How / Why did you get interested in royalty?

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I'm a history junkie and I love sightseeing old buildings, and especially castles! Being in one helps me to imagine how life would be like in the past.

I think the royals and the nobles are the first and real celebrities. I also grew up with the stories that starts with 'once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away...', and ends with '... and the live happily ever after', which most of them are involved with stories about a prince and princess.

Hi, I'm new here. I'm a history junkie myself. One day in fifth grade, I was bored and was hanging out in my school's library when I stumbled upon this comics on Mary Queen of Scotts and I couldn't put it down- I read it cover to cover and since then I have been reading books about her life. I have been searching for the comics I read on the net but had no luck at all. I'm also quite interested in the life of Catherine of Aragon. I have also read books like Hope Cook- the american who became the Queen of Sikkim. Also am a big fan of castles and hope to be able to see European Castles soon :)
because they are fun people and it is great to trace back their history also they throw great weddings
I've always been interested in royalty. I remember, when I was very young, I always wanted to be a princess. Years later, I started doing genealogy research, when I found that I am distantly related to many of the European monarchies. I was shocked when I found that out! I started doing a lot more research on monarchies after that.
Living in a country that is a monarchy it was quite natural for me to become interested in the Swedish royal family, as there were articles and photos of the king and the rest of his family in magazines and newspapers, and also of royals from other countries. The more I read about king Gustaf VI Adolf, the more I admired him as a person (I was 15 when he died) and I also admired prince Bertil and later princess Lilian. I was also fascinated by the love story between Harald and Sonja of Norway, their engagement and wedding was the first royal wedding I remember watching.

An other reason for my interest in royalty is that I love history and reading about historical persons, both fiction and non-fiction books, and royals have often played a major part in history through the ages, from the ancient pharaohs until World War I, not just in wars and governing countries, but also when it comes to culture, such as building castles and collecting art, supporting artists and so on.
I became interested in royalty after reading a book about French royalty. I was about 17 years old at the time. I think in my case the interest had a lot to do with the fact that royals live very different lives than others.
Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding back in 2011 got me interested in royalty. Also, When I was little, I remember having lots of Princess- style dressing up clothes and accessories. I used to spend rainy days playing at being a princess and practicing the royal wave! :D

I also agree with Meraude, about the fact that it's quite natural for people who live in a country with a monarchy to become more interested in it.
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I got interested back when Princess Elizabeth was going to marry Philip. I was a starry eyed young girl with big dreams. And yes, I am that old.
My interest in royalty prior to Princess Diana getting married was of the Stuart Line or royals of the past. I've read several books on King Charles II and his brother King James. Why I was fascinated with these two Monarchs I don't know. Still am to a certain degree. Watched a movie about Henry VIII and his wives.

Didn't really follow the British monarchy until Prince Charles was engaged to Princess Diana. My interest in royalty further deepened when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. The fact that she was in my age group (I'm a year younger than her) probably factored into my interest. I got a book about the royal wedding. The book had a family tree on Princess Diana which I found to be quite interesting.
When I was a little kid I thought royalty was something made up in the childrens books and cartoons. Once I became a young teen, my interest in royalty began.

My family think it's wierd that I'm interested in what's going on in the royal world. They don't think it's right to know a great deal about The Queen and the royal family. It really ignored them when I became too excited about William & Catherine's engagement and wedding, lol.
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Like Leah, I discovered tantalizing royal relationships in my distant Scottish past. I had not known ANYThING about these people until I googled my grandma's maiden name from Scotland and came to the Clan Pollock website. This site gave me some beginning information about relationships, but I had to go much further afield to really trace the connections. Unfortunately I have Porphyria, which some royals have had, and I therefore kept looking and going deeper through that milieu. The modern royals will almost never give one a clue about this, which I think is too bad, but it does add to their mystique. If you think they are clammed up about other things....they never talk about genetic weaknesses. They are supposed to be genetically super.

And then I found this fun site here at TRF. And it's habit forming. The pictures and stories are wonderful and a great relief after looking at the serious things out there.
I enjoy the history, the people, the clothes, jewels and pageantry... I find it all fascinating.

I remember my mom waking me up at 5am to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. In April 2011 my daughter (then 11) and I spent the day in bed watching all the coverage of William and Catherine's wedding. So fun!
When I was younger, I wanted to be a Princess. I wanted to be pampered and fussed over (still do). I liked other people doing things for me as opposed to me having to do certain things.
My love for Infanta Leonor (lol) and the princess/fairytales books/movies/cartoons when I was a child lol
It started when Japan Prince Akishino announced his engagement to Kiko Kawashima in 1989. Maybe because it's a Asia royal wedding, my country's newspapers carried lots of reports almost everyday and it got me interested. From there, it slowly widen to other royal families.
Diana,The Princess of Wales. First engagement pictures and all that jazz.
Once I became interested in Princess Diana, also followed to a certain degree Prince Andrew and Fergie and to a much less degree Prince Edward. Because I'm in their age group, this is perhaps why I was interested in following them.

