jacques Cochin are divorced.

The man she is frequently seen in the company of these days is named Alex Ursulet, a lawyer.
I didn't know that Alex Ursulet was Princess Anne of Bourbon-Two Sicilies's lover (or maybe not...).
Princess Anne de Bourbon-Siciles, Prince Charles Emmanuel Bourbon
de Parme, Princess Constance Bourbon de Parme and Prince Francois
d'Orleans attended the book presentation of Gonzague Saint Bris,
("Henri IV et la France reconciliee"), Paris, France, March 16, 2010.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Sisters Princess Anne de Bourbon-Siciles and Princess Beatrice
de Bourbon-Siciles attended 16th gala evening of Amnesty
International France at the Theatre des Champs Elysees, Paris,
April 16, 2010:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
According to Guy Stair Sainty on the Franco-Iberian royals MB, the duke and duchess of Noto are expecting their 6th child.

Princess Anne Bourbon of two Sicilies attended the gala evening for the benefit
of the Adicare association held at the Quai d'Orsay in Paris on December 9:

** Pic **

Princess Anne Bourbon of two Sicilies attended the Association A.V.E.C. 2011
Gala Dinner at the Chateau de Versailles on January 31, 2011 in Versailles,

** Pic ** gallery **
I believe that the lady attended was the sister of the duke of Castro and not the wife of the duke of Calabria. Confusing since both ladies can be called Anne of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies. Anyway, the Anne on the picture was formerly married to prince Charles Napoleon.
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The Princess who was married to Charles Napoleon is Beatrice, not Anne; and the one of the picture at the left seems indeed Beatrice.
You are right, Anne is the younger sister who married a French baron. Beatrice is often in magazines like Point de Vue.
the sisters...
Princess Beatrice - born 1950, formerly married to Charles, Prince Napoléon
Princess Anne - born 1957, married to Jacques Cochin of the Barons Cochin (may or may not be divorced - sources differ)
All the children of the Duke of Noto are dynasts?
It appears not. The children of Prince Pedro, Duke of Noto, aren't included in lists of the Two Sicilies succession.

If his wife, Sofia Landaluce y Melgareja, is granted "dynastic suitability" after the event, a further problem arises as their first-born son Jaime arrived in 1993, 7 or 8 years prior to his parent's marriage. Juan Pedro, born in 2003, may end up as Pedro's dynastic heir, otherwise succesion falls to the rival claimant, Prince Charles, Duke of Castro. Since Charles has (currently) two daughters, the line of Prince Antoine look destined to eventually assume the undisputed Headship of the Royal House.
Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies attended the 18th award
ceremony of the Prix Hugues Capet in Paris on January 31, 2012:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
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