HRH Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu current events part 1 (2004-2015)

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What is the book about? Her complete memoirs? What did she say about her relatives?

Thanks for posting some new info & pictures of the princess btw, it is very much appreciated!
The book is about cooking but also about favourite meals of different european Royals.
Crown Princess Margareta gave a very interesting interview to "adevarul" newspaper stating the King and the Royal Family are ready for a possible Restoration of Monarchy:

Principesa Mo
Thank you for the video, Cory! :flowers: I had been looking all over for a full-length picture of Margareta, because all I could find was the distant shot of her sitting in the crowd in the church. I'm not so sure about the hat, but I love the dress.
The Crown Princess is a very elegant lady.
Today (the 8th of May) Prince Radu is invited at Radio Romania News(Actualitati)for "Sunday Marathon":

Today (the 14th of May) at 13.00 Prince Radu will be the guest of Luca Niculescu at the TVR1 (Romanian state television):

It worked ...I watched all the video.
It is a very long interview indeed.
Can you - or another Romanian speaking member - provide us a summary of the topics they talked about?
Thanks in advance.
Restoration of Monarchy,The 5 Princesses, the problems of nowadays Romania...
HM King Mihai I doesn't stay all the time in Bucharest.Some part of the year he lives in Switzerland or in Romania at Savarsin Castle.
Sinteza Zilei TV interview topics

It is a very long interview indeed.
Can you - or another Romanian speaking member - provide us a summary of the topics they talked about?
Thanks in advance.

These are some of the topics and responses. I took some notes and try to give some quotes when I can.

* Princess Margarita and Prince Radu said that the Royal House of Romania is ready to offer a solution to Romanania if they are requested, in order to help strengthen the country. In the interview, they spoke about the benefits of the Royal House.The question of restoring the monarchy was one of the topics touched on and Princess Margareta said that the royal family could indeed provide a solution to Romania. She said that the question of a return to monarchy is a complex one, but that that they are ready to take on the role: "The issue is very complex, but yes, I have already said that we are ready. We have been living here for 20 years, I have learned a lot from my father and learned how the country is and what we can do, within the limits of legislation. Kings, as you know, do not dominate: they are there to be an example, a symbol, to confer pride and can influence people from a moral point of view. What is important is that we love our country and nation and do not think just about us. I think this is very healthy, "concluded the Princess Margaretaa”

Prince Radu talked about the idea of monarchy and stressed that a sovereign in a monarchy is not someone who rules, political instruments in hand: “It is a leader who invites trust, pride, dignity, love, creates bridges between people, and automatically, because of this reference to the Nation and its people, also has a neutral point of view. Yes, we are ready, not because we would be better at the harsh struggles that go on in politics today, but because we will not be part of that, "said Prince Radu.

Prince Radu also said he would not run for the presidential elections in 2012 although he considered that the five months preceding the elections were “one of the most intense and wonderful periods of my life”." He called his retirement from the race for Cotroceni as deeply uncomfortable .

The Crown Princess spoke about the emotions she experienced when she came to Romania for the first time after December 1989, how she was treated at the border - "I waited in a room for an hour until my passport was checked” as well as about the years of exile that King Michael spent outside the country and how he wanted to come back to his country.

She talked about her sisters and Prince Nicholas.

Recalling her arrival in Romania for the first time in January 1990, with her sister Sophie, she said “I experienced a mixture of emotions. I felt that for the first time I was a “complete” person", before it was as she had been living without a shadow. She said that in the first days of her arrival in Romania she wanted to "see people, not places or landscapes." "I did not go to the Peles Castle until 2008," she explained. "I made a vow: I will not go there without my father."

Margareta recalled that during his exile, King Michael never forgot Romania for a single day: "At Mass, Easter, evening prayers, my father thought of Romania. He was very sad. He spoke very little for ten years”. When asked how the sovereign feels today, Margareta spoke of a mixture of frames of mind - "happiness, frustration and hope." "The king is happy because he's in his country, but is frustrated because he cannot do what he would like to do. He is most happy when he is talking to people in his country. He has moral strength and benefits from power of personal example. And he has great hope in the youth of Romania.
Prince Radu visiting Craiova ans Isalnita:

Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu participated in the UK at the anniversary events dedicated to the 90 yeras of Prince Philip.
TRH the Crown Princess Margarita and the Prince Radu attended the reception due to 130th anniversary of Spenish-Romanian diplomatic relations.

Article and picture

This weekend they have met their "counterparts" from Lichtenstein, Prince Nicolae was also there.

See the blog of Prince Radu:

Romania. Altfel
Celebrating 130 years of relations between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Romania:

Cory said:
Celebrating 130 years of relations between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Romania:


It is very hard for 130 years of diplomacy between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Rumania! The fact is simply put - no 'kingdom of Rumania' exists, there has not been in some time. There is no king, no queen, no royal family.
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