HRH Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu current events part 1 (2004-2015)

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They will meet only the romanian Orthodox but not the Romanian Catholics in the Holy Land.
From the visit, prince Radu's blog
Vizita Regală în Israel, 29 aprilie 2014 Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania

Today they visited a souvenir shop in Jerusalem’s Old City. At the museum in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial they honored the six-million Jews exterminated by the Nazis during the Holocaust of World War II after laying a wreath in the ‘Hall of Remembrances’. They visited also the ‘Hall of Names’ during their tour of the Holocaust facility.
Romanian Royals Visit Israel For First Time
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Princess Margareta's grandmother, Queen Mother Elena, helped many Jews during the second world war.

HRH Princess Margareta has a very royal behaviour ans she is respected everywhere she goes.
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Surely she is the most respected without doubt.
From prince Radu's blog, the visit in Israel continued on Thursday. Crown princess Margarita visited Edith Wolfson Medical Center and Save a Child's Heart Foundation. Crown Princess and Prince Radu met Mr. Benjamin Baratz, Honorary Consul of Romania in Beer Sheva. They met the President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Romania, Ms Colette Avital, as well as members of the Chamber. At the reception they discussed about business opportunities between Israeli and Romanian companies.
Vizita regală în Israel, 1 mai 2014 Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania
"ROYAL VISITORS to Israel this week were Prince Radu of Romania and his wife, Crown Princess Margareta, who spent three days in Israel. Princess Margareta is the eldest daughter of former King Michael I of Romania and is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria. Her father, who in 1947 was forced by the Communist regime to abdicate his throne, is a great-great grandson of Queen Victoria. He is believed to be the oldest surviving pre-World War II head of state. During the Second World War, King Michael was actively anti-Nazi. Prince Radu, though not born a royal, represents the royal family. This is because the Royal Romanian Constitution, which became invalid in 1947 with King Michael’s abdication, has no provision for female successors to the throne.

Prince Radu, who is very close to King Michael, is known for his many diverse activities in the arts, the military and in politics. He was active in Romania’s integration into NATO, and he devised an art therapy program for abandoned orphans.

He has authored several books and has lectured extensively all over Europe and the US on subjects related to defense, security, geopolitics, diplomacy, economics, culture and education. He also writes regularly in the Romanian press and appears frequently on television.

Among the Jewish organizations that have been active for many years in Romania is B’nai B’rith. On the first day of the royal visit B’nai B’rith World Center chairman Dr. Haim V. Katz and director Alan Schneider had dinner with the royal couple and Romania’s ambassador, Andreea Pastarnac. Dinner conversation was wide ranging with discussion on Romania’s Jewish heritage including of course B’nai B’rith’s long history in the country, Israel-Romanian relations and persecution of Christians in Arab countries.

While in Israel, Prince Radu and Crown Princess Margareta met with Holocaust survivors who owed their lives to the princess’s grandmother, the late Queen Helen. The queen was recognized by Yad Vashem as one of the Righteous Among the Nations for her efforts in rescuing thousands of Jews." (Grapevine: Memories of May Day | JPost | Israel News)
Crown Princess Margarita was named the most influential woman in Romania by Forbes.
Beautiful picture ;)

v Crown Princess Margarita


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She is Orthodox and it is quite normal to meet the orthodox local patriarch but she is a Princess of Romania, a country with almost 2 million Catholics (both Roman Catholic and greek-Catholic). It would have been normal she met also the Catholic Bishops in jerusalem. Not doing so she must not be surprised the Romanian Catholics will be more and more distant to the Royal Family.
From the blog of swedish royal expert and special reporter for Kungliga magasinet, Roger Lundgren.
"Yesterday I had a lovely day together with Crown Princess Margarita of Romania. She is a warm and positive person. Caring and committed. She is close to the Swedish royal family, mainly through her deceased grandmother Princess Margaret of Denmark. She in turn was close friends with Swedish-born Queen Ingrid of Denmark".
Kronprinsessan Margareta « KUNGLIGT – bakom kulissen med Roger Lundgren

Roger Lundgren is the guest of the Romanian royal family at the celebrations on 7th-10th May.
Wednesday May 14th crown princess Margarita and prince Radu hosted "Evening Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation."
The event was held in the Hall of Kings at the Elisabeta Palace and was attended by leading personalities from the economic and banking, diplomatic and cultural. The event wanted to recognize the most active social involvement initiatives of the Foundation partners in the past year.
Seara Fundaţiei Principesa Margareta a României la Palatul Elisabeta Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania
No member of the royal Family attended the requiem Mass for Corneliu Coposu held at St.Basil Greek-Catholic church in Bucharest.


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Princess Muna and prince Radu are also in the photo with crown princess Margarita.

On their visit to Jordan crown princess Margarita and prince Radu visited on Wednesday the tomb of king Hussein.
Principesa Moștenitoare și Principele Radu s-au recules la mormântul Regelui Hussein Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania

They visited also the Dead Sea and participated yesterday evening at the official opening of the Jordanian-Romanian Medical Conference.
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Crown princess Margarita attended on Saturday at a charity tennis tournament "Tennis for People".
Principesa Moștenitoare la Turneul “Tennis for People” 2014 Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania

In May Roger Lundgren, the royal expert of the swedish royal magazine Kungliga Magasinet, spent some days in Romania from the invitation of the Royal Family. He was invited to the Garden Party and the other events that week. Crown princess Margarita gave him an interview. Lundgren tells, that the crown princess talked with him almost two hours. Here is the interview, an article about Lundgren's visit to Romania and an article of crown princess Margarita's tiara.
Kungliga Magasinet, iunie 2014 Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania
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Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu visit the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on 4 to 8 July.

Friday, July 4th, they meet the Prince of Wales at Llwynywermod.
Monday, July 7th, they will Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex at Bagshot Park.
During the visit, they will meet with representatives of business, civil society, the diplomatic corps, as well as scholars.
Principesa Moștenitoare și Principele Radu, vizită în Marea Britanie Familia Regală a României Royal Family of Romania
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