HRH Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu current events part 1 (2004-2015)

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I recall when they got married King Constantine who is P Margarita's God father, warned Radu in his speech that if he would not take care of her, he had to deal with him (KC)LOL
Thank God this marriage looks like it is a happy one.

Princess Margarita and prince Radu at a charity concert on the 6th September

It was at the gala of the foundation of Princess Kira of Prussia in the aid of young people in Palestina and Israel. They were there at the invitation of the head of the Prussian royal family, Prince Georg Friedrich.
HRH Crown Princess Margareta at the "Green Gala" in Bucharest:

Recent photos of Crown Princess Margareta:
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Prince Radu Duda to join in the presidential election race this year
9 April 2009

Radu Duda, prince of Hohenzollern-Veringen, the son-in-law of King Mihai I, will announce this evening his candidacy to presidency, in the presence of his wife Princess Margareta, and explain the reasons behind, according to a release.

Full article: NewsIn
Prince Radu Duda in the presence of Princess Margareta announces his candidature for Romanian Presidency in a press conference at Esisabeta Palace in Bucharest, Romania, 09 April 2009 Pic ANP
Atlantic Eye: Romania's princess at 60
15 April 2009

BUCHAREST -- The honor guard stood in full regalia as King Michael and Queen Anne strode the staircase to their waiting guests. The media in tow, the cameras flashing, Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu, who has just announced he is running for president of Romania, followed close behind. I had already entered the imposing hall. Last month, Margarita turned a youthful 60.

Seventy-five selected guests were hosted for a two-and-a-half day soiree. It included royals, nobles and personalities from public life, art and academia. It was a magnificent balance of esprit de corps and jubilation. It was classical music, gala opera and disco. It was, in short, a wonderful tribute to a very worthy lady from her loving husband, family and friends...

Full article: Middle East Times

Royal-flavoured elections?
17 April 2009

Romania will hold its presidential election in November, and earlier this month Radu Duda became the first candidate to launch his campaign. The 49-year-old former actor married Princess Margareta, eldest daughter of former King Michael, in 1996, taking on the title of Prince of Romania.

In 2002, the government appointed him its special representative for integration, co-operation and durable development issues. He lobbied for Romania abroad until September 2008...

Full article: SETimes
Princess Margarita of Romania attends a roundtable meeting of Romanian business leaders, hosted by Britain's Prince Charles, at Clarence House in London, on May 7, 2009.
Prince Radu Duda has officially ended his bid for presidency.
You can read more in this blog entry.
Thank you very much for the information, andrew! :flowers:
I am glad Princess Margareta's efforts were recognized. :)
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Well worth a read. This looks like it could be one of the most interesting stories about minor royalty of the year. If you are in London it may well be worth going along to the High Court in the Strand. Scheduled for this July I think.

Only possible obstacle to an enthralling conclusion to the case is whether or not Marco Houston has the money to defend the action. If he dosent could he spoof Radu and Carter Ruck by going bankrupt as the family have done so often in the past. Apparently the magazine itself is owned by his sister Tanja Houston anyway.

Royalty Magazine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia More info here

There have been so many minor trials of this matter already that the final legal costs bill may even end up at £2M or therabouts. Would anyone care to speculate whether or not Radu has that kind of cash if he were to lose. Marco Houston's lawyers have already started dropping hints that he is financially troubled so what will happen? If Radu wins will he even get paid? :ohmy:
What's happened to the Queen's arm?
It looks as if Archduke Georg attended also, but I may be mistaken.:ermm:
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