My interest widen where it included other groups of royalty. Some of it had to do with the royals coming from the countries where my ancestors came from, others I just found rather interesting. Sometimes a story about royals would be interesting to me. Sometimes I felt a connection to them that I couldn't explain. For me, it was a wide range of things relating to royalty.
When I was in high school I also read a book about King Charles and his mistress Neill Gwynn. I couldn't put the book down. After that, I would often spend time in a college library reading about British monarchs and the monarchs brothers, if they had any.

For some reason I wanted to know who their spouses where, how many children they had, if they had a mistress, and if they did, how many children did they have with the mistress. Couldn't really find out too much information about this at the high school library (information about the mistress was omited). Went to a college library and found a wealth of information.

Very unusual interest for a 17 year old girl, I must say. My family couldn't understand why I was so interested in this topic. The fact that a woman who was just a regular person could catch the eye of a prince or King I found rather fascinating. Most of these women were not royal and some came from very poor backgrounds.

Throughout my senior year of high school, I spent a lot of time reading about this. It was after I found out that I was adopted that this interest started to wane (I wasn't actively looking for this).
The Australian Referendum on the Republic got me started as I knew NADA about the Brit RF. Henry twitched my interest with his fun loving personality but his occasional vulgar behaviour has tarnished my view of him.:sad:
Living in Europe . . . it's hard to miss; besides I love the stories, the beauty and somehow the mystery which surrounds the monarchies. There are so many points of connection with culture, history, religion, art . . .
Love history, so naturally when reading about European history you run across the royal families. I don't even know when just evolved.

I don't recall ever not knowing about royalty. I was already into British royal history and old movies before I was 11 years old, so I was familar with Grace Kelly becoming a Princess & the British line of succession.
I got interested with royalties because they are entrusted to perform rituals and pageantry reflecting the culture and tradition of their respective country. :cool:
My mom was always more interested in Grace Kelly (she was about the same age as my mom) than she was British royalty. She could tell me more about Grace Kelly's brief career as an actress then she could British royalty.
Tremendous nostalgia for better days - tied up in the German Studentenverbindung via my uncle andin long talks with mygrandfather, both committed monarchists.

As a teenager I crammed books of heraldry and monarchy, listened to Wagner and old folk songs rather than pop music and was very struck by how beautiful the princesses, empresses and so on were compared with 'celebrities' today. I'm afraid I went through most of high school with an obviously unrequited 'crush' on the Empress Frederick of Germany!

I suppose I thought the prevailing Socialism and liberalism in Britain so vulgar I turned elsewhere and found monarchy. My religion also - the Catholic Church, after all, is the oldest monarchy in the world - Viva Cristo Rey!
The history and nobility gives me insight into the future.
My reason is pretty simple: Princess Diana. When i was young, the media and my mum often told me how amazing Diana was... and I think she's beautiful. Plus I grew up with these fairy tale books so its not hard to guess why I got interested.

My knowledge about royals was so limited during my childhood though. I only knew about Princess Diana (and the BRF) and Countess Alexandra (because she's from where I am from!). I began pay attention to Kate Middleton and William around 2005.

As I grew older, I learnt more about the European royals! I first noticed Princess Letizia in Beijing Olympics and only found out about her until 2010. I also found out about the little Infantas of Spain that year and then grew to like other European houses. Soon... Queen Rania started my interest for Middle Eastern royals.

Although I'm from Asia, I don't really pay much attention to the Asian royals lol... but I do keep an eye on Masako's family!

Last but not least, Marie Antoinette and Sissi are my favorite royal women in the past. Past royals were equally interesting IMO.
It was also the Diana The Princess of Wales for me. Then I learned about all the other royal families and was hooked.
When I was living in England in the early 70's. I was able to take pictures of Princess Anne competing at Badminton, and of the Queen at Windsor Horse Show.
My Interest in Royalty/Monarchy began not long ago, about Six or Seven Years Ago. What got me hook is Queen Elizabeth and The Royal Family, She always seem like a very Gracious classy Lady who has done a good job and has done her duties well and has been very dedicated to her country and subjects. They taught us about British History and the Kings and Queens of England in History class and a large part centered around Queen Victoria and The Victorian Era. That really began my research into the British monarchy.

Not many people's know about my interest in the Royal Family and the Monarchy. It Not that I am ashamed (and I am not at all!) but I don't want to get that 'Why do you like the Royals isn't that why we fought the the Revolutionary war' look.

I hate to admit it but since the 2008 Election there have been days that I sometimes wished Queen Elizabeth was our Head of state. Not that I think the Country would be better un anyway but that I would rather Have Queen Elizabeth as our head of state then the current President
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