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May 22, 2012
United Kingdom
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, have been a silent observer of this forum for some time and thought now would be a good time to get involved. I have since my school days had a love of royal history and general royal watching, the 2010 royal engagament and last years royal wedding of will and kate returned me to my love of following royals and after watching losts of video clips and photos of today's wonderful christening of princess estella, I urged myself to finally join-really looking forward to being an active member and sharing and reading thoughts of all the royal forum members!!
Thank you for the fun in advance
blue satin sashesx
Welcome, blue satin sashes! :flowers:
Little Estelle's christening was delightful, wasn't it?
Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm sure you have a great time here and hope to see you around on the threads; so glad you joined. It's tough to resist, isn't it??
:welcome: This is a great place, and frankly, a royal watcher's heaven :D. The pictures from Estelle's christening were lovely. She's such a beautiful baby.
Enjoy your time here!!! :flowers:
